Thursday, 29 July 2010

3 weeks to go but couldn't wait!

I know there's a few weeks yet but I couldn't help myself - I had to set up the crib - what do you think?

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Exercise during pregnancy?

I listened with interest at today's news story following new guidelines released by the NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence). The new report gives health care professionals consistent information about how they should advise women on their weight, before, during, and after pregnancy.

I make plenty of jokes about eating for two as I'm tucking in to a cream cake but I am under no illusions that eating for two does not mean I can double my intake of food. In fact being pregnant has made me eat healthier than before not worse.

My problem last time was gaining weight after I had my son - being at home all day with a house full of food was all too much and I gained about a stone and a half before I went back to work.

This time around I plan to do things a lot differently - learning from my mistakes, if you will.

I haven't really found much time to exercise this time but the little bit that I have done has worked wonders and has probably boosted my energy levels. So let's see what the NHS says about it..

"Try to keep active every day. Keep up your normal daily physical activity or exercise (sport, dancing or just walking to the shops and back) for as long as you feel comfortable. Fitting in half an hour of activities, such as walking, can help to keep you active. If you can't manage that, any amount is better than nothing.

Don't exhaust yourself. You may need to slow down as your pregnancy progresses, or if your doctor advises you to. If you go to an exercise class, make sure that the teacher is properly qualified and that they know you're pregnant and how far your pregnancy has progressed. 

So what can we do to keep in shape?

Walking is a great option for those of us that aren't used to lots of exercise.  A brisk mile-long walk three times a week can help keep you fit, and the fresh air might help to combat morning sickness. But do make sure that you:
  • Wear supportive shoes.
  • Stay on level ground.
  • Don't walk during the hottest part of the day.
  • Carry water with you and drink it regularly.

Yoga is great for working your muscles without too much impact on your joints. Most of the breathing techniques used in yoga are a good preparation for childbirth, helping you to remain calm and breathe steadily through contractions.

Yoga also improves posture, which helps with back pain and can increase flexibility. This will make birthing positions, such as squatting, easier.

Swimming has several benefits, including improved circulation, better muscle tone and increased endurance. Ideally, aim for 30 minutes, three to four times a week. It is important to find a stroke that's comfortable for you, and to avoid busy periods at the pool. Many pools run a range of antenatal swimming classes. 

As you move into your final three months, the feeling of weightlessness in the water will be very comfortable, and you can continue swimming throughout your pregnancy.

Other exercises have an increased risk of injury due to the loosening of ligaments and joints in pregnancy. Swimming doesn't, because your body is supported by the water."
But what should we wear?

I have a great set from Queen Mum that I wear when I'm walking - a lovely cowl neck and matching over bump leggings. The material is unbelievably soft and I enjoy putting it on because I know I'll be comfy.

Whether you're walking or doing yoga, comfort is the key. I've selected these great pieces from a selection at Pretty Pregnant...

I know I'm always self conscious when I go swimming but I actually feel better about my body now with my ever growing bump. There are some great maternity brands out there that will keep you looking your best whether you're on holiday or at your local pool...

Noppies, Mama Beach and Amoralia have a great selection of tankinis and swimsuits.

So what are you waiting for with clothes this good we can all stay fit and fashionable through pregnancy!

All of these items are available at Pretty Pregnant in store or online. Follow Pretty Pregnant on Facebook this month (July) and you could win 1 of 3 Bebe au Lait nursing covers or 1 of 3 essential Lilypadz starter kits!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Thank You MamaTens x

This week I want to say a big thank you to MamaTens.

A couple of weeks ago we received a Talking Family Thermometer from them which we had ordered to use in case Mister A or baby got sick. This week though it was me that felt ill and I have to say I was feeling rather sorry for myself. In all honesty I thought I just had a cold but I was probably feeling it more than usual because my energy levels are getting low as my bump grows.

On Wednesday night I felt really bad so Chris went and got the thermometer and took my temperature - it was 39.4 degrees - not a great sign so I took myself off to bed. By Thursday morning my temperature had reached a dangerous 40.1 degrees so we took a trip to the Health Centre where I was diagnosed with a serious chest infection and given antibiotics.

Without this fabulous thermometer I never would have had the energy to drag myself to the doctor and get seen to - it was only that I was alerted to how high my temperature was that got me moving.

It can be damaging to both mum and baby if a high temperature, especially at this level, is left untreated so that is why I am writing this post - I want you all to know what a great little gadget it is and encourage you to get one for your family - without it I might be telling a different story.

