Thursday, 15 December 2011

POYNT – the free mobile search app

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With Christmas just round the corner, time will be precious - and any timesaving applications are always welcome. POYNT is a FANTASTIC mobile app that is perfect for the crazy pre-Christmas rush. The best news – it’s completely free!

Poynt is a local search application which allows you to find businesses, restaurants, cinemas and events in your local area and will even provide directions to them for you.

The Poynt app is ideal for busy parents for a number of reasons. It allows you to find shops, supermarkets, doctors, pharmacies, crèches, swimming pools, museums, zoos, cinemas, ice rinks, restaurants etc. wherever you are!

Search for local family events – Christmas fetes, festivals and markets Book tickets for Christmas films at the cinema, the pantomime, and other leisure activities - you can even make a restaurant booking!

The great news is, the app is available on all mobile platforms.

SAVE TIME - Avoid copy and pasting details – MAKE CALLS DIRECT FROM THE APP! You can find out all detail via the Poynt website however, here are a few of the key USPs below for you:

  • Poynt is completely free to use. It offers users the chance to find businesses, cinemas, restaurants and events in their local area.
  • It is available in eight countries – USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Australia and will shortly be available in India.
  • Whichever country you are in the directions and info will all appear in English if you are English or in the local language if requested.
  •  It is available on the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Blackberry Playbook , Nokia QT, Windows Phone 7 and Android.  
  • The app is deeply integrated with the handset so that you can add details to your contacts and calendar, call businesses, share the details via email twitter and Facebook with friends and send invites all within the app itself.
  • iPhone/iPad iPhone features allow call gesture to call restaurants, cinemas, businesses etc. by holding the handset to your ear whilst the AR functionality allows you to walk to your chosen destination with arrows pointing the way – ideal if you are visiting a new location.
A great little app - and all for FREE!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

I Want Wednesday

All I want this week is a novelty Christmas jumper!!! This fab Rudolph Jumper is £40 at The Christmas Jumper Company - NEED!!!!!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

I Want Wednesday

My want this week is really a 'never gonna get'. I've fallen in love with these navy Daffodile Louboutin's, I want them so bad. They'd go perfectly with the dress I've choosen for my cousins Winter wedding. Unfortuntely for me, my little size 5's won't ever be able grace the inners of such a wonderful shoe. At $1,075 they are slightly out of my price range but hey - a girl can dream!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Review: Hi Tec St Moritz Snow Boots

It's only a matter of time before the snow arrives so when I was asked to review these amazing Hi-Tec St. Moritz Snow Boots I jumped at the chance. I fell in love with them the minute I saw them. When they finally arrived I was like a child on Christmas Day. I just think they are stunning - I even used up half my memory card taking pictures of them...

Since then, regardless of the lack of snow, I've worn them on every 'mild' day there's been! They are sooooooo comfy!

I just love attention to detail on them. Snow boots can be so ugly. FACT. These are just gorgeous and the pictures don't do them justice.

The Snow Boots use Hi-Tec's Thermo-Dri waterproof technology to make them the ideal casual winter boot. With a fleece lined upper and Thinsulate insulation your feet will be toasty and dry all winter long - whatever the weather. 

The faux fur collar and fashion detail will keep you at the top of the style stakes whether your all-weather Christmas shopping or heading to the slopes.

The St. Moritz also comes with a removable sockliner and a moulded foot bed with a moisture wicking lining to keep your feet fresh and dry. 

I just LOVE them - can you tell? I'm even willing it to snow!!

  • Waterproof suede leather and mesh upper 
  • 200 grams Thinsulate™ insulation 
  • Metal top hooks and Ghilley lacing system 
  • Abrasion heel and toecap for protection 
  • Faux-fur linings for warmth 
  • Comfort-Tec contoured sockliner 
  • Board lasted with steel shank for added rigidity and support 
  • CMEVA midsole for cushioning 
  • Winter traction, siped outsole rubber design 

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I Want Wednesday

This week I have my heart set on this amazing Mischa Barton 'Marcel' Satchel. It's amazing - and a girl can nevcer have too many bags right??

What item have you got your eye on this week?

