Sunday, 7 March 2010

Loving my new maternity wardrobe x

Mamas and Papas is officially my new favourite shop - I spent my entire lunch hour there on Friday. I could spend thousands of pounds in there, it's so good. Everything is amazing - there's not one item that I wouldn't buy. Their maternity range is great, you can find something for every occasion and as for the baby stuff - it's a good job we don't know what we're having yet as I would have happily spent our mortgage payment on cute little baby outfits and nursery decoration. Ssssh don't tell Chris!

I bought some great stuff, some jeans and a couple of tops (one of which I plan to wear as a dress but only 'cause I'm so short). I may have to have the slim maternity jeans I bought surgically removed because I can't bear to take them off - they are sooooo comfy and a great fit. It's not often you find a great pair of maternity jeans - last time I had these massive over bump jeans that fell down with each step!

I've also found this great site called Polyvore where you can make bundles of products you like - check out my first attempt with some of my favourite Mamas & Papas items..

Find me on Polyvore

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