Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Back to School Ready for less than £50 with PEP&CO at Poundland

Being a family on a budget, we're a huge fan of discount retailers. We're always on the look out for great deals wherever we can get them, so when PEP&CO and Poundland challenged us to get back to school ready for less than £50 we jumped at the chance.

We headed to their Liverpool Store and we were pleasantly surprised with what we found. Two packs of polo shirts from only £2! In to the basket!

Top of the list though, was a new school coat. We've been searching for a while and the prices were all upwards of £25 so when I saw this gorgeous black faux fur hooded coat for just £12, it went straight in the basket!

Next up the all important skirt and pinafore. Again - a bargain at just £3 for the skirt and £4.50 for the pinafore.

There was plenty of styles to choose from...

Little E was really impressed with the shoes, and so was I at just £8!!

We picked up loads of accessories too, a 2 pack of vests (£2.50), a 5 pack of grey knee socks (£3.50), 2x 2 pack black tights (£4 each) and a 5 pack white ankle socks (£3.50) for that awkward transitional period when they first go back.

We came in well under the budget so we bought lots of stationary to fill her school back with the rest! Little E loves her back to school uniform! She cant wait to show it off to her friends!

Disclosure: We received a £50 voucher to enable us to complete this challenge.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Downloadable Camping Checklist

We absolutely LOVE camping, We always camp at least once a year, more when we can. This Summer we have already done Silverstone F1, two BTCC races and Camp Bestival!

When packing, I find it much easier to work off a list so we've decided to share our checklist with you lovely lot! Download our handy PDF CAMPING CHECKLIST now so you can print off and tick things off as you pack.

We've also been testing out some of this years camping must-haves....

This lantern is fantastic. We have camped so many times and only ever used head torches. We kept this hung centrally in our tent so when we returned in the evening we could pop it on and see comfortably without being blinded. It has 4 light modes and night light function across it's warm white 3W LED and it's amber 10W LED. The amber light attracts 60% less insects than a regular bulb - another win.

Truthfully though the best part for us since we were camping with kids was that it seems completely indestructible. The lantern was dropped a couple of times during the course of our trip and it just kept going proving, as Varta says, that it is very robust.

It's battery powered ( 3 x D batteries) and waterproof too. This was a big hit with us, so much so that we have ordered another.


Head torches are an absolute must when your camping -particularly for children. We have one each so when the sun goes down we can see clearly. We have had issues in the past with blinding lights but
the Varta Sports Headlamps are great because they have 2 x 1 Watt  high performance LEDs and they also have a red LED for night vision. Like the lantern the headlamps have rubber parts for durability and have passed the many drop tests that my children have put them through across 2 camping trips.

They take 3 x AAA batteries that are really easy to insert and the elastic is adjustable to the smallest (Little E) and largest (Chris) of heads!

Buy yours now: VARTA HEADTORCH

Hands down, the best thing about this power bank is how quickly it recharges. I keep this charged up in my handbag now in case I need some power through the day. The children loved that it could be decorated and personalised using the pen and stencils in the pack. Unfortunately though, they didn't realise that the pen was permanent so our charger carries random writing and scribbles! It charges my Sony Xperia twice when it's fully charged.


We have always struggled with what best to use to clean our tent. We always seem to end our camping trip with dirt from tree sap or bird droppings. No one wants to pack away a soiled tent. Only trouble is what do you use that will ensure you don't damage the original waterproof coating? We'll we tested STORM WASH and we were really impressed. Just wet the soiled area, spritz on and wipe off. It really is that easy!! Check out our mini film below to see just how fast the spray got to work. We just used a non abrasive sponge and hey presto the filth was gone! It costs around £8 for a bottle and it's a great addition to your camping bag - so quick and simple to use!

We've been testing this on our old canvas gazebo. It had been abandoned in the garage for a while as we had left it outside for a whole summer and it had started to leak. We decided to give the proof a go and we were really impressed.

We just poured some of the liquid in to a bowl and painted it on to the cover with a soft brush. It only took about 20 minutes to cover the whole thing, then we just left it to air dry in the sun.

We're so happy that it has restored our shelter for another summer. Well worth the £25 for 5 litres price tag. It's a fast drying silicone-free proofer - ideal for canvas tents, awnings, tarps and general covers.

For any tent damage and rips, products like Storm’s Tear-Aid Patch Pack (RRP £7.50) are ideal for both on-site immediate repairs and for more permanent repairs actioned at home during the aftercare process. For those of you that were at Camp Bestival this year you will know just how handy this little pack could be! The Tear-Aid Patch Pack allows clear and flexible air tight and water tight repairs to be made with ease. Simply clean the area, cut patch, peel and stick! As well as tents, the patch is suitable for clothing, inner tubes, wellies, kites, outdoor gear and much more...