My Dream Domestic Appliance

Wouldn't life be so much easier if you didn't have to prepare food? Don't get me wrong, sometimes I do enjoy it - the satisfaction of preparing a meal from scratch is always rewarding but sometimes I just wish that there was something to help out, you know? And spending the past couple of weeks in agony with my broken rib, preparing food has been a bit of a nightmare chore (yes, I'm feeling sorry for myself so just let me waller in self pity whilst I can). Anyway, this time at home has meant that I've had time to come up with this magical invention.

My contraption is the J.F.D.I.F.M. Vending Fridge (that stands "for just flipping do it for me" - you thought it was gonna be the other F word didn't you? Naughty!). Anyway, it prepares the food for you - all you need to do is the shopping (Damn! I hate shopping too: note to self the v2 model will have a direct link to Ocado to self order). Each foodstuff has it's own compartment - much like a vending machine.  You can select whether you want your chosen food to be sliced, chopped, grated, or crushed in to the removable drawer.

As if that wasn't amazing enough you can even insert slices of bread and it will butter and build your sandwiches for you at the touch of a button - nom nom nom.
More importantly though the fridge has special drink dispensers - and not just for water either. No this fridge knows the needs of a modern woman and can dispense wine and cocktails on tap (perfect for any stressed out bad mother!)

Now just in case you were thinking that you couldn't be bothered standing at the fridge whilst all this goes on - worry not! It comes with a remote control too so you don't even have to move until your sandwich and/or drinks are prepared. 

So what do you think? (Other than the fact that Im a bit of a loser for wasting well over an hour comping this image together!)

I think it's amazing - even if I do say so myself! Anyone care to invest?

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Watch Out for P&P Charges this Christmas!!

I don't often get angry on here but something has right up my nose this week. Sat at home with my broken ribs I have been ordering Christmas gifts to pass the time. There are lots of great deals on the moment and a lot of retailers are offering heavy discounts and free postage.

I decided to place an order with - I generally only buy from them at Christmas or for birthday gifts and for as long as Ive shopped with them they have always provided FREE delivery. 

This year I ordered 5 items from them - 3 DVDs a Wii game and PS3 game. All relatively small items. The amount of which came to £58.32. 

I quickly rushed through the order process and paid via Paypal. It was only when the confirmation came through that I realised the enormous postage charge of £1.99 PER ITEM!! There were no delivery options like you find on other sites.

Now I've worked out how much the average DVD, Wii and PS3 game weighs:

DVD: 102g
PS3 Game: 119g
Wii game: 126g

Cd's, DVDs etc are all classed as large letters.
The postage charges for these items are on the Royal Mail website as:

Therefore the maximum I should have been charged for postage is £5.45 if the items were being dispatched First Class - which given that only 1 item has arrived from my order placed on Saturday I think it should be more like £4.60 for second.

I immediately complained on thier Facebook page as I felt that the postage was extremely unclear. They replied via thier site messaging system that there was nothing they could do.

I persisted telling them it WAS unclear and that I felt £9.95 postage was extortionate to charge for the postage of 5 small items.

In the end they offred me £5 credit to my account which I have accepted but I have told them I am still unhappy with the charges. I told them that they really need to make these charges clearer to customers or at the very least be able to justify them! Most large businesses now give free delivery over £50 - I understand that companies need to make money but don't do it on postage. I don't see why the people buying small items subsidise the postage of those buying bigger items. There should at least be a cap on the postage charged.

Their response?

"Regarding the postage charges I will send your above e-mail up to the correct department and will ask them to review the charges."

Maybe they will, maybe they won't - but just watch out for those 'hidden' charges this Christmas! Don't get stung.

My Mint Velvet Diary

A month or so ago I was approched by amazing fashion brand Mint Velvet and asked if I wanted to get involved with thier new “Mums In Style” feature. The basic concept came from the Mint Velvet founders who show that being a mum (and holding down a job, social life and all the other pressures modern women face) doesn’t mean sacrificing your style. So, Mint Velvet decided to pay homage to those mums who arrive at the school gates / the nursery / football club looking effortlessly cool / stylish (even if they’ve been knee deep in Marmite, unfinished homework, and floods of tears 5 minutes earlier).

