Friday, 26 November 2010

Fashion Friday Review: Wizard Nip/Tuck Jeans

Ok, first of all, for those of you that know me, I am quite aware that I don't look anything like this skinny supermodel on the picture but it doesn't mean I can't pretend! In fact I reckon when I go out in these, I have more confidence than she does anyway because these jeans gave the illusion that I was rather slender.

I was so excited when the Wizard Jeans parcel arrived but I have to admit I did get a little confused when I opened the parcel (it's not hard)! The jeans come in their own tote bag with a massive silver embroider Wizard Jeans logo on it and I though OMG why would they put that on the jeans! Once I'd worked out that they were actually in a tote, all was well again.

When I put them on I wasn't disappointed, they completely disguised my 'baby pocket' (you know, the extra bit of tummy you acquire after having kids). They also worked wonders on my bum.

The jeans are a great colour - I chose the indigo and they have washed really well too. They are high rise and fit to your waist but they are comfortable too - despite all that 'sucking you in' they appear to do.

So how do they work?
Wizard Jeans have a special technology bonded into the denim fabric which goes from the waist down to and including the top of the thighs - which lifts the bottom, lifts and holds in the stomach and gives a very flattering contour to the hips. It works a bit like an old fashioned 'roll on girdle' but you don't feel it because it is bonded into the fabric and is extremely comfortable.

The 'magic' technology inside.

What's the verdict?

These particular jeans are priced at £95.00 but I'd say they're a great investment and completely worth every penny for the way they'll make you feel. They are such a high quality piece even down to the tote bag that they arrive in. Most importantly though, these jeans hid all my bad bits and gave me a great shape. Great for new mums lacking confdence in their new body.

Wizard Jeans are available in sizes 6-22 and each style has a fitting guide so you can make sure you order the right size. And if these particular jeans aren't to your taste there are other styles and colours available and if your worried that your other half might feel left out - never fear they even have jeans for men!

If I was you I'd go and give Santa a call and move these 'must have' jeans to the top of your Christmas list. x

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  1. Wow- I'd have to ask Santa for them: DH will only let me bu jeans in the Sales ;-)