What a life saver this amazing GP PowerBank Mobile Charger has become for us. It's amazing for every day as well as for camping. It's a 20000mAh high capacity mobile charger. We've been testing it for some time and we get on average 6 full charges of our phones (Sony Xperia's) which means you could head away for a whole weekend camping and not worry about losing contact with anyone. It's amazingly fast too. My phone goes from 0 to 30% in less than  10 minutes!

To charge the powerbank just plug it in using the USB wire provided (you do need your own plug), it took around 10 hours to reach full charge. There is also a 4-tier protection system built-in as standard, so you can recharge without fear of over-heating or over-charging. And if you were thinking of taking it on holiday it also meets air safety standards so you can use it mid-flight. It's well worth the £35.99 RRP.


Disclosure: We received the items featured for free in order to post an honest review.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

LOL SUPRISE! Confetti Pop Review

Hi everyone. This week I was so excited to review a LOL Surprise! Confetti Pop. I am such a big fan of LOL dolls but I can never save up enough to buy as many as I want.

The Confetti Pop is really special because as well as having 9 surprises inside it also has it's own built in party popper.

Watch my video now to see me open up this Series 3 Confetti Pop....

I really love the Funky QT doll that I got this time.

She's from the Rock Club. You can give her a drink of water and she does a little wee!

I'm really looking forward to collecting more. Even though my mum says shes fed up of finding the confetti everywhere!

Disclosure: We received the LOL Surprise for free in return for an honest review. 


Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Baby Annabell Review

Hi Guys, it's me again. I've been off on my Easter Half Term and I've been playing with the new Baby Annabell Doll. She is so cute and just like a real baby.

I've been taking care of her for two weeks and it's just like having a little baby sister. Especially when she cries and real tears come out. She comes with 5 accessories - a dummy, a bottle, a bib, a nappy and a pendant.

I really loved feeding Baby Annabell water with her bottle and guess what she wees too. It's a good job she has a nappy!

I decided to do another video for you guys. So here's my review vlog for you:

On the video I couldn't get her to wee because she had cried so much and used all her water drink on tears. All you need to do is push her heart tummy button and she goes to the toilet really easily.

When you feed her, if she cries you need to wind her by tapping her back and then she burbs.

She is such a good baby. We are going to get her a cot and pram next. Hope you enjoyed my review. Come back soon. x

Disclosure: We received the Baby Annabell doll for free in return for our review.

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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Moj Moj Unboxing & Review

Hi I'm Little E and this is my first ever toy review post that I am writing myself. I was so excited to get some brand new Moj Moj blind bags to open and review.

They have just come out and are made by the same people as L.O.L. Surprise! and Num Noms so I already knew they would be a lot of fun.

I got to open bags from the first Moj Moj series. They don't have series number like the other collectibles, this series is actually named "😀"!

So here is my first ever unboxing video. I hope you enjoy it!

So as you can see from my vid, I got 8 squishy Moj Moj toys in my blind bags - 2 in each bag. My favourites were the cute little blue penguin (S-001) from the Adventure Seekers and the yellow star fish (S-067) from the Sun Bathers family group.

They are all so cute and colourful and I love all of the characters you can collect. I've played with them every day so far.

This series has 6 family groups to collect - Adventure Seekers, Party Animals, Couch Potatoes, Happy Campers, Sun Bathers and Day Dreamers.


I will definitely be collecting more! There are over 95 unique Moj Moj to collect in the first "😀” series and like lots of other collectibles there are some limited-edition, rare and ultra-rare Moj Moj.

Guys, if you want to collect some MojMoj squishies for yourself then head over to The Entertainer toy shop now.

Disclosure: We received these Moj Moj blind bags to allow us to write the review.

Monday, 19 March 2018

#OreoCookieQuest Challenge

In our house we absolutely LOVE Oreo's, in fact we've been busy hunting daily for things around the house to scan on the Oreo Quest App (we're currently 27th in the country on the leader board!) so when we saw the BritMums challenge to put on our own joyous quest at home, we jumped at the chance.

Being one of the first 100 to apply, Oreo sent us 2 packets of thier finest original cookies to use as prizes for the quest. Since Mister A was away for the weekend and Little E was missing her big brother we decided to set her a quest to have fun!

We left little clues around the house encouraging her....

Here's your first quest of the day, it's time to make slime - ingredients on the tray!
Ok, now it's time paint your face, grab your kit and we'll get on the case!
You can draw on the walls (we'll never say this again)! Let's decorate - grab your pen!

No going back now!!

Maybe the next one was a little harsh but there was a job needed doing so Little E needed to help out!!

Little E had a fabulous time completing her very own Oreo Quests but her biggest and most joyous reward was on Sunday - getting her big brother back...

...and of course there were more Oreo's to celebrate the return!

