Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My Dream Domestic Appliance

Wouldn't life be so much easier if you didn't have to prepare food? Don't get me wrong, sometimes I do enjoy it - the satisfaction of preparing a meal from scratch is always rewarding but sometimes I just wish that there was something to help out, you know? And spending the past couple of weeks in agony with my broken rib, preparing food has been a bit of a nightmare chore (yes, I'm feeling sorry for myself so just let me waller in self pity whilst I can). Anyway, this time at home has meant that I've had time to come up with this magical invention.

My contraption is the J.F.D.I.F.M. Vending Fridge (that stands "for just flipping do it for me" - you thought it was gonna be the other F word didn't you? Naughty!). Anyway, it prepares the food for you - all you need to do is the shopping (Damn! I hate shopping too: note to self the v2 model will have a direct link to Ocado to self order). Each foodstuff has it's own compartment - much like a vending machine.  You can select whether you want your chosen food to be sliced, chopped, grated, or crushed in to the removable drawer.

As if that wasn't amazing enough you can even insert slices of bread and it will butter and build your sandwiches for you at the touch of a button - nom nom nom.
More importantly though the fridge has special drink dispensers - and not just for water either. No this fridge knows the needs of a modern woman and can dispense wine and cocktails on tap (perfect for any stressed out bad mother!)

Now just in case you were thinking that you couldn't be bothered standing at the fridge whilst all this goes on - worry not! It comes with a remote control too so you don't even have to move until your sandwich and/or drinks are prepared. 

So what do you think? (Other than the fact that Im a bit of a loser for wasting well over an hour comping this image together!)

I think it's amazing - even if I do say so myself! Anyone care to invest?

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