Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Little E's First Build-A-Bear

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to be invited to Build-A-Bear Liverpool, to make Little E's first bear. Mister A was really excited - he has a monkey called CJ that came all the way from Build-A-Bear Singapore and he couldn't wait to help make one for Little E!

We had a look at the shelves and decided on the very cute 'curly bear'...

Just in case you've never heard of Build-A-Bear before, I'll fill you in. You choose what kind of stuffed animal you want from the shelves then you watch as they are stuffed (soft hard or somewhere in the middle - you choose) and then they are given a heart. You can even record your own message to go inside.

Mister A recorded a special message for Little E telling her how much he loves her. It sits inside Baby Bear so whenever she squeezes her she'll hear the message...

Here's Mister A stuffing 'Baby' bear...

Once your bear is full you then get to add the heart. This was by far Mister A's favourite part as he had to really get involved (I love this video)! 
Mister A choose a fancy ballerina fairy outfit for Baby Bear. Little E just loves her...well she does when she's awake!

Next job was to prepare her 'Bearth' Certificate - ha - see what I did there! You enter the details of who the bear is for and what the bear is called on to the computer and you get a lovely certificate showing the date that they were made.

Once we were done with Baby Bear, Mister A was allowed to choose a new outfit for CJ the monkey. When we first got CJ he was sporting a Tigger outfit but this time around he's wearing something a bit more credible...

...He's a Jedi Knight! Mister A couldn't wait to getting over to the in-store dressing area and get CJ ready...

We had such a lovely day at the Build-A-Bear store. We even got to meet Pudsey Bear and Mister A helped colour in a giant Pudsey pic as part of their fundraising efforts.

We just love Build-A-Bear, in fact Mister A 'has' to go there whenever we're in town! If you haven't been to your local Build-A-Bear store then you have to go - it's such a lovely thing to have your own bear made with such love.

Thank you Build-A-Bear for a lovely afternoon! xxx

Winter Coats for the Whole Family

On the first day of Christmas Next will will give to me...
Winter Coats for all the family!!
(see how I made it fit in with the song - clever eh?!)
So the snow has hit again and as usual I'm unprepared. Winter comes at the same time each year but for some reason it always takes me my surprise! I'm desperate for a new coat but I'm spoiled for choice at Next. There's some great pieces to be had for all the family. And don't worry if your tall or petite - Next has got it covered. Take a look, see for yourself...

For Mummy...

This Grey Piped Military Coat is stunning and right on trend for the season. It'll look great with jeans but it's smart enough to wear throughout the party season too...

Grey Piped Military Coat

If military isn't your thing then why not check out the duffle coats? Yes they've done full circle in the fashion stakes - they are well and truly back 'in'. This navy duffle with rope detail will keep you toasty when you go and pick up the kids...

Navy Toggle Duffle Jacket


Next has got a couple of gems for you. This grey maternity coat from last weeks Fashion Friday post went down a storm...

Grey Maternity Coat

and there is a great selection of maternity clothes to choose from.

For Daddy...

Quilted 'Barbour style' jackets are back and making a massive statement in the land of fashion. Why not treat your man to one of Next's Quilted designs...

Quilted Four Pocket Jacket £55.00

For the Kids...

I love Nexts kids collections and there are so many coats and jackets to choose from you'll be spoilt for choice. Here's a handful to wet your appetite...

Faux Fur Pramsuit
Duffle Fleece Jacket

Pink Frill Coat
Black Quilted Jacket
Navy Duffle Wool Blend Jacket

I'll be bringing you more of Next's best Winter fashion picks so watch this space or if you just can't wait - head over to Next now and have a look yourself! There's even a sale section with some fab bargains to be had!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Persil Small & Mighty Giveaway - 10 Up for Grabs!

Britain’s favourite laundry brand Persil has recently launched a NEW formulation that tackles even more of the toughest stains your kids pick up and we have 10 bottles of Persil Small & Mighty to give away!!

NEW Persil, with the extra cleaning power of pre-treaters, means there is no need for applying additional stain removal products before your wash. New Persil has been specially formulated to tackle stains like grass, chocolate sauce and mud, and is proven to be tough on those stains that kids pick up most frequently!

