Sunday, 4 July 2010

The Gurgles

As you know Chris and I travelled down to London this weekend for the first ever Gurgle Blog Awards or the Gurgles as they shall be known from now on! I was lucky enough to be nominated in the category "Best Mummy Fashion Blog".

The event was held at the swanky Soho Hotel. There was a make up artist and manicurist ready to pamper all of the mummy bloggers as well as Strawberry Daiquiri's on tap. Not for me, obviously - watermelon coolers all the way! There was a great fitness talk from Gurgle's pre and post natal fitness expert, and founder of Beez-Knees, Vicky Warr and then it was on to the presentations.

First to be announced was the winner of the Best Gurgle blog and the winner was Sammummy2b - this award was special as it was voted for by Gurgle members. It's a fabulous read of Sam's journey through her first pregnancy. Make sure you check it out.

The rest of the blogs were voted for by a judging panel consisting of Gurgle's celeb blogger, Mylene Klass, Gurgle Editor, Nifa McLaughlin and Gurgle Community Manager, Tor Brierley.

Next up was my category - Best Mummy Fashion Blog

I was so nervous and didn't for one minute think that I would actually win so when I heard Tor describing my blog before eventually announcing that Second Time Mummy was the winner I was in complete shock and nearly spat watermelon cooler all over the floor!

The other deserved winners were...

Best Mummy Blog Writer -  20somethingmum

Best Funny Mummy Blog -  Hot Cross Mum

and finally

Best Overall Mummy Blog - English Mum

So some of you might be wondering what I ended up wearing! The last time I left you I was without an outfit and all the shops had closed - bad times! Fortunately I had packed a maxi dress that I bought in Singapore last year but the trouble was it just wasn't dressy enough for such a special occasion. Eventually the crisis was averted - randomly I had the chiffon tie of another Singapore buy in my case and I tied it in to a posh bow above my bump. Problem solved!

It really was  a great night and it was lovely to meet all of the other bloggers that attended as well as the Gurgle team but I must give a special mention to my new friend Pippa who had us laughing all night! Check out her funny blog - A Mothers Ramblings - too!


  1. Phew, you didn't mention that I am a wierdo stalker. ;)

  2. I'll save that for my next blog - the one where you turn up at my house! lol

  3. Well you look lovely and huge congrats to you x