Thursday, 11 November 2010

Voting Competitions - Love Them or Loathe Them?

As you may know I am currently trying to get people to 'like' my Hotmail Time Saving Invention in a bid to get my Zippy Baby Snowsuit made in to a real life product (and win £2,000 if I get the most likes). I'm not holding out much hope - I only have 28 likes! lol I have to admit though, I do feel like I'm being a bit of a hypocrite by asking you all to 'like' because I HATE voting competitions.

The way I see it, all 'liking' competitions end up being a popularity contest and usually result in the person with the most friends winning rather than the best entry and as you can see I don't have many friends!

As we all know the Next Baby Competition is a voting competition and amongst other reasons this has caused quite a backlash. People with a high number of votes are reported to have received hate mail! Extreme comping!

I've also noticed another competition on the Tesco Diets Facebook page is also causing quite a stir - as the recipe with the most votes is actually a high calorie dessert!

An increasing number of competitions now involve getting your friends to 'like' your entry but in turn this means that they have to 'like' the brands Facebook page too. So is this a fair way to judge a competition entry or are brands and businesses just getting lazy and greedy for fans?

What do you think?

PS Vote for me! lol


  1. Its just like th x factor or strictly; not a singing or dancing competition but rather a popularity one. Wagner is the prime example.... I think the competitions where the most 'likes' work for some things and smaller comps but when there is a serious prize at stake then perhaps the likes should at most decide the shortlist?

  2. Don't get me started on the Next baby competition, I'll be here all day! I don't go in for voting competitions, unless I genuinely think the thing I'm voting for should win - regardless of person etc. And I certainly wouldn't put my child into one (oh I stumbled onto the soap box there). It's the way the world going though...

  3. Baby comps are as old as time itself and popularity contests are present in every walk of life whether official or not. People will always vote for the friend/baby/product they have a vested interest in-it's human nature and brands know this-in short we are the makers of our own downfall and to blame the brand is only to blame ourselves-take responsibility for our own actions etc... At least Next is an established company and I don't think they're actually advocating blue eye shadow wearing babies or baton twirling à la American system? I would never put my kids in any comp based on their looks but do not condone people who do-freedom of choice and all that. Good and interesting post though in a general 'don't feel forced to like something if you don't' kinda way...x

  4. I love it!

  5. Voted for've got 50 likes now! Great idea btw!! I'm an anti-voting advocate...competitions should be won by random selection where no or minimum effort is involved, or by being judged on merit for being the most apt or original where skill and effort is taken into account. Good luck with your idea!