The NEW Persil liquid range packs are packed with the extra cleaning power of pre-treaters, removing the need for applying additional stain removal products before your wash. Also they cost less per every wash when compared to Persil powders

I have 10 bottles of Persil Small & Mighty to give away. If you want to win one just comment below telling me which variety you would like if you win - Bio, Non-Bio or Colour - or you can send an email to secondtimemum@live.co.uk with your preference using the subject line 'Persil Giveaway'

Good luck!

Prizedraw closes  Wednesday 15th December 2010. The 10 winners will be randomly selected.

Find more prizes at ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions.

How to Bath A Baby

I've decided to write some blogs to try and help new mums as they embark on the biggest journey of their lives - parenthood! Eeek! I'm starting with bathing because I know when I first had Mister A, that was the one thing that scared me the most. I didn't know what I was supposed to do and was constantly worrying that I was doing something wrong or that he might slip out of my hands. Hopefully this little guide will help you on your way...

Choosing Where to Bath

First of all you need to decide whether you are going to use your 'big bath' (if you even have one) or a baby bath. 

If your using your own bath then you'll have to lean over the side of the bath which can be awkward if you're holding a slippery baby - it's not easy on the knees either! If you don't want to have to fill the entire bath - using lots of water for such a small baby - then you may want to consider using a BabyDam.

Baby Baths

Using a baby bath is probably the easiest way to do it but there are so many different types to choose from! Here's a brief example of what's available...

Standard Baby Bath

These have been used for years and years and do exactly what they are supposed to do -nothing more, nothing less. They are easy to use but can be a nightmare when it comes to storage.

Folding Bath

If you're short on space then a folding bath is probably best. There are some great new products out there and the Flexibath (pictured) is one of the best on the market and the only one that I'm aware of that folds flat.

Spa Bath

If you think your baby might like a little bit of luxury then why not treat them to this Summer Infant Bath. It has a battery operated soothing spa to completely relax your little one. Very posh!

Changing Station/Bath

These are a great idea - if you have room for one. It's a combined changing station and baby bath with plenty of storage so you know you'll have everything to hand. It also means you can stand up and bath your baby without breaking your back.

So you've chosen your bath but what else will you need?


Again there are lots of different types available and normal towels are fine. I use a baby towel with a hood so that Little E doesn't lose too much heat from her head but you can also buy towels that you wear as an apron whilst bathing then wrap baby up with after. I always have an extra towel waiting on her changing mat too.

Cotton Wool/SpongesI use both but I know people that use one or the other. I use a natural sponge for Little E's body but I use a cotton wool and a top and tail bowl to clean her face.

Baby Shampoo (optional)

The midwife told me not to use anything on Little E's skin - just water. Apparently, using baby products in the bath can cause eczema. I don't use any added extras but other mums have done for years without any issues.

Bath Thermometer
I don't trust the ancient method of 'elbow dipping' to test the water temperature so I'd recommend a bath thermometer to ensure your baby doesn't get scalded or dipped in to water that's too cold.

Bath Support

If your new to all this baby bathing business then you can get in to a bit of a panic if you are left to do bathing on your own - I certainly did. I was worried about Mister A slipping out of my hands which is why I ended up buying a bath support. You can buy sponge ones, plastic ones and cloth ones but whichever one you choose I can assure you it will give you a lot more confidence in your own bathing baby abilities!

If I've missed anything let me know!

Bathtime Step by Step...

Everyone has their own way but this is how I do it.
  • Firstly, make sure everything you are going to need is within reach and the room is warm.
  • Fill the baby bath with 2-3 inches of water and ensure the temperature is safe for baby.
  • Lay out your baby's clean clothes and nappy ready for afterwards.
  • Undress your baby and wrap her in a towel.
  • Holding your baby in the towel. Use the water from the bath to clean her face with the cotton wool.
  • Once baby's face is washed unwrap her and put her in to the bath using your hand under her head to support her. (I support with my left hand, keeping my dominant hand free to ensure quick bathing.)
  • Using the sponge or cotton wool wash your baby leaving the nappy area 'til last.
  • Once you happy that baby is clean, use both hands to lift her out. This is where an apron towel comes in handy!
  • Wrap your baby in your chosen towel and try and cover the top of her head (that's where babies lose most of their heat from).
  • Lay baby on to her changing mat and dry her thoroughly, ensuring you dry in between any folds in her skin.
  • Dress baby as quickly as possible to prevent her from getting cold and wrap her in a blanket.
  • Give your little one a kiss and smell that clean baby smell - mmmmm.

