Monday, 5 July 2010

Mister A Reviews... The VTech Storio

When the postman arrived with a parcel for Mister A he was absolutely ecstatic. He ripped off the paper to discover VTech’s latest release – the Storio. Described by VTech as a “The Worlds first E-Book reader for Children... it's a unique new children’s interactive animated storyteller packed with educational activities”.

Mister A was immediately enticed by the Toy Story 3 pictures on the box. He absolutely loves the Toy Story films and is really excited about this months film release, so he couldn’t wait to see what was inside. He had high expectations and he wasn't disappointed. He's being playing with the Storio for a couple of weeks now so we thought we'd start a new feature and review it here on the blog...

Mummy’s Verdict: 

It’s great for Mister A because he absolutely loves books but finds it frustrating that he can’t read them himself. With the Storio the book is read aloud to him and he can turn the pages electronically using the big buttons.

As he grows and starts to learn to read he can point to the words he doesn’t know and a the word is read out loud along with a dictionary facility that tells him what the word means.

From a parents perspective it’s great because not only is this an interactive learning toy, you can also monitor your child’s learning by printing out progress reports and reading certificates.

The Storio is a great learning device that Mister A will be able to play with for many years to come - it’s sold to cater for 3 to 7 year olds. You can purchase different cartridges for around £17, so you can buy depending on what characters your little one is in to – from Shrek and Scooby Doo to Dora the Explorer.

My only negative comment is that it’s costing me a fortune in batteries!

Alex’s Verdict:

Alex loves his new Storio book, he’s spent hours playing on it – using the story book function and the games.

His only frustration is that he gets some of the answers wrong when he plays at the advanced level!

Great stuff VTech!

You can buy the VTech Storio now at all good retailers RRP £59.99


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  2. Thanks for sharing this review. I saw the Storio advertised when I went to see Toy Story 3 last week and thought it would make a great Christmas present.