To kick it all off, they asked me if I would like to write a mini diary for a week about what I wear as a modern mum. They supplied me with a couple of fabulous Mint Velvet pieces which I incorporated in to my capsule wardrobe and I got to work...
I have to say I was well impressed with everything I was sent and there's a few extra pieces I've got my eye on for Christmas! If you fancy reading my fashion diary then head over to Mint Velvet at the end of the week.

Mint Velvet was launched in October 2009 and now operates from 4 boutiques, over 70 concessions in premium department stores, and also online at The concept behind the brand is “relaxed glamour”. All 3 of the Founders are modern working mums who wanted a collection which fitted in with their busy lives and which enabled them to feel sexy and confident without having to spend hours styling outfits up. The whole collection is about ease of outfit building, comfort and confidence.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

So it seems it's been quite a while since I posted anything personal on here. Ive been so busy at work these past few months that I've just not had time. I've posted here and there but nothing about 'us'. So I thought I'd just share what's been going on at at our end...

Mister A

Well he certainly LOVES school. He has practically begged us to let him stay at after school club with the other kids - err no way Jose - I'm enjoying the free schooling thank you very much (well except for the £10 a week lunch money!)

At his first ever Parent's Evening Mister A's teacher said...

"He's the most gifted child in the class, others fight to be his friend, he chats to everyone in the school without a care in the world, his numeracy is brilliant (he can count forwards and backwards to 100), he's very analytical and is brilliant at problem solving
and he is a joy to have around...."
They just could not be happier with him and more importantly I am VERY proud to say that the school have placed him on the 'Gifted and Talented' register for literacy!! He is so clever!  (Psssstttt... Did I tell you - we made him? That make us clever too - right?)

Little E

Well she's walking!! Hooray! She loves it at nursery and she is developing a VERY mischevious personality. She loves to play the keyboard and is turning in to a mini Elton John. Her and Mister A have a great bond and she often just walks over to him and puts her head on him saying "aaaaaaahhhhhh" - I cry almost everytime!


Well he had a lovely birthday - with the most amazing Cadbury's Chocolate Hedgehog cake. He loved dressing up for Halloween (especially the eye shadow!) and for the past week and a half he has been waiting on me hand and foot *see below for explanation!)


Well I've been a bit of a nightmare of late... a proper scatty head! I'm not sure when it started but this past month has seen me lock myself out of the car on the hard shoulder of the motorway. Lock Ellissia in the car with the keys (that was the neighbours fault though)!
To explain... The car had iced over, I had no de-icer so I was scraping furiously at the windows trying not to be late for work. Mr B from next door says looks over at me in my panic, "Ooooh haven't you got any de-icer?" He goes to his boot, gets his out and waves it at me. "Oh, thanks!" I shout, thinking he's going to let me use it when he's done. Instead he just gets in his car and drives off. I was SO p*ssed off that I whacked in to the door - it closed, the central locking locked itself and poor Little E just sat in the car waiting patienty for Grandma to arrive withthe spare keys. She did, Little E didn't bat an eyelid - she's fine.
As if that wasn't enough - the weekend before last I managed to slip in the shower. At the time I thought I'd broken my finger but it turns out that was the least of my worries and so when I started struggling to breathe I had to take a trip to A&E. Turns out I've cracked ribs and I can tell you - THAT HURTS... A LOT. So now I'm at home feeling v.sorry for myself. *cries in to soup* Feel free to send flowers, gifts and fruit!

I Want Wednesday...

This is my new weekly materialistic blog post! Each week I will feature an amazing product that I want (but probably can't have because my other half won't let me!)

This weeks WANT is this fabulous pair of Moda In Pelle Kross platforms finished with a fabric woven black and white pattern and satin lining. *swoon* They'd be perfect with my LBD this Winter.

What's your 'want' for the week?

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Cheap Christmas Maternity Dresses - all under £40!

