Thursday, 24 November 2011

Watch Out for P&P Charges this Christmas!!

I don't often get angry on here but something has right up my nose this week. Sat at home with my broken ribs I have been ordering Christmas gifts to pass the time. There are lots of great deals on the moment and a lot of retailers are offering heavy discounts and free postage.

I decided to place an order with - I generally only buy from them at Christmas or for birthday gifts and for as long as Ive shopped with them they have always provided FREE delivery. 

This year I ordered 5 items from them - 3 DVDs a Wii game and PS3 game. All relatively small items. The amount of which came to £58.32. 

I quickly rushed through the order process and paid via Paypal. It was only when the confirmation came through that I realised the enormous postage charge of £1.99 PER ITEM!! There were no delivery options like you find on other sites.

Now I've worked out how much the average DVD, Wii and PS3 game weighs:

DVD: 102g
PS3 Game: 119g
Wii game: 126g

Cd's, DVDs etc are all classed as large letters.
The postage charges for these items are on the Royal Mail website as:

Therefore the maximum I should have been charged for postage is £5.45 if the items were being dispatched First Class - which given that only 1 item has arrived from my order placed on Saturday I think it should be more like £4.60 for second.

I immediately complained on thier Facebook page as I felt that the postage was extremely unclear. They replied via thier site messaging system that there was nothing they could do.

I persisted telling them it WAS unclear and that I felt £9.95 postage was extortionate to charge for the postage of 5 small items.

In the end they offred me £5 credit to my account which I have accepted but I have told them I am still unhappy with the charges. I told them that they really need to make these charges clearer to customers or at the very least be able to justify them! Most large businesses now give free delivery over £50 - I understand that companies need to make money but don't do it on postage. I don't see why the people buying small items subsidise the postage of those buying bigger items. There should at least be a cap on the postage charged.

Their response?

"Regarding the postage charges I will send your above e-mail up to the correct department and will ask them to review the charges."

Maybe they will, maybe they won't - but just watch out for those 'hidden' charges this Christmas! Don't get stung.

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