Saturday, 27 November 2010

'House Watching' and the Early Christmas Tree - When Do You Do Yours?

On Monday of this week I was heading to the shops with my mum. She was driving and I was doing what we call, 'house watching'. This is the ancient art of peeking through the windows of other peoples houses as we drive along, making comment on what quite frankly, is none of our business. It's something we've done for years. I suppose I must warn you now, that if you live on a main road you need to beware of people like us - we won't burgle you or anything - we'll just make comments on your dirty nets or the horrendous picture you