It's that time of year again - we're all wondering what to wear at the office party, what to wear on Christmas Day and on the dreaded 'biggest night of the year' New Years Eve! It's a nightmare deciding what to wear at the best of times but when you're pregnant and not sure how to dress your bump through the festive period - it can leave you in stress. Never fear, I've found you the perfect dresses to suit all tastes and they're are all

This ASOS Maternity V Neck Pleated Waist Knitted Dress is available in 3 colours (also in Black & Stone) but this fab blue version is only £17.50 and certainly won't break the bank. With it's flattering neckline and 3/4 sleeves this will suit any shape and have you standing out in the crowd this Christmas.

If you've got a great set of pins and fancy getting them out for your party then why not try this ASOS Maternity Jersey Wrap Bust Dress - it's only £15.00!

If bright colours aren't really your thing but you still want to follow the fashion then lace is huge this season. This Dorothy Perkins Black Lace Tunic would be perfect with black tights and it's a bargain at £17.00. If you fancy a splash of colour you could team it with silver or even red accessories.

This amazing electric blue Picchu Butterfly Sleeve Dress as worn by Jenny Falconer is now only £29.00 - that's a massive £66 saving!

If you fancy going for a Christmassy red then have a look at this Mothercare Short Sleeved Ruched Jersey Dress - it'd look fab with black tights and accessories and it's in the sale for £28.00.

Or maybe you fancy this ASOS One Shoulder Dress with Corsage for only £20.00 and it's also available in Black for the same price!

If you love a bit of embellishment then maybe the George Embellished Dress is for you. It's available in 3 colours (also in Berry and Black) but I think this Plum version is perfect for dressing up with gold accessories and it's only £16.00.

Mamas and Papas have a nice selection - my hot pick is this Silk Mix Dress in chocolate brown. It's half price at £25.00 and would look fab with matching shoes and gold accessories.

Block colours are in this season so take a peek at this Red Herring Brown and Black Block Maternity Dress from Debenhams. It's stretch jersey material will keep you warm and comfortable but firmly at the top of the style stakes and this one is priced at £32.00.

Finally, I love spots this season so this Little Black Maternity Dress from JoJo Maman Bebe is one of my favourites. It's £39.00 and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

So that's my top 10 dresses under £40 for Christmas 2011! If you see something you like, let me know. If you need anything specific then give me a shout on Twitter or Facebook - I'm always happy to help you find a bargain!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

WIN a Luxury Hotel Chocolat 'Truffles To Share' Advent Calendar

Last week I was sent this A-mazing Hotel Chocolat Truffles to Share Advent Calendar to review. I know - I have the worst job don't I?! Obviously the arrival of said advent calendar left me in a bit of a quandary, you see I've always been told from a very early age that you must NEVER open door number '1' until the 1st December. But this is a review - what's a girl to do? Obviously I waited patiently for a good few hours but December never came. This meant that I had to crack the calendar open 2 weeks early - poor me : (

Here's how Hotel Chocolat describe the calendar:

With two luscious truffles behind each window, there’ll be no bickering, just harmonious sharing and a blissful run up to Christmas.

Hmmmm... a blissful run up to Christmas? I'm not quite sure we'll manage that even with this lovely calendar! Anyway, so as they said, each calendar door has 2 truffles behind it. This is perfect for our house as Chris and I always 'share' an advent calendar and he usually gets slightly peeved when I eat 99% of the chocolates. Truffles to Share means that we both get a truffle each this Christmas... ok well it doesn't because I have ate 'my' truffle from the first 6 windows - just to taste all the different flavours!

The 6 flavours are:

Gingerbread Truffle - yum!
Salted Soft Caramel - my favourite of them all!
Mulled Wine - *hic*
Cinnamon Praline - not to my taste *runs off to swap all the cinnamon ones with Chris delicious caramel ones*
Milk Praline - delicious! 
Simple Dark Truffle - scrumptious!

It really is THE greatest advent calendar I have ever had the pleasure to gorge on *wipes chocolate from mouth* and guess what - now it's time for you to get your hands on one too!


