Thursday, 11 November 2010

Review: Montagne Jeunesse Tottles (Beware - Scary Face Mask Pics included!)

Being a new mum, I don't often get the chance to pamper myself and when a couple of my non-mummy friends recently went off on a weekend spa break, I couldn't help but feel a little jealous. And when I say a little jealous, I actually mean massively jealous! I don't have the time or the money these days to do anything like that. *weeps*

So it got me thinking... I work hard, I deserve to be pampered but how can I treat myself without spending tons of money?

It turns out Montagne Jeunesse has the answer with thier new Indulgent Spa, 'Tottles'. They come in 4 'flavours': Damask Rose, Dark Chocolate, Tropical Peel Off and Sensous Spice. There's up to 10 applications per 'tottle' and most importantly for me, Montagne Jeunesse are strongly against animal testing.

I was sent one of each to try out but not wanting to be selfish I decided to give a couple of them away to some other mummies so they too could have a bit of pampering too. Here's how it went...


This is me in the Damask Rose 'ultra deep cleaning' face mask. It smelt just like roses, quite a perfumey smell, but nice all the same.

I haven't used a hardening face mask since I was a bout 15 and I'd forgotten how hard it is not to talk or smile for that long! When Alex saw me and screamed I couldn't help but crack a smile.

I left it on for 15 minutes before washing off and afterwards my skin felt not only clean but really soft.

I didn't really get to relax for the 15 minutes I was wearing it but I did feel a little bit pampered that my skin got a treat!


This is my friend Natalie, she had her baby just 2 weeks after me and deserved to be pampered, she tried the Tropical face mask.

"The face mask smelt lovely, really fruity, it reminded me of drinking cocktails by the pool. Very cool and refreshing when applied. There was something quite satisfying about peeling it off and left my skin feeling soft and replenished."


This is my mate Mel, mummy to 9 month old, Little L. She says:

"I applied the Dark Chocolate Deep Cleansing Mud Mask fairly thickly. It was easy to apply and because it's dark it's easy to see where it was being applied. I left it on for 15 mins. It smelt exactly like chocolate orange, so I was tempted to eat it! It dried very quickly and I could feel it tightening almost straight away. As it was coming up to the 15 mins I could tell it was ready to come off as had a warm sensation on my skin and it felt very tight, (not sure that this normal?) It was very easy to remove and now my skin still feels warm but it's smoother and has a healthier glow than before."

So there you have it, a great way to get yourself a mini pamper without breaking the bank!

Natural beauty products by Montagne Jeunesse

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