Wednesday, 13 November 2013

DAILY BLOG COMP: #WIN Bundle of Munchkin Bathtime Goodies *DAY 13*

Today's amazing prize is a wonderful bath time bundle from the lovely people over at Munchkin -  manufacturer of clever products designed to make parents’ lives easier and more exciting. Munchkin know it’s the little things that make the biggest difference which is why their products have made such an impact on parents and resulted in many industry awards.

Founded in 1991, Munchkin's big idea was to rid the world of tired and mundane products by developing clever, innovative solutions that excite and delight families - making parenting safer, easier and more fun. We've been a fan since Little E was born so we are so excited to offer such a lovely prize!

We have a Munchkin bath bundle up for grabs today... To enter, just use the rafflecopter entry form below...

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

DAILY BLOG COMP: #WIN Bundle of OXO Tot Goodies *DAY 12*

Today we have a fabulous prize for anyone with a little one. An amazing bundle of goodies from the OXO Tot range.

We were first introduced to the brand back in 2010, the year Little E was born, and the year that -to my knowledge- OXO first launched in the UK. We ran a couple of reviews for them and since then we've become huge fans.

OXO, is an American housewares brand famed for its universal design philosophy and clever range of kitchen tools. The TOT range includes everything from weaning and feeding equipment in three vibrant shades of aqua, pink and green.

The collection also offers a sleek, space efficient highchair that grows with your child up to the age of 5, essential cleaning tools, bathroom accessories and soothing, energy efficient nightlights.

Items in the range are borne out of everyday issues OXO’s own designers encountered when raising their own tiny tots and have been designed to grow with a child through several stages of development. The sippy cups, for example, have angled handles that help reduce the strain on tot’s wrists and can be removed when tot becomes more confident.  The grown up feeding equipment for tiny tots offers very real benefits to babies and mums with products such as the training plate and training cup helping to teach tots the art of self-feeding, aiding the weaning process and increasing their sense of independence.

Made only from the highest quality material, the OXO Tot collection brings together all the tools families need to make mealtimes and bath time less stressful and more fun for everyone.

Fabulous!! So if you'd like to win a bundle of these beautiful baby products then enter using the Raffle copter entry form below.


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Monday, 11 November 2013

DAILY BLOG COMP: #WIN a copy of Ted on DVD *DAY 11*

I can't believe we're up to Day 11 already!!! Today I am giving away one of my favourite films on DVD..... TED!!!

You know the drill by now - just enter using the Rafflecopter entry form below...

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Sunday, 10 November 2013

DAILY BLOG COMP: #WIN a Pabobo Super Nomade Night Light *DAY 10*

The new Pabobo Super Nomade light is a clever little night light. There's no plug, no batteries - just a handy little USB charger and the best bit of all? It can last for up to a month from one single charge!

We've been testing it for nearly two weeks now and we've loved it. Little E has a slight phobia of the dark so bedtimes can be difficult but this has had a great effect on bedtimes... she absolutely loves it! We leave it on her bedside table but by the time we head up to bed she's always fast asleep with it in her hand. No need to worry though - the cold LED system means that the night light will never heat up - even under the covers - so it's completely safe.

If you're wondering how the charge lasts so long - the Pabobo Super Nomade has a special built in sensor so it can tell when it is light and dark, so it turns on and off by itself. And if you need a bit of extra light to check on your little one in the night then theres a little button on the back that doubles the light intensity too!

We think it's absolutely amazing and the great thing is it small enough to take with us when we're on our travels. It would have been great when we were camping in the Summer and will be definitely part of essential camping kit come Spring.

It's beautifully designed and comes in three cute designs. I can not rate this highly enough!!

Little E in bed - loving her Pabobo Super Nomade Night Light
If you want to win one of these fabulous Super Nomade Night Lights then enter using the rafflecopter entry form below...

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Saturday, 9 November 2013

DAILY BLOG COMP: #WIN 2 x Personalised Character T-Shirts from T-Shirt Booth *DAY 9*

T-Shirt Booth is a brilliant new app that launched last month. It is free to download and enables people to design and buy T-Shirts featuring favourite children’s characters. The best thing about the whole thing is that each children's character has formed a partnership with a charity - so every time someone orders a T-Shirt, a charity benefits.

The T-Shirt's cost £9.99 each - with £2 from each purchase going to the charity partnered with the  children's character you select for your Tee.

To order a T-Shirt, just download the free T-Shirt Booth App...

...choose the character you want... 

and the colour and size of shirt....

Then either take a photo or upload an existing shot from your phone...

and then just type in their name...


Mister A and Little E LOVED designing their own T-Shirts and 5 days after they ordered...

look what arrived...

They are fabulous!!!

There are some great charities and characters available too:

• Moshi Monsters supporting Action for Children;
• Paddington Bear supporting Action Medical Research;
• Dinosaurus for Beat Bullying;
• Garfield supporting Cats Protection
• Cheeky Little Monsters for Children with Cancer;
• Silentnight for Dreams Come True;
• The Froobles for Heart UK;
• Rastamouse for Nordoff Robbins;
• Ben 10, LazyTown and Adventure Time (Cartoon Network Enterprises) supporting Plan;
• Forever Friends supporting Tommy’s;
• Bin Weevils supporting WellChild

 And dozens more characters will be added over the next few weeks, just in time for Christmas, including The Snowman and The Snowdog and Santa’s Little Helpers for ITV Text Santa.