MamaTens Talking Family Thermometer

So why should you buy one of these over the hundreds of other thermometers out there? Well - you can take temperatures in only 1 second - either via the ear or on the forehead - great for newborns who might wake up if you start poking around in the ear!

It has it's own docking station and when it's not in use it displays the time, the date and even the room temperature so we'll be keeping ours in the nursery.

The temperature is read back to you after each reading so it's good for those that are visually impaired and for your little ones it plays a tune to entertain them whilst it's being used.

It's so much more than jut a thermometer - so what are you waiting for - order yours now!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Pregnacare Prize Draw *NOW CLOSED*

So I've reached the home straight - the end of my pregnancy is looming and I can not wait to meet my beautiful little girl. To celebrate and thank you for being with me throughout my journey so far I thought I'd run some giveaways.

Throughout my pregnancy I have been taking Pregnancare supplements and I intend to carry on taking them whilst I'm breast feeding too.

I have some fab Pregnacare goodies to giveaway to one lucky reader - just make sure you're a follower and comment below - the winner will be announced on 1st August 2010.

The prize consists of 1 x Pregnacare His & Her Conception Dual Pack, 1 x Pregnacare Plus Omega 3 Dual Pack and 1 x Pregnacare Stretching Skin Cream worth over £35.
Non bloggers/ Non Twitter users can email me to win at using the subject line "Pregnacare Prize Draw".
I will draw the winner from Random.Org and the closing date is Saturday 31st July - Midnight GMT.

Good Luck Everyone! x

Find more prizes at ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Baby Couture

Yesterday I took a trip to Selfridges and whilst I was there I thought I'd take a trip to the baby section. Who knew that the only thing I'd be able to afford in there was a pair of baby socks at £12 for a pair!

I had a good look around anyway - feeling a little bit like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman - yes I know I can't afford any of this stuff but there's no need to look down on me!

It got me thinking - if I was rich, if I did have a millionaire lifestyle, would I be prepared to pay £12 for a pair of newborn baby socks? I mean, even if I won the jackpot tomorrow, I'm pretty sure I'd still be heading off to see (dare I say it) good old George at ASDA for my baby socks!

So bearing in mind that my little girl is due to arrive in 5 weeks time, I thought I'd see what was on offer for those of you that do have Louis Vuitton purses bulging with £50 notes...

It's not just designer clothing that's needed to keep me ahead in the fashion stakes, it's all of the accessories too!

Last season's top selling pram at was the Maclaren Juicy Couture Pushchair and it's still going strong - it seems you fashionistas out there can't get enough!

Then there's the all important changing bag - if only I could affford a Gucci at £570 - unfortunately I didn't even have that much to spend on a pram!

So I think, at least until I win the lottery or I become a famous fashion blogger with designers throwing their fab baby couture at me I'll just have to rely on cheap baby basics but I'm sure my daughter will forgive me!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Summer Linen - Maternity Style

Over the past couple of weeks I've been sporting the contents of my latest Pretty Pregnant parcel - some fabulous linen trousers by Queen Mum.

I have to say I've never been confident enough to wear linen trousers before - in fact I don't think I'd even tried a pair on until these arrived!

I really wasn't sure what to expect because sometimes linen pants can cling to all the wrong places even when you haven't got a bump - so how would my ever expanding lower half look it these?

Well I have to tell you these over the bump linens are sooo comfy and they look fabulous. The fit is great and because of the stretchy over bump panel they don't cut in anywhere like other trousers. I am only 5ft 3 so I did have to turn up the bottoms but that actually added to the look. I even took them to London with me for the Gurgles and they kept me cool in the blazing heat!

I've been wearing them with my favourite gladiators and dress them up or down with different coloured tops depending on the occasion. They are a fabulous addition to my maternity wardrobe and they even wash well - something my mum tells me can be quite an issue!

And the great news is they're available in 4 colours and they are currently 30% off at Pretty Pregnant!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Mister A Reviews... The VTech Storio

When the postman arrived with a parcel for Mister A he was absolutely ecstatic. He ripped off the paper to discover VTech’s latest release – the Storio. Described by VTech as a “The Worlds first E-Book reader for Children... it's a unique new children’s interactive animated storyteller packed with educational activities”.

Mister A was immediately enticed by the Toy Story 3 pictures on the box. He absolutely loves the Toy Story films and is really excited about this months film release, so he couldn’t wait to see what was inside. He had high expectations and he wasn't disappointed. He's being playing with the Storio for a couple of weeks now so we thought we'd start a new feature and review it here on the blog...

Mummy’s Verdict: 

It’s great for Mister A because he absolutely loves books but finds it frustrating that he can’t read them himself. With the Storio the book is read aloud to him and he can turn the pages electronically using the big buttons.

