Saturday, 16 October 2010

Too tired to eat healthier

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(Don't be mad - I have a train ticket to the Baby Show to pay for)

It's that time of the week again, Saturday night, X-Factor's on and I can't be bothered to cook. It's hard work being a new mum, especially when you've got a pre-schooler running around too. By the time it hit's 7 o'clock I'm absolutely shattered and the last thing on my mind is getting out the cookery book and going all Nigella.

If you're following my other blog Big Mum > Little Mum then you'll know that I'm trying to get back in to shape. My will power at the moment is shocking and therefore last week wasn't the most successful of weight losses. In fact, I only managed to lose 1lb which I'm sure you'll agree is slightly pathetic for the first week of what was supposed to be a diet.

So here I am, watching TV and about to reach for the pizza menu again. I'm stuck in a trap and I can't get out of it! Last week I found myself eating all of the chocolate in the house in a bid to get rid of it so that I could start a 'proper' diet this week. My brain clearly doesn't want my body to be thin!

Surely there must be a better way to go about things? One of you must have some tips for how to eat healthier without having to cook from scratch every night. No? Really? Ok then, pizza it is - but don't worry about the weightloss - I'll be having it with diet coke - that makes everything all right. Doesn't it?


  1. It is hard to be on a diet but I recommend stir frys - just some chicken and veg or prawns and veg. Loads of flavour, quick to make and healthy too.

  2. Found you when you tooted your blog horn! Love it! Diets, always on them, probably put on more weight than I've lost over the years...

    T xx

  3. @allimarshall19 October, 2010

    I need to get on a diet - it is 11 weeks since I had my baby and I need to get rid of the flabby tummy!

    I am rubbish when I am at home as I just pick at thing e.g. for breakfast I've had a dozen maltesers - at least I ate something today.

    I had all these great plans when I was pregnant that I would diet as soon as I had the baby - now I am planning on starting on 1st November, once half term holidays & kid temptations are out of the way.

    A 1lb is good, better than nothing & look at how big a 1lb of butter is!!

  4. Rebecca Milne25 October, 2010

    i know its a bit late but hey, at least you are having diet coke! lol - good luck! Losing the baby blub is a toughie, i had my 3rd 6 weeks ago and i cannot find the will power to shift it at all!!

    I have found 'belvita' which are great for brekkie with yoghurt and a piece of fruit!