Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Trip to the hospital : (

Sorry I haven't been around this week. I've been really ill. Thought I could 'manage on' but I finally gave in yesterday and went to the Health Centre.

I haven't felt 100% for a few weeks and I'd already had a course of antibiotics for sinusitis but I never really got better properly and developed a really horrible hacking cough. I left it and left it but when I saw blood coming up I headed to the doc.

The doctor at the Health Centre sent me to the labour ward - I wasn't expecting to get there so soon! They checked me out and diagnosed a severe chest infection so now I have more antibiotics and I'm off work until Tuesday.

One good thing did come out of it though - I managed to get a sneaky peak of one of the water birth rooms. Check out the pics I took on my mobile (I've cobbled them together!)

It looks really nice - even bigger than the room I had Mister A in. I can't wait now. 21 weeks to go! x

Saturday, 20 March 2010

I felt baby move!!

I felt baby moving for the first time this week and it's not stopped since. It tends to happen more at night but I love it. Chris is jealous because he can't feel it but we do all listen to the heartbeat together (Mister A too) it's really strong and I can find it straight away now. Mister A says it sounds like a train!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I've had such a great day today. I was woken up to flowers and a homemade card from Mister A. I had breakfast in bed and lunch made for me (a sausage sandwich - with what I can only describe as the worlds thinest sausages!) and I'm just waiting for my slow cooked gammon to be served - thank you Chris! A great end to a very busy and tiring week.

I ended up working 15 hours solid on Wednesday - 8am til 1am - I was sooo tired but had to get up again and start at 7am. By Thursday night I was a mess - I ended up 
 crying for no reason! It was worth it - I managed to get everything done perfectly and impress my boss - but i won't be doing it ever again!

I went to see my mum too - she was asking Mister A if he'd got me a present for Mother's Day. He said "Yes, flowers" when Mum asked what kind of flowers they were he replied "Tesco's!" Me and Mum we're crying laughing!

When I got back I finally forced Chris to get up in the loft and dig out my old maternity clothes. I have to say I didn't realise quite how unfashionable I was in 2006! There's probably 2 tops and a dress that I can wear now but I have no trousers or jeans from last time - what the hell was I parading round in? Maternity knickers? Very strange! Oh well it looks like it's time to go shopping again!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Loving my new maternity wardrobe x

Mamas and Papas is officially my new favourite shop - I spent my entire lunch hour there on Friday. I could spend thousands of pounds in there, it's so good. Everything is amazing - there's not one item that I wouldn't buy. Their maternity range is great, you can find something for every occasion and as for the baby stuff - it's a good job we don't know what we're having yet as I would have happily spent our mortgage payment on cute little baby outfits and nursery decoration. Ssssh don't tell Chris!

I bought some great stuff, some jeans and a couple of tops (one of which I plan to wear as a dress but only 'cause I'm so short). I may have to have the slim maternity jeans I bought surgically removed because I can't bear to take them off - they are sooooo comfy and a great fit. It's not often you find a great pair of maternity jeans - last time I had these massive over bump jeans that fell down with each step!

I've also found this great site called Polyvore where you can make bundles of products you like - check out my first attempt with some of my favourite Mamas & Papas items..

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