Monday, 26 November 2012

#WeightWatchers Back2Best Update

So some of you are probably wondering what happened to my WeightWatchers posts. It's been a good few weeks since I declared my diet and lost almost half a stone. Well unfortunately it all went a bit out of the window when my iPhone was out of action. Not having the app to hand meant I wasn't keeping track of my foods and I was cheating on a regular basis. Knowing that I'd been naughty made me eat more and I got in to the habit of sneaking treats.

Unfortunately for me, that meant that I stopped losing weight and slowly those pounds have crept up on me again.

Nooooooooooooo : (

Anyway, I now have my iPhone back. App all loaded and ready to go. I have planned lots of exciting meals for this week including a low point Spaghetti Bolognese and healthy stir-fry. I know I can do it - Ive done it before - but this time with the help of the app and the handy PROPOINTS® PLAN KITCHEN SCALES it should be even easier than before.

I always struggled with portion sizes before but the Propoints scales make it so easy to point up your meal. Instead of having to calculate ProPoints yourself based on the weight of your food - you just add your item to the scales and they magically tell you how many points are in your item. This is especially good because you can keep adding and taking away until you know youve got the maximum food for your points!

Check out my food post later in the week to see my amazing home cooked meals.

Scotch Mystery Gift Clue - Week 3

Week 3 Clue:

In Greek mythology, the first women on earth – she comes with charms, but whatever you do, don’t open her box!

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Monday, 19 November 2012

Why the John Lewis ad isn't romantic in the slightest...

So it's that time of year again, the Christmas adverts are out in force and as usual there's one in particular that everyone is talking about... the John Lewis ad.

We've had some top class ads for them over the past couple of years which has left us all anticipating the next. My ultimate favourite being the More Than A Woman ad from 2010. I was heavily pregnant with Little E when it graced our screens and I literally shed a tear EVERY time I saw it - genius on there part I'm sure you'll agree. So yes... I love the ads... yes... I know the quality is great but in all honesty the ads are just a nice thing on my TV - I couldn't shop there regularly - I just don't have John Lewis money.

Anyway.... I digress...

The reason I'm writing this post is that I keep hearing how beautiful the latest ad is. "It's so romantic..." yadda yadda yadda.

Well it's not.

You see I'm of the opinion that that "romantic" snowman is just a typical idiot bloke. Yep - next time you watch it I'm sure you'll see that I'm right. You see I've watched it a couple of times now and what I've now realised is this.

The snowman
waits til the sun goes down...

then he gives Mrs Snowman 'the look' then fecks off without her leaving her all sad faced...

she's non the wiser about his liaison with 'another bird' (he's totally checking out the robin's red breast) #justsayin

He heads off to the city (probably to meet the lads) all happy and smiley having the time of his life without a thought for Mrs Snowman...

then he does the walk of shame home and rocks up the next morning (probably hungover) with a crappy gift. That's not romantic!!!

Romantic would have been him just handing over the scarf he was wearing and not using the shopping trip as a cover up for drunken night out!!

There... I said it.

Now you can all gasp and throw things at me. That is all.

Scotch Mystery Gift Clue - Week 2

Week 2 Clue:

A word defined,’ to set alight or start to burn’ - you’ll be carrying a library with you wherever you go!

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Monday, 12 November 2012

Win with Scotch - get Christmas all wrapped up!

Every Christmas I add Scotch® Pop Up Tape refils to the top of my Christmas shopping list. They make wrapping so much easier - you just wear one on your hand and pull a strip of tape out - simples!

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If you'd like to be the lucky one that gets to do the unwrapping, simply submit your guess/es as to what the mystery gifts are. Here's the clue for this week's competition...

"Week 1 - I’m the smallest member of my family (one billionth); fit in the palm of your hand and can hold tunes a plenty!"

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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lionel Richie Tuskegee Tour (with setlist)

Last night I donned my gladrags and headed to the Echo Arena, Liverpool with my Mum & Dad to see the one and only Lional Richie perform as part of his Tuskagee Tour 2012.

My Dad is the king of ticket buying and had managed to get us floor seats only 20 rows from the front. Not that we needed seats -  we stood for the entire concert singing our hearts out to each and every song!

He was fabulous - an amazing performer - he even maaged to do an All Night Long/Gangnam style remix!!

Amazing - and even through he's old enough to be my Dad - I so would! Ha!

Intro: Hello (remix)

All Around the World
Penny Lover
Easy (Commodores)
Ballerina Girl
Still (Commodores)
Stuck On You
Dancing on the Ceiling
Three Times a Lady (Commodores)
You Are
Se La
Sail On (Commodores)
Machine Gun
Lady (You Bring Me Up) (Commodores)
Endless Love (duet with Rebecca Ferguson)
Brick House (Commodores)
Fire (Ohio Players cover)
My Destiny
Say You, Say Me

Running With the Night
All Night Long (Gangnam style remix!!!)

Encore 2