Sunday, 28 February 2010

Big Bump

Just a quick post tonight to let you know that my bump is officially out!  I have had to dig out my old maternity clothes and of course purchase some lovely new items! I'm going to start posting some maternity fashion this week so you can see how to mix and match some key pieces. Watch this space! x

Monday, 22 February 2010

Sneezey wee-zy!

Ok - I did say that this was a 'warts 'n all' look at pregnancy so here I am to tell you about the dark side. 

As you know I'm sick with flu, sneezing and coughing etc etc. But now my body has decided that no matter where I am, home or away, full bladder or not - I will let a tiny bit of wee out whenever I sneeze. 

How cruel is that!?? I went to the doctors before and on my way way to the car - aaaaacccccchhhhhhhhhoooooooo - followed by... a tiny wee! Again! 

The joys of motherhood!! Not only will I have to carry emergency pants for Mister A - I'd better have some of my own too!!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sick : (

I've been in bed all weekend. I'm full of cold and I've got a really chesty cough. The trip to the medicine cupboard was unsuccessful (everything contains some kind of alcohol!) so I've just had paracetamol. My glands are like two tennis balls on the side of my neck so I feel like I can't breath properly and that's making me gag! Nice!

Not sure if I'll make it in to work tomorrow - might call NHS direct - see if there is anything that I can take?!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The pillow was amazing - you have to get one of these!

As you know I've been feeling uncomfortable and haven't slept too well as my my bump has started to grow. Last night was my first 'DreamGenii' night and I have to say it was fabulous!! I was comfy straight away and dropped right off - even forgetting to eat my pancakes!

It's great because it gives support for your tummy your back and your legs and it's not as big as it looks so there's still plenty of room in the bed. Chris thinks it's great because I didn't wake him up once last night with my usual tossing and turning - a pregnancy must have I'd say - I can't wait to go to bed now!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

12 Week Scan! (well 13 to be precise!) x

I am sooooooooo happy to tell you all that my scan yesterday went very well. Baby is doing great, all looked well and my dates were brought forward so I have a new due date of 22nd August.

I finally told work today - so it's been hugs all round. Everyone was really nice. It's great that I can finally relax and not worry about covering up my ever expanding bump!

I was going to end there but I can't submit a post without having my usual moan! I can't really sleep properly at the moment so I ordered a Dream Genii pillow. It arrived today so I'll report back in my next post - fingers crossed it's the miracle I've been waiting for! x

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Big Day Tomorrow!!

Tomorrow we will finally get to see baby no. 2 for the first time - we can't wait - best Valentine's present ever!

It's week 12 now and I've been really good - I've taken my Pregnacare plus tablets everyday. I would recommend them to you mums-to-be. I have to say I did start off just taking regular folic acid but I wasn't feeling 100% as soon as I swapped to the Pregnacare I seemed to perk up!

Although I have felt awful this week, I had a 48 hour headache and had to stay in bed most of yesterday. It eased off in the evening so I gave my mum and dad a lift in to town to get drunk. I promised them a lift home too but I stayed up 'til 1am and they hadn't called. When I rang my dad he was a little worse for wear but they had made it home without 'Daughter Taxi' - can't believe they didn't call!! Oh how the roles have reversed!!

Sunday, 7 February 2010


I decided to take Mister A swimming today as a treat. I have to say I was worried it would be a bit of a stress but he was really good. He's getting quite good now - he wears his armbands but today was the first time he actually managed to raise his legs high enough to make a splash when he was kicking. He was really funny - any time I asked him a question he would respond 'Yes Sir!' I do not know where he has got that one from!

Mister A and I listened to the baby's heartbeat this morning too and then we compared it with his - he was so interested in what he could hear and said it sounded like a train. When I asked him whether he thought he was going to get a brother or a sister he said 'Five babies!' Hopefully this is not a premonition!!