How often should I bath my baby?

It's entirely up to you! Most babies love being in the water and it can be a treat for both of you to have a little fun together at bath time. Most people I talk to bathe their little ones every other day - it's your choice - just make sure that you wash baby's face regularly and ensure that you clean your baby thoroughly at nappy time.

Baby Safety Never leave your baby unattended.
Always check that the water is a safe temperature.

You're ready to go!

To start with it can seem like a bit of a daunting task but, as with everything in this World, practise makes perfect. Just have confidence in yourself and relax - you'll be a pro before you know it!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Tried & Tested: Christmas Gifts for Big Kids

(RRP £29.99)

Sonic Colours sees Sonic accelerating to adrenaline-pumping super speeds and blasting through obstacles in ways never before seen in a Sonic game. The alien Wisps in Sonic Colours each have a unique “Colour Power” that, once freed, Sonic is able to absorb whilst speeding through the various theme park inspired planets. Sonic Colours is available on Wii or Nintendo DS.

What our reviewer said...

"I'm so glad Sonic is back, I was worried it wouldn't live up to the old Mega Drive days but I've been playing this for 36 hours now and I'm officially addicted (it tells me how many hours I've done when I save - don't tell the Mrs - she'll go mental). I love that it flips between 2D and 3D. There are so many levels (or 'Acts') to get through and I'm already finding things I missed when I try to beat my score on completed sections. I haven't completed the game yet and I won't stop until I do - it's amazing!"

Roadkill Toys
(RRP £25.00)

Roadkill Toys is an alternative designer toy boutique based in the UK that specialises in toys that are run over....well not literally! Roadkill Toys have 3 character soft plush toys; Twitch the Racoon, Grind the Rabbit and Splodge the Hedgehog. Each comes in its very own body bag and an identity tag. We make toys with a twist. Toys as dark as the inside of a goth’s wardrobe. And they all have one thing in common. They’ve been run over.

What our reviewer said:

"Not one for faint-hearted animal lovers! I thought this was hilarious but then I do have a very dark sense of humour. I love that it has it's own very amusing death certificate with full details of the racoon's end  - death by Ford Mondeo - what a way to go! I can see there may be some complaints about his one but personally I think it's a great novelty gift for people that normally hate soft toys!"

Revell Star Wars Clone Wars Ashoka Tanos Jedi Starfighter (RRP £16.99)

Build a great Star Wars model with the Star Wars Clone Wars Ashoka Tanos Starfighter. Ashoka Tanos' single-seat starfighter is well known for its outstanding agility and manoeuverability. Light and short, this starfighter is well protected against enemy fire with its 2 concealed laser cannon. This great model kit comes pre-painted and features clip together pieces meaning that no glue is required to build. The Star Wars Clone Wars Ashoka Tanos Starfighter is an excellent model set for fans of Star Wars. Aged 8+.

What our reviewer said...

"To be honest when I saw the box I was dreading it. I hate fiddly models especially when you have to paint and glue them yourself - far too much like hard work. Anyway these models are pre-painted and you just follow the instructions and clip all the bits together - easy! I built this with my 3 year old son and we now have it pride of place on the shelf in the living room - much to my wife's annoyance! Great little kits for older children or big kids like me    : ) "

Saturday, 27 November 2010

'House Watching' and the Early Christmas Tree - When Do You Do Yours?

On Monday of this week I was heading to the shops with my mum. She was driving and I was doing what we call, 'house watching'. This is the ancient art of peeking through the windows of other peoples houses as we drive along, making comment on what quite frankly, is none of our business. It's something we've done for years. I suppose I must warn you now, that if you live on a main road you need to beware of people like us - we won't burgle you or anything - we'll just make comments on your dirty nets or the horrendous picture you have hung on your living room wall - but what you don't know won't hurt you!

Anyway, I digress. The reason I write is that whilst I was peering from afar through the windows of unbeknown people I saw something that I wasn't expecting to see as early as the 22nd November - a Christmas tree!

I shocked me so much that I missed 'nosing' at at least the next 10 houses through shock! I know people like to get in the spirit of things early but mid November!? We usually put our Christmas tree up around the 10th December, after a week of discussion followed by various bribes to get my other half to get up in the loft. I'm sure I'm not the only one that thinks it's daft to have the tree up that early - unless of course the reason it was up was because they were so lazy they never put it away last year - in which case - I feel your pain!