As he grows and starts to learn to read he can point to the words he doesn’t know and a the word is read out loud along with a dictionary facility that tells him what the word means.

From a parents perspective it’s great because not only is this an interactive learning toy, you can also monitor your child’s learning by printing out progress reports and reading certificates.

The Storio is a great learning device that Mister A will be able to play with for many years to come - it’s sold to cater for 3 to 7 year olds. You can purchase different cartridges for around £17, so you can buy depending on what characters your little one is in to – from Shrek and Scooby Doo to Dora the Explorer.

My only negative comment is that it’s costing me a fortune in batteries!

Alex’s Verdict:

Alex loves his new Storio book, he’s spent hours playing on it – using the story book function and the games.

His only frustration is that he gets some of the answers wrong when he plays at the advanced level!

Great stuff VTech!

You can buy the VTech Storio now at all good retailers RRP £59.99

Sunday, 4 July 2010

The Gurgles

As you know Chris and I travelled down to London this weekend for the first ever Gurgle Blog Awards or the Gurgles as they shall be known from now on! I was lucky enough to be nominated in the category "Best Mummy Fashion Blog".

The event was held at the swanky Soho Hotel. There was a make up artist and manicurist ready to pamper all of the mummy bloggers as well as Strawberry Daiquiri's on tap. Not for me, obviously - watermelon coolers all the way! There was a great fitness talk from Gurgle's pre and post natal fitness expert, and founder of Beez-Knees, Vicky Warr and then it was on to the presentations.

First to be announced was the winner of the Best Gurgle blog and the winner was Sammummy2b - this award was special as it was voted for by Gurgle members. It's a fabulous read of Sam's journey through her first pregnancy. Make sure you check it out.

The rest of the blogs were voted for by a judging panel consisting of Gurgle's celeb blogger, Mylene Klass, Gurgle Editor, Nifa McLaughlin and Gurgle Community Manager, Tor Brierley.

Next up was my category - Best Mummy Fashion Blog

I was so nervous and didn't for one minute think that I would actually win so when I heard Tor describing my blog before eventually announcing that Second Time Mummy was the winner I was in complete shock and nearly spat watermelon cooler all over the floor!

The other deserved winners were...

Best Mummy Blog Writer -  20somethingmum

Best Funny Mummy Blog -  Hot Cross Mum

and finally

Best Overall Mummy Blog - English Mum

So some of you might be wondering what I ended up wearing! The last time I left you I was without an outfit and all the shops had closed - bad times! Fortunately I had packed a maxi dress that I bought in Singapore last year but the trouble was it just wasn't dressy enough for such a special occasion. Eventually the crisis was averted - randomly I had the chiffon tie of another Singapore buy in my case and I tied it in to a posh bow above my bump. Problem solved!

It really was  a great night and it was lovely to meet all of the other bloggers that attended as well as the Gurgle team but I must give a special mention to my new friend Pippa who had us laughing all night! Check out her funny blog - A Mothers Ramblings - too!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Tonight's the Night - The Gurgles

Well, we made it to London for tonight's Gurgle Awards and we're staying at the fab Marylebone Hotel. Arriving early this afternoon, we decided to go for a walk down to Oxford Street in the search of some fashion inspiration but we ended up getting caught in the middle of a gay pride march and had to walk for ages to find somewhere we could cross the road! There was definitely inspiration to be had there, but possibly not the right kind for tonight!

Anyway, I was hoping to find 'another' outfit for me to wear tonight, but no such luck - it seems the only place in the centre of  London that wanted to sell me maternity clothes was Topshop and thier collection was minimal. Why would I want to wear long sleeves Mr Topshop? In the height of Summer? Don't you know that us pregnoids get hot even on the coldest of days?! Grrrrr.

Anyway I never found anything, partly because my pregnant body decided to start to swell in protest of the long walk, so we went back to the hotel - safe in the knowledge that I had the 'back up' dress. My trusty black maternity dress that accompanies me to all of my finest occasions.

So here I am, I've just awoken from yet another 'pregnancy nap' and I'm all ready to go except for one thing - the dress, the trusty 'back up' dress, the one I've known that I would end up wearing all week, is not here - I didn't pack it. It's at home on my bed...crying. So what am I going to do now? What will I wear? I still don't know, I'm limited as a bump rocker anyway but this is awful! I'm stranded in London, far away from home with nothing to wear and not much time to rectify the situation. So if you see someone in Soho tonight, heavily pregnant and struggling to walk whilst wearing a hideous outfit then you'll know it's me.

Clearly my luck has ran out!