If you'd like to win one of these fabulous T-Shirts then enter now using the rafflecopter entry below...

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The T-Shirt Booth App was created by Digital Giving, is available via the Apple App Store, via Google Play for Android - and can be downloaded directly from the T-Shirt Booth website - Charity and character partnerships continue to be formed.

Friday, 8 November 2013


Today's Daily Blog Comp is to win 2 pairs of the fabulous new Flossy kids styles for A/W’13.

In case you didn't know, Flossy is steeped in over 25 years of cultural history, originating in the Rioja region of Spain and still to this day, remains a family run business. Originally worn by artists and sailors within Barcelona’s yachting clubs, twenty five years later, Flossy continues its growth into the European and worldwide market now supplying to everywhere from New York to Japan.

Flossys are no longer solely a Mediterranean footwear craze but a fast becoming the ‘must have’ item offering comfort, vibrance and simplicity with a fashion edge. And this autumn winter Flossy has added to their ever growing range going beyond the basics to offer two fun and wearable styles especially for kids with their slogan ‘Colour Your Life’ firmly in mind.

Zippy Warmers

These corded unisex booties come in a range of staple colourways for both boys and girls with zip sides for easy wear/slip-on. They are also ingeniously lined with faux fur making these the go-to footwear for keeping even the teeniest of tootsies warm this winter.


100% cotton with a sturdy sole and buckle fastening that provides increased support and comfort for those essential early stages. These adorable and functional shoes come in an excellent range of colours with a few neon tones for an added pop of fun. Lovingly made by hand, perfect for any occasion and with the added bonus of a very affordable price tag, it’s understandable why Flossy’s are fast becoming the go-to footwear brand.

Both styles are now available online at £15.95 a pair at

If you'd like to win a pair of each - the Flossy Toe Caps and the Zippy Warmers in the colour of the your choice then enter using the rafflecopter entry form below...

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Thursday, 7 November 2013

DAILY BLOG COMP: #WIN Punky Princess Goodies *DAY 7*

Today's competition prize is from Punky Princess - a tween brand with a range tartan patterned tech accessories and collectable charms.

Punky Princess is an online community with a unique identity that encourages girls to be themselves. Their store sells a range of protective covers in their signature hot-pink colour, available for tablets, smartphones and DS consoles that will not only make devices look stylish and unique but will also protect them from damage, making them a stocking filler that parents will be in favour of too!

Aimed at teen and tween girls, Punky Princess understands what these girls are looking for. Its safe and secure community, is a unique and fun place to make friends, have fun and check out the latest Punky Princess products to buy.

Punky Princess has also created its own unique and stylish charm bracelet with a choice of 10 individual charms to customise it. Charms can not only be attached to the bracelet, but can also be used to customise the range of device covers available too. Each charm in the range is aligned to its own personality traits, so whether a girl is more punky or more princess, there is a charm to suit her individual style and personality.

We were sent some of these perfect pink accesories and we really liked them. The phone charms and the charm bracelet were really cute and come in beautiful little pouches making them ideal stocking fillers for Christmas. The range of protective covers are fab too and will protect your tech from knocks. Overall we love the stylish design and would recommend the products for any fashionable tweens.

To enter to win some of these funky goodies just enter using the rafflecopter entry form below...

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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

DAILY BLOG COMP: #WIN a Hamper of Simple Kind To Skin+ Beauty Products *DAY 6*

Ever since I was a a little girl I've always been aware of the Simple skincare brand. It's a brand I've grown up with and completely trust so that's why I am very pleased that Day 5's Daily Blog Comp is to win a fabulous hamper of products from the new Simple Kind To Skin+ range.

"Simple Kind To Skin+ is more than everyday skincare. It’s a range of products that like all Simple products has no artificial perfume or colour and no harsh chemicals with the same Simple goodness and skin loving ingredients as the trusted Kind To Skin range but with added benefits. We’re talking illuminating, protecting, brightening, perfecting and moisture boosting skincare treats and as with all Simple products they are perfect for all skin types - even the most sensitive."

Simple have basically taken their well loved range and added an extra bit of magic that will have you looking radiant in an instant.

If like me though, your skincare regime is a lacking a little then there's something you need to do. Head over to the Simple website and get a free personalised plan. Answer questions about your lifestyle and skincare routine and they will suggest the best skincare and lifestyle routines that will help you personally. You should definitely check it out.. the meantime I am please to offer today's prize of a Simple Skincare Hamper containing the following:
Simple Kind to Skin+ Illuminating Radiance Cream (£8.99)
Simple Kind to Skin+ BB Cream (£8.99)
Simple Kind To Skin+ Protecting Moisture Cream SPF30 (RRP £6.99)
Simple Kind To Skin+ Radiance Brightening Wipes (RRP £3.99)

To enter use the rafflecopter entry form below

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

DAILY BLOG COMP: #WIN All Star Cheerleader Game for the Wii *DAY 5*

Today I am giving away a fabulous Wii game - All Star Cheerleaders 2 - a perfect little present to keep the kids entertained...