So I decided to ask around and see what the wise old Blogger Ed forum dwellers thought on the topic...

The earliest trees are put up on December 1st, the first by Nickie at Typecast's hubby - much to her annoyance and the second is put up voluntarily by Livi at PrincessL.

Pippa from A Mothers Ramblings will be putting hers up on 3rd December - the first day of Advent. Being the wise (not so) old owl that she is, she pointed out that some people do put there decorations up early for various reasons like family members not being at home for Christmas or even that people may not be in this world at Christmas - I guess I never thought of it like that.

Adele at Monkeying Around also saw an early tree but she'll be waiting 'til the first weekend of December to puts hers up.

Mummy Musings usually puts hers up a week in to December, although that might be delayed this year due to decorations of the none Christmas variety.

Kath, Park Lover, leaves it 'til a couple of weeks before Christmas, but it varies because they get a real tree so have to go and get it on a weekend.

Melaina, Transatlantic Blonde, puts hers up after Chanukah but she won't put up a tree before the 11th because they cut down their own. Very posh! ; )

Emma at Me The Man and the Baby puts hers up 'sometime at the beginning of December' but she might leave it a little later this year. (If Olly's anything like Mister A was at that age then I'd leave it until Christmas Eve!)
Lindy at Squidgy Boo waits until the second week of December.

Mediocre Mum leavins hers until 19th December!

And the last minute Chrimble Queen is Sally at Who's the Mummy? who only puts her tree up on Christmas Eve!! Big respect!

Thanks for that ladies! So now you know when we do ours, tell us when will you be putting yours up?

Friday, 26 November 2010

Fashion Friday: Maternity Winter Warmers

Can you believe the weather this week? I can't believe it's been snowing in some parts of the country! With that in mind, I thought this week you could do with some Winter warmers to keep you toasty in this freezing weather. So here's the perfect items to dress you head to toe for those cold shopping days you'll have to do before Christmas...

I just love this cute sequin bow beret from Matalan and at only £4.00 you can stay ahead of the trend for pennies.

Sequin Bow Beret Matalan.co.uk £4.00

I have featured maternity coats before on Fashion Friday so I've just picked out one for you today. This fab Next coat is available in sizes 8-22 and it's a bargain at £50. Just a heads up though 'armywife' has said it's quite a generous fit so you may want to order a size smaller ; )

Grey DB Coat Next.co.uk £50

Obviously you'll need to layer up because your temperature goes up and down like a yo-yo when you're pregnant. You could start with this 2 pack of tops from Peacocks...

2 Pack Maternity Tops Peacocks £12

or maybe this long line jumper from George at ASDA...

Longline Maternity Jumper George at ASDA £9.00

Layer with a cardigan, there are some budget buys out there at the moment like this waterfall cardigan from ASDA...

George at ASDA Black Waterfall Cardigan £12.50

...or this knitted boyfriend cardigan from ASOS - great in navy or red!

ASOS Knitted Curved Hem Boyfriend Cardigan £22.00

Top it all off with a chunky knit scarf...

Matalan Chunky Knit Scarf £6.00
some comfy black pants...

Dorothy Perkins Stretch Maternity Trousers £22.00

and some non slip boots. Not the prettiest boots you ever saw but they are completely waterproof, sheepskin lined and have a 'trainer' sole so you can be safe in the snow.

Dunlop Volley 'Uggly' Boot £69.99

Do let me know if you find something you like or leave a comment if your looking for something in particular and I'll help you find it - I can be your fashion fairy!

Fashion Friday Review: Wizard Nip/Tuck Jeans

Ok, first of all, for those of you that know me, I am quite aware that I don't look anything like this skinny supermodel on the picture but it doesn't mean I can't pretend! In fact I reckon when I go out in these, I have more confidence than she does anyway because these jeans gave the illusion that I was rather slender.

I was so excited when the Wizard Jeans parcel arrived but I have to admit I did get a little confused when I opened the parcel (it's not hard)! The jeans come in their own tote bag with a massive silver embroider Wizard Jeans logo on it and I though OMG why would they put that on the jeans! Once I'd worked out that they were actually in a tote, all was well again.

When I put them on I wasn't disappointed, they completely disguised my 'baby pocket' (you know, the extra bit of tummy you acquire after having kids). They also worked wonders on my bum.