Oreo is running The Great Oreo Quest promotion on special packs now, so head to the shops and pick up a pack and grab the chance to win awesome prizes, including a once-in-a-lifetime trip to California and the Googleplex. Go, go, go!

Thursday, 1 March 2018

World Book Week 2018

My movement isn't great following a recent operation so unfortunately making a costume wasn't possible this year. I was also worried about the cost of purchasing a dress up outfit too when I remembered I had won these kids morphsuits a while ago. I did well to remember where they were and to our surprise they fitted perfectly!

I could not stop laughing when they tried them on. Mister A's favourite book was Aliens Love Underpants when he was growing up so we dug that out too.

God knows what people driving past them on the way to school must have thought!! Crazies!!

No prizes this year unfortunately so we will buy them a book each ourselves. Hope you all had a good one. What did your children dress up as?

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

We're back!

So.... I guess it's been a while since I hung around here. Over 2 years in fact. And do you know what, it's been nice. We've had good times... and some really, really bad times... and we've made some amazing memories. All the pictures we've taken were just for us and all of the fun things we just shared with our closest friends. I thought I had abandoned this site forever but recently I got sick and started another blog to document my journey. I logged in to this account and saw that I'm still getting thousands of visits even without fresh posts so guess what... we're back!!

We've missed you guys!!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Caravaning With Cake

Last week we were lucky enough to be able to take a trip up to the Lakes for Easter Half Term. Just before we left we received a fabulous parcel courtesy of BritMums and Mr Kipling...

....3 delicious boxes of cakes! We packed them in to the car and headed North to Haven Lakeside to our home for the weekend - a 3 bedroomed caravan of dreams. The children knew immediatedly that the weekend would definitely be #BetterWithCake! So we cracked open the Cherry Bakewells to boost energy levels and help us unpack. 

They obviously went down a treat! After a very wet and windy night (yes Im talking about the weather) and after thinking the whole caravan was going to tip over from the gales we decided to gave a games day until the weather died down. We played chess, draughts and even made up a new card game before stopping for lunch and cake. Next on the list of delights was my all time favourite...

French Fancies!! My grandma used to treat me to these all the time when I was growing up and these brought back some fantastic memories and lots of lovely stories to tell the children.

They absolutely loved them as you can see....

 but luckily their favourites are the chocolate fancies and I love the pink! RESULT

A couple of days in, the weather improved and after a lovely day exploring the coast we headed back for even more delights... Viennese Whirls!! Nom nom nom - they got a huge thumbs of from Mister A and Little E.

We had a fabulous time away and it was certainly made #BetterWithCake! Thank you to Mr K for the lovely samples (and th momeories too!)

This post is an entry for #BetterWithCake Linky Challenge, sponsored by Mr Kipling. Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/mrkiplingcakes.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Christmas Gifting Dilemmas

Oh no... It's that time of year again. Don't get me wrong, I do love Christmas and I love giving gifts to the ones I love... BUT.. I hate the shopping, the spending, the worrying if I've got it right.

The children have written their letters to Santa. Mister A has a list as long as the Bayeux Tapestry - Lego Minecraft, XBox games and the likes. Little E has a list of toys from across 4 consecutive pages of the Argos catalogue - she got bored so Mister A just made a complete list of everything across the Frozen and Doc McStuffin pages for her. I'm sure they'll get lots of goodies from Santa - where we'll store them is a worry though! The house is already brimming with millions of toys that 'we still use' 'you cant throw those away!' - there's a never ending sea of unloved toys. Even so I've just doubled up my Clubcard vouchers to £80 and bought a load of new toys top add to the collection.

 The biggest issue for me is the hubster. It was his 40th birthday in October so I took him on a surprise trip to Monza to see the F1.

It was amazing but I feel like Christmas will be a total let down for him now. Last year I got him one of those coffee makers from Tesco Direct - you know the ones with the pods. I think he managed two cups of coffee before I broke a piece off it by accident and it's never worked since. I was thinking about a watch but it's a bit 'meh' that isn't it - I mean I cant afford an expensive designer watch and I'm sure he wont want to wear an 80s style Casio digital. So what do I get him? More clothes? The cupboards are full! An over priced experience day? Grrrr I just don't know!!

Then there's my mum and dad - they have everything already! So I'll end up buying my Dad some CDs and my mum a new make up bag full of here favourite bits.... BORING!! There's nothing original out there these days - I'm well and truly stuck!!

I'm not sure I'm creative enough to go home-made but I'm lost for inspiration! Can anyone help?! Link to any helpful posts in the comments!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Cathy xx

This is post is dedicated to my beautiful sister in law who we sadly lost last month. She was too young to be taken from us. RIP Cathy. We miss you everyday xxx

Goodnight, God Bless xxx