Wednesday, 30 June 2010

What to Wear?

My train tickets have arrived and the hotel is booked - I'm all set for Saturday's trip to the 'big smoke' for the Gurgle Blog Awards... all except for one thing - what am I going to wear?!

It's difficult enough deciding what to wear normally, never mind with added complication of a huge bump! And with less than 8 weeks to go 'til baby arrives I am feeling slightly limited in what I can wear. Heels are definitely out of the question - I certainly don't want to end up with the dreaded 'cankle' or aggravate my back so I'll have to opt for some sensible flats - something I would never usually consider for such an important occasion.

The trouble with any event of this kind is you never know what anyone else is going to be wearing. It's not like when you go out with your friends and call each other up beforehand to see if it's skirts or skinny jeans. I have no one to call, no one to rely on and what's more I have to actually plan in advance not even knowing what the weather will be like by the time I step off the train. It's got fashion disaster written all over it!

For those of you 'bump rockers' and nursing mummies that are struggling for outfits check out my top picks from some of the hottest maternity brands...

Ripe Maternity has some of the most amazing occasion dresses. Whether your off to a black tie dinner or you've been picked to be a bridesmaid you're sure to find the perfect dress in their collection.

Belly Button has a great selection ranging from basics like vest tops and shorts through boho tops and evening dresses. I am completely in love with the Nicola Evening dress shown here (in purple).

Queen Mum have a fab selection of day wear and key pieces for your Summer maternity wardrobe.

Finally, Boob is another great brand - specialising in nursing pieces - they have a great selection that can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Maybe the problem is that there are too many gorgeous things to choose from! Who knows what I'll end up in come Saturday night!?

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

National Breastfeeding Awareness Week

This week is National Breastfeeding Awareness Week (21-27 June) so what’s it all about?

Well, since 1993, the National Breastfeeding Awareness Week (NBAW) has been run annually by the Department of Health as a key event for promoting breastfeeding.  The  main  aim  of the campaign is to raise  awareness of the health benefits of breastfeeding, increase  social  acceptance and  promote  support  for  breastfeeding.

I breastfed Mister A exclusively for the first 6 months until I went back to work and I would recommend it to everyone. Not only does it benefit baby but it’s also a lot cheaper than buying powdered milk. Breastfeeding for 6 months could save you around £300 on formula milk, which is a massive amount for those of us on Statutory Maternity Pay.

Obviously the benefits are much more important than costs so let’s have a look at what the NHS say:

“Breastfeeding also allows you and your baby to get closer - physically and emotionally. So while your child is feeding, the bond between you can grow stronger.
Bottle feeding does not give your baby the same ingredients as breast milk, which is designed to be easy for your baby to absorb and is perfect to help him/her grow and develop. Also, bottle feeding doesn't provide protection against infection and diseases."

Breastfeeding helps protect your baby against:
·         ear infections
·         gastro-intestinal infections
·         chest infections
·         urine infections
·         childhood diabetes
·         eczema
·         obesity
·         Asthma.

Breastfeeding helps protect mothers against:
·         ovarian cancer
·         breast cancer
·         Weak bones later in life.

“Women who breastfeed return to their pre-pregnancy figure faster.”

I’ll definitely be breastfeeding this time round especially knowing that it will help me get back in to shape quicker!

There are lots of events taking place all over the country in conjunction with NBAW and if you’re lucky enough to live near to a Pretty Pregnant store (Marylebone, Clapham, East Dulwich, Kings Road or Edinburgh) then you can’t afford to miss out. They have store events running throughout the week offering drop in afternoons with the following...

P     Peer Counsellors from La Leche, Breast Feeding Mothers Association, The NCT and the NHS will be present to give a talk on all the benefits, offer helpful advice and any useful hints/tips.

All   Customers will be offered a free bra fit to highlight the importance of the right fit at the right time, as well as a gift bag packed with useful info from the NHS and cute gifts from Bravado, HOT milk, Amoralia and lots of others.

Join Pretty Pregnant’s Facebook page this week to be entered into their free prize draw to win a Bébé au Lait nursing cover or Lilypadz starter kit – Both essentials for nursing!

For more info see or T: 02082994438

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Maternity Jeggings

Last week saw the arrival of my first parcel from Pretty Pregnant – the latest addition to their site – Jeggings! I have to say I was pretty apprehensive at the thought of trying to squeeze my ever expanding bottom half in to something usually associated with the supermodels of this world.

Looking at them I have to say my first thought was that they were tiny and I wouldn’t even be able to get in them, never mind feel confident enough to wear them out of the house but not one to shy away from fashion I took a deep breath and gave them a go…

So the trial began! I decide I would wear them for work – that way I could get a full days wear and review them in a real life situation.