The jeans are a great colour - I chose the indigo and they have washed really well too. They are high rise and fit to your waist but they are comfortable too - despite all that 'sucking you in' they appear to do.

So how do they work?
Wizard Jeans have a special technology bonded into the denim fabric which goes from the waist down to and including the top of the thighs - which lifts the bottom, lifts and holds in the stomach and gives a very flattering contour to the hips. It works a bit like an old fashioned 'roll on girdle' but you don't feel it because it is bonded into the fabric and is extremely comfortable.

The 'magic' technology inside.

What's the verdict?

These particular jeans are priced at £95.00 but I'd say they're a great investment and completely worth every penny for the way they'll make you feel. They are such a high quality piece even down to the tote bag that they arrive in. Most importantly though, these jeans hid all my bad bits and gave me a great shape. Great for new mums lacking confdence in their new body.

Wizard Jeans are available in sizes 6-22 and each style has a fitting guide so you can make sure you order the right size. And if these particular jeans aren't to your taste there are other styles and colours available and if your worried that your other half might feel left out - never fear they even have jeans for men!

If I was you I'd go and give Santa a call and move these 'must have' jeans to the top of your Christmas list. x

Is Your Home Safe for Your Child? Take the 'Baby-Proof Test'

Safe Tots is the UK's largest baby safety shop, stocking everything from safety products for your home to essential items for your travels. The Safe Tots website contains a wealth of information to help you to provide a safer environment for your children to grow up in.

They have recently launched a new 'Safety Checklist' and I have been asked to give them some feedback on it - and what better way to do that than here on the blog.

To be honest, I was quite happy that my home was baby and child proof already but this has actually opened up my eyes to things I'd never even thought off If you have a child then it is certainly worth a look - who knows, it could even save your child's life. 

The great thing about it is that you can go through room by room on the easy to navigate checklist - adding things as you go. Unlike other stores, you can see everything that's available in the category on one page so you don't have to click back and forth at different pages. Everything is priced so you can choose what suits your budget.

Safetots really have thought of everything from cot bumpers and thermometers to socket covers, shampoo shields and window restrictors. Everything you add to your own checklist shows on the left hand side of the page so you know exactly what you're spending...

...then once your list is complete you can choose to add everything to your basket and head to the checkout or continue shopping the rest of the store.

There's a huge range of other products too - check out their travel section, they even have inflatable baby baths so your little one can be safe when you travel.

This store is a great find and I'll be shopping there again and again.

See how safe your home is now with the safety checklist.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

#QuinnyCasters: Assignment 2!

This month on we were challenged to capture our little ones having fun in the Quinny Zapp Xtra. I'm sure you'll agree this is a fab shot of Little E all happy and smiles in hers!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

How I Nearly Made An 'ass' of Myself

When Mister A came home from nursery last week looking a little bit down I asked him what was wrong.

"Mummy, nursery said something mean to me," he said in a saddened tone.

"What? Who's said something, what did they say?"

"They called me a donkey and said I had little legs." He then preceded to pull his 'sad face'. Heart-breaking, I know.

Not really thinking about it I was all ready to call the nursery to find out what was going on. After dwelling on it for a little while though, and going ahead with some further 'questioning' - it seems that he's been selected to play the donkey in the nativity play!!

And the little legs? They'd been practising singing 'Little Donkey' all week!

Imagine if I had actually gone in to the nursery about the 'name calling' - they'd have thought I was a proper idiot - especially after the the time I took him there on the wrong day!

Picture credit: fancydressfancydress.com

Tried & Tested: Christmas Gifts for Girls -Ideas for your Mum

Puzzler World 2011 (RRP £19.99)

Following the success of Puzzler Collection and Puzzler World, Puzzler returns to the Nintendo DS with a brand-new edition for 2011 - featuring over 1200 all-new puzzles and amazing bonus games that all the family can enjoy!

What our reviewer said...

"I've never played puzzles on the DS before but I love to do them in women's magazines. I
've only been playing this for a couple of days but already I'm addicted. I was even late picking my husband up yesterday because I HAD to finish my word search! It's a great game with lots of different puzzles, two different game modes, bonus games and there's even hints if you get stuck. I can't put it down."