To enter just fill out the Rafflecopter entry form below...

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Good Luck!!

Monday, 4 November 2013

DAILY BLOG COMP: #WIN 1 of 3 Denman & Batiste Packs *DAY 4*

Today I am giving away one of my must- have beauty products... one thing that since becoming a mum, I haven't been able to live without....
Batiste has become my miracle worker. It gives me volume when my hair is looking sad and it disguises my unwashed hair when there just isn't enough time in the day. It's fair to say that I am a huge fan - my favourite 'flavour' is Tropical because it smells of coconut and reminds me of being on holiday. 
The second part of the prize is a magical Denman Brush. Now I have to say, whilst I have seen Denman brushes in the shops I have never forked out that little bit extra to buy one. You see I was stupid enough to think that all brushes were the same regardless of price so I always bought mine from the Poundshop - eeek- I know! That was until I spent the last few days using my new Denman Grooming Brush. It feels so nice on my hair - not damaging like my old brush. It leaves my hair so soft and somehow looking shinier too. I've fallen in love with Denman in a matter of days and guess what... now you can too.

I am giving away 3 x Denman & Batiste Prize Packs consisting of one can of Batiste Dry Shampoo and one Denman Hair Brush to 3 lucky readers!!

Enter now using the Rafflecopter Entry Form below....

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Good Luck!!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

DAILY BLOG COMP: #WIN 1 of 3 Scooby-Doo! Adventures: 'The Mystery Map' DVDs *DAY 3*

A couple of weeks ago we were sent a copy of SCOOBY-DOO! ADVENTURES THE MYSTERY MAP - the all-new Scooby Doo puppet movie. Mister A and Little E just love Scooby Doo - in fact the YouView box is 80% full of Scooby Doo recordings they've set up themselves!

We sat down to watch the movie as a family and we weren't disappointed. It's classic Scooby Doo but with a difference - all of the characters are muppet-like puppets. I really liked the puppets, in my opinion Scooby Doo can be quite scary for younger children with all the ghosts and evil looking 'baddies', but this new format actually broadens the appeal to pre-schoolers.

To tell you a little about the storyline - Scooby and Shaggy order in pizza and in the delivery box they find a treasure map - ZOINKS!! The team decide to embark on a mad dash to find pirate Gnarlybeard's hidden treasure and as you can imagine they are confronted by many spooky obstacles along the way. There were a couple of laugh-out-loud moments that had the children giggling away and a couple of scary moments too when the gang are being chased by the Phantom Parrot. Eeeek!

We thought the movie was fabulous and I loved the fact that there are 2 bonus episodes of old school Scooby too.

The new format DVD, Scooby-Doo! Adventures: 'The Mystery Map', is available to but now but I have 3 copies to give away to my lovely readers - just enter using the Rafflecopter entry form below....

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Saturday, 2 November 2013

DAILY BLOG COMP: #WIN an Experience Day for 2 at Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and Thermal Spa *DAY 2*

It's day 2 of our fabulous Blog Comp and we have a seriously special prize to giveaway....

A Ragdale Experience Day for two people at Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and Thermal Spa worth £174!!

You and a friend could spend a relaxing day at Ragdale Hall on a Ragdale Experience Day to include:

* Light lunch in the Verandah Bar.
* Plus use of all of Ragdale’s facilities including the multi-million pound Thermal Spa featuring candle pool, indoor/outdoor waterfall and a series of heat and water experiences plus two further pools, including whirlpool bath and cascade
* Gym, exercise classes and outdoor facilities.

NB Valid Monday – Friday only 10.30am arrival - 6.30pm departure

Don't worry - if you're not the lucky winner, then maybe a Ragdale Hall gift voucher would be the perfect Christmas present to add to your list. Available in monetary amounts from £25 or for days or overnight breaks, they are the ideal Christmas gift that won't break the bank.

All vouchers are valid for a year from the day of purchase and are dispatched upon receipt of full payment. To make a purchase or for further information contact Voucher Sales on 01664 433030 or visit the website on and take a look at the video brochure.

To enter just fill out the Rafflecopter entry below...

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TripAdvisor - Awarded Certificate of Excellence 2012 & 2013
Candis Magazine - Best Spa 2013
New! Magazine Spa Awards 2012 - Best for Fitness Fans
Spa Traveller Awards 2012 - Best UK Spa Retreat for solo spa travellers
Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice 2012 - Listed in Top 25 Relaxation/Spa Hotels in UK
Mumsnet Best Spa in the UK 2012 - Great for a girls day out

Friday, 1 November 2013

DAILY BLOG COMP: #WIN a Family Adventures DVD Boxset *DAY 1*

Welcome to DAY 1 of the very special...

Today I will be giving away something small just to get us started...

Family Adventures DVD Boxset

It's so simple to enter, just use the Rafflecopter entry form below and if you're lucky - this could be a perfect Christmas present for your family!

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