As I pulled them on I was still unconvinced that my bum would fit but I was surprised to find that the stretchy material more than accommodated. The cut of the jeggings at the waist allows your bump to fit comfortably over the top whilst the rise at the back still manages to cover your hips and allows you to sit happily without exposing yourself.

These are so comfortable – even more so than my trusty maternity jeans from last time around - which have unfortunately started to cut in to my tummy when I sit down. Bad times.

The great thing about these jeggings is that they can be dressed up or down and potentially worn for any occasion – whether it be to work, a day shopping or a night out with the girls.

This time round I wore my trusty gladiators with a long t-shirt and I got so many compliments. In fact my friend even asked if she could get away with wearing a pair even though she isn’t pregnant!
I’m planning a night out soon so I’ll do a special feature on ‘maternity jeggings - ways to wear’ so you can get an idea of how you can make these fab jeggings a part of your capsule maternity wardrobe.

So what’s the verdict then?

A definite pregnancy must have – the soft stretchy material is perfect for sensitive ‘pregnancy skin’ they fit in all the right places and they’ll last you right through to the end of your pregnancy and those few weeks after baby arrives. What are you waiting for? Go get yourself a pair!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

More exciting news!!

I've just had some really unexpected and exciting news - no I've not found out that I'm expecting twins -although those of you that know me may suspect I am due to my ever expanding bump!

No, the real news is that I have just received an email telling me that I have been nominated for a Gurgle Blog Award in the "Best Fashion Mummy Blog" category.

I'm so excited I could wee! The winners will be announced in July at an event in London. I'm really hoping to go as it sounds like a really great evening, only problem is I'll probably need to book 2 seats on the train to accommodate my ever growing bum (and yes unfortunately I do mean bum and not bump)!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Stop Press! There is such a thing as 'Maternity Lingerie'!

After a trip to to the hospital at the end of last week, I was told to rest over the weekend - never a bad thing really, pregnant or not! Eager to keep me busy, my other half went on a mission for the Sunday papers so I could immerse myself in all the latest celeb gossip whilst he entertained Mister A for the day.

I've not really been taking an interest in any fashion pages over the last few months. There's never usually anything in the magazines for those of us with expanding baby bumps, so I was pleasantly surprised when I came across a heavily pregnant Danielle Lloyd in the Sunday Mirror Magazine looking gorgeously glam in 'maternity lingerie'?! No, these words could surely never fall in the same sentence! All the maternity and nursing bras and pants that I come across are huge and frumpy!

I got on the net straight away to investigate this amazing lingerie brand known as Hot Milk and it seems it's been right under my nose all along. Pretty Pregnant are currently stocking a variety of Hot Milk pieces at 40% off!

I'm not quite ready to pose in a national magazine wearing this attire but I've decided to risk it in the bedroom even though I know I won't look like any of the girls in these shots!

I really like the RMF Camisole with matching briefs (above right). It's sold as "a delicate nursing camisole [with] double-lined lace cups and scalloped lace trim. The microfibre makes it stretchy and comfortable, and flexible too." Sounds very practical for such a super sexy piece!

Another Hot Milk item that caught my eye was the Her Enchanted Dream Nightie (left) - another microfibre nursing piece with lace trimmings. I really love the attention to detail - the one-handed maternity clips have little bow detail but still allow the least fuss possible for those early morning feeds. Sexy and practical - I can't go wrong!

I'll definitely be investing in some Hot Milk - Chris won't know what's hit him!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Pretty Pregnant- Exciting News!!

I have some really exciting news! I have been approached by a fab store called Pretty Pregnant to do some product reviews for them.
I cannot wait – you know I love my fashion, and being given the chance to try the latest must-have maternity items was too hard to decline! I’ll be giving my full and frank opinions on some of the great lines stocked by them. Reviews are something that are really important to me when I’m purchasing anything so it’s great to be given the opportunity to share my opinions.

In case you haven’t heard of them, Pretty Pregnant provide nursing & maternity wear through their online site and 5 stores within London & Edinborough. I personally chose them for their fab range of clothing which takes maternity and nursing wear out of the dowdy and into the realm of fashion plus their fantastic and free bra fit service which is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

My favourite items so far are the Queen Mum cotton singlet (above) great as a summer staple and perfect for layering up in the Autumn.
And the Fragile turnover top (left) which would look great working out in or wearing everyday

There are so many great things to choose from– there is definitely something for everyone and the company ethos at Pretty Pregnant is to provide a personal service; they want to show they really care about the well being and happiness of their customers. With that in mind, it’s definitely worth a visit and don’t forget to look out for my product reviews over the next few weeks. x