Schwarzkopf Professional
BC Bonacure
Time Restore Gift Set (RRP £21.30)

The range is specifically designed to restore vitality to mature and fragile hair. Containing Q10 Plus technology, the products strengthen the architecture and activate production of vital keratins that can subside over time. Each set contains shampoo, spray conditioner and treatment.

What our reviewer said...

"I have really thin hair so I was quite excited to try this. I'm always trying new shampoos in a bid to get my hair to look 'normal'. I use the shampoo first then towel dry before applying the Restore Treatment. I leave it in for a minute, rinse then towel dry again then use the Satin Spray. I wasn't expecting much, usually if my hair is soft it stays flat but this has given it body. I love it, it gives my hair volume and makes it feel soft. I'll definitely be buying some of this for myself."

Nicky Clarke
Hair Therapy Hair Dryer (RRP £24.99)

Tourmaline and ceramic technologies in this dryer work together to promote hair health and condition. 2000 watts. 2 speed settings. 3 temperature settings. Ionic conditioning. Accessories include paddle brush, 2 butterfly clips and comb.

What our reviewer said...

"I was really pleased when I was sent this to review as my old hair dryer was on it's last legs. I love the fact that it comes with a paddle brush, a comb and some hair clips - I always feel like I'm getting something for free when you get accessories! I was surprised by how light this was compared to my old one and I loved the salon style skinny nozzle. I've never used an ionic hair dryer before and I found that it left my hair shinier than normal - I don't know if that's linked to the ion thing-a-me-bobs!? Its a great dryer, 3 heat settings and 2 speeds. I'd definitely recommend and would love to receive this for Christmas - buy it!"

Silk Perfect 
100% Silk Pillowcases (RRP from £20.00)

Expensive night creams might promise to hold back the years, but sleeping on rough cotton pillowcases can limit their effect. By preventing osmosis SilkPerfect helps to keep product on the skin, helping you to make the most of your beauty routine. In addition, sleeping on silk reduces the loss of natural hair oils and moisture by preventing osmosis, leaving its natural glossy shine intact, while the close pores created by silk prevents the rubbing friction often associated with pillows leaving hair radiating with health and shine.

What our reviewer said...

"I was a bit dubious about the claims of these pillowcases. Better skin and hair? Hmmm. Well, I'm happy to say I'm glad to have been proven wrong. First of all I must tell you that there's something so special about sleeping on silk, you'll never be able to go back to cotton, I can promise you that! I don't have particularly dry skin so I can't really confirm whether it 'hydrated my skin' but I'm sure my face appreciated the luxury of sleeping on these! As for my hair - it's like a miracle - these pillows have banished my bed head and instead of waking up with a matt of hair I now wake up with luscious locks! Oh and you get a chocolate with it too - random but delicious."

Snuggly Bear Massaging Slippers (RRP £19.99)
HoMedics Snuggly Bear massaging slippers give an invigorating and relaxing massage to even the most tired feet.With their ultra plush material and faux fur trina and lining they provide exceptional comfort. They have a convenient and easy to use on/off pressure sensitive button on the collar of each slipper giving independent massaging controls. The come in a "universal" UK sizing 4 - 8 and have a 2 year guarantee.


What our reviewer said...

"The thought of having batteries in my slippers made me laugh but I was keen to get them on and try them out. I'm only a size 5 so I was worried that they might feel big because they come in one size that fits sizes 4 to 8. I needn't have worried the velcro strap made them fit perfectly. It took a bit of getting used to having vibrating feet but once I had my feet up the massaging worked perfectly. A great novelty gift!

Filofax Indie Personal Organiser (Penshop.co.uk £25.99)

With its bold abstract design, Indie is sure to get you noticed. A deep indigo-wash denim personal organiser printed with a striking tropical foliage design and featuring a navy satin-like interior

What our reviewer said...

"All I can say is thank you for letting me review this. I've struggled to remember where I'm supposed to be and when I'm supposed to be there for a long time now! This Filofax has actually changed my life (how sad is that). I love the fact that it's not your usual bland diary (it has a lovely pattern on a denim type material) and I especially love that it's refillable so I won't have to buy a new one every year. It has handy 'card holder' type pockets on the inside so I've been keeping my Christmas gift receipts safely in there and there are separators for each section - notes, addresses etc. I love it - and I'd love to receive it as a gift. I'm buying my mum one so she knows when I need a baby sitter!"