All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is tell me what you do when you get to door 24, Yes, I want to know how you spend your Christmas Eve - just because I'm nosey like that! So leave a comment below telling me how you'll be spending your Chrimble Eve this year and I'll select one random entrant to win this fabulous prize!!
Bonus Entries:
Bonus Entry 1
Head over to the Second Time Mummy Facebook page - make sure you 'like' the page and then leave me a comment saying: 
I want to win a Luxury Advent Calendar with Second Time Mummy - you've got to be in it to win it!
Bonus Entry2
Head over to Twitter and share the competition by tweeting:
I've entered @second_time_mum's @HotelChocolat Comp to win a Luxury Truffles to Share Advent Calendar - you should too! 
or share using the Twitter button below.

Bonus Entry 3
+1 this post by clicking the button below : )
Make sure you leave a comment to confirm each bonus entry!

Good Luck!!

Buy one now: Hotel Chocolat Truffles to Share Advent Calender
Product Dietary Information:

Vegetarian - This product is suitable for vegetarians.
Nuts - This product contains nut ingredients.
Gluten-Free Recipe - This product does not use any gluten in the recipe, however, it may contain traces of gluten**.
Egg - This product contains egg as an ingredient.
Milk - This product contains milk as an ingredient.
Alcohol - Alcohol is present in this product

Soya Allergy

All our chocolates may contain traces of soya lecithin. This is an important natural emulsifier in chocolate, that keeps it smooth and prevents the ingredients from separating.

* Peanut and Nut Allergy
We cannot say our products are nut free (sorry), as all are made in an environment where nuts are present. We have added a dietary symbol to products with nuts in the recipe.

** Other Allergies (including Gluten and Lactose intolerances)
Cereals containing gluten, milk products, fruit containing sulphur dioxide and sesame are all handled within our factory. Further information is available detailing when these are used as an ingredient in a product, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee all products are free from traces of these allergens.

Prizedraw closes at midnight on Friday 25th November 2011. Winner will be selected at random. Find more prizes at ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions. Loquax Competitions

Silent Sunday

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Meningitis - Break The Myth

Those of you that are regular readers of the blog will know that earlier this year Little E was admitted to hospital with suspected meningitis and had to undergo a lumbar puncture to prove otherwise. Luckily it was a different kind of bacterial infection she was suffering with and after several nights in hospital she eventually made a full recovery.

When I was a child, I was also suspected of having meningitis and so the subject is something that is very close to my heart. That is why, when an email from the Meningitis Trust popped in to my inbox less than an hour ago, I wanted to post about thier new 'Break The Myth' campaign straight away.

This new campaign aims to break the common misconception that a meningitis rash appears in every case of meningitis. This is NOT TRUE. If someone has meningitis but not septicaemia, they will not have a rash that does not fade, but they can still be seriously unwell. You should never wait for a rash.

Meningitis is the disease parents fear the most and with 50% of all cases occurring in children under five, it's easy to see why. The Meningitis Trust are encouraging parents to familiarise themselves with the symptoms, so that they can spot any of the tell-tale signs straight away and get urgent medical help. Please watch this video and spread the word.

To find out ALL the signs and symptoms of meningitis please visit

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Celebrity Annoucement & WIN with Regis

Guess what?! I have some very exciting news to share from Regis and I'm one of a handful of bloggers that's been passed this news before the big reveal tomorrow. They have a new celebrity ambassador in the form of my favourite presenter Emma Willis. I LOVE Big Brothes Bit On The Side and I actually have a lady crush on her - sssh don't tell!

As well as being the face of Regis, Emma will also be writing a monthly blog for them and will have her own page on their site from tomorrow.

Not only that.. to celebrate the announcement Emma is launching a fab 'LOCKS ROCK & LOAD' competition too! To find out how you could Win a YEAR'S WORTH OF HAIR SERVICES and a CANON 550D DIGITAL CAMERA visit the Regis Facebook page and enter the competition.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Review: Hamster Buggy Bags

We were recently sent some Hamster Buggy Bags to review – well, when I say we were sent – what I mean is I actually begged for them to be sent to me! These bags are the best thing for buggy’s since, well, anything really.

