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Fashion Friday Review: Womama Nursing Bras (

Recently I was sent a couple of Womama bras to review for the lovely T-J at bras4mums.

I sent TJ my measurements and based on how far in to my nursing I was, she recommend what size would fit me best. When the bras arrived I didn't try them striaght away and so by the time I got one on they didn't feel quite right. bras4mums offer a free returns service so you can be  but it just so happened that a few days later I was off to the Baby Show where TJ had a stand so I was able to take the bras with me and have a proper fitting.It turned out I did need a bigger size so here's how it went...

Womama Ocean Dreams Nursing Bra

I've been trialling this bra for over a month now and it's held it's shape well through all the washes. It feels comfy and really supportive and I'm able to nurse discreetly when I'm out because the hooks are easy to open and close. (I have some cheap nursing bras that I struggle to open and can't wear them when I go out because I can't open and close them one-handed). The colour is great and I feel good in it, it's a real 'pretty bra'  made from Organic Cotton. The bonus with this is you can buy it as a set because there are matching knickers available (or should I say briefs to be posh?!) It fits nicely and it supports me well. What more could I want? Well let me tell you...

Womama Black Bamboo Nursing Bra

Just to be clear, regardless of the woman in the picture, you won't catch me doing yoga in the park in just my bra. She is smiling though and I think I know why... it's the excitement of having such an amazing, well fitting bra! The bamboo bra is so comfy and soft, it feels really nice on my skin. It's made from a 'revolutionary' Bamboo Viscose fabric but you really do have to feel it to believe how soft it actaully is. Not only that, it's lined with organic cotton.

I can not express how nice it is to wear this bra, maybe it's because it's been professionally fitted, maybe it's just because of the material - all I know is that this is the bra that I want to wear every day. Even though it's soft, I feel well supported and no matter what time of day - pre or post feed - this bra never lets me down.

I feel like I should tell you 'the science bit' for those of you that are wondering why this bra is so amazing...

The extraordinary benefits or Bamboo fabric include:
  • Antibacterial & absorbent - moisture is gently pulled away from the skin for evaporation to keep you clean, dry and fresh
  • Sensually soft you will just love the way it feels on your skin
  • Hypoallergenic - no allergic reactions
  • Insulating you will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Eco-friendly - the most sustainable and renewable fibre on the planet.
The verdict...

bras4mums offer a great service and the after care is second to none. I can not recommend it highly enough. As for the bras, I love them both but my favourite is definitely the bamboo - I can't fault it - a nursing mums 'must have'!

A bit about bras4mums...

bras4mums offer a personal bra fitting service via their home bra fitting service as well as by telephone or email with their trained and experienced bra fitters.

It was set up by Tracey-Jane when she was sold a nursing bra that fitted one week, but not the next, despite being fitted by a 'qualified' bra fitter. After researching bra fitting for pregnancy and for breastfeeding, T-J trained at De Montfort University, and was also a volunteer NCT bra fitter and trainer. She now has over 6 years specialist bra fitting experience, and as a qualified trainer, bras4mums offer a Royal College of Midwives accredited Bra Fitting Awareness Courses for health professionals...

So I couldn't have been in better hands!

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