Any parent knows that when you venture out with a baby, it takes 2 hours to pack everything you might need – but where are you supposed to put everything?! A changing bag is only so big and by the time you’ve packed spare clothes, baby wipes, nappy bags, a bottle, a changing mat all of your own personal belongings, your bag is fit to burst. Then there’s the added frustration of some and buggies and pushchairs not being able to take the addition of shopping bags. Take our recent trip to the baby show in Manchester – we had to get the train there and we had to pack for the day – so all of the above plus the additional of various drinks for Little E. We just didn’t have the room to store regular things like, an umbrella, the raincover for the pram, the numerous bags of shopping that ended up being purchased and the free goodies being given out. The Hamster Bags would have been ideal there but instead we didn’t have any and my back is still paying for it!

Last weekend when we headed to London the postman appeared just as we were loading up the car – it was the Hamster Bags. I pushed them in to Chris’ rucksack and we went on our way. We opened them on the train and as soon as we hopped off at Euston we popped the bags on and they've stayed there ever since!

Hamster Buggy Bags on the Britax B-AGILE

So what's the verdict?

I love them! I love that there's no messing about with them - they're there and they do their job... brilliantly!

My favourite things about Hamster Bags are:
  •  they can stop your pram from tipping!
  • you leave them permantly attached to your pram/buggy - even when you fold it down - so theres no messing about like you have with your changing bag.
  • they have a fab shoulder strap so you can use them if you're not out with the pram.
  • lots of designs to choose from.
  • the EXTRA storage space!!
My only moan is a silly one because I couldn't think of anything proper - the bag hangs over the button I have to press to close the pram and I have to lift up the bag to close the pram. Lol - how lazy am I?!

Ok, so there you have it - these are on my 'must have' list. Go get yourselves a pair...

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Silent Sunday


I am sat here angrily pounding on my keyboard as I write this post. On Friday I bought Mister A a 'Vampire Boy' costume from Birthdays card shop. Last night we had a little fancy dress Halloween party and Mister A and Little E couldn't wait to get their outfits on.

All was going well, we were having lots of fun until Mister A suddenly started screaming. "I'm bleeding, aaaaaaah, Mummy, my arm." I looked at his arm and he was bleeding in 2 places - one area looked as though a chunk of skin was actually missing. I couldn't understand it, how had it happened?

After about 10 minutes of high pitched screaming and sobbing we eventually managed to calm him down and he said that the medallion from his costume itad done it.

The only explanation is that he lent on the medallion but why the hell would Smiffy's be so stupid to include a medallion so sharp it could do this? He is a 4 year old boy. I think this is an absolute disgrace and I await comment from them and from Birthday's.

I've written this post to alert other parents and to just say be careful if your kids are dressing up for Halloween.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Cheap Winter Maternity Coats - All under £50!!

Last night on Facebook I discovered a 'hidden' post on the Second Time Mummy page...

Unfortunately it had been there a week and naughty Facebook hadn't alerted me. As you may know I used to post some great maternity deals to my blog every Friday but I stopped because I wasn't getting any requests but now we're back thanks to Vicky!

Here are my top picks for cheap maternity coats for the Winter. Enjoy!!

ASOS Maternity Mac WAS £55.00 NOW £27.50
New Look Petrol Blue Swing Coat (also available in Mid Brown and Black) WAS £44.99 NOW £31.49
New Look Red Scalloped Edge Coat WAS £49.99 NOW £31.49

New Look Brown Military Duffle Coat (also available in red) WAS £49.99 NOW £34.99
La Redoute Maternity Poncho WAS £59.00 NOW £41.30
Mamas & Papas Navy Jacket WAS £65.00 NOW £45.50
Debenhams Navy Cape Coat WAS £68.00 NOW £48.75

Jojo Maman Bebe Long Line Fleece Jacket £49.00

Bumps Maternity: Noppies Bristol Trench WAS £99.95 NOW £49.95

Ok, so I know I said they were ALL under £50 but I just couldn't resist showing you this fab dolly coat from Dotty P's...
Dorothy Perkins Stone Dolly Coat £69.00

Hopefully there's something here to suit everyone's style - let me know if you buy! AND if you need me to hunt down anything for you just give me a shout - comment here or post on the Second Time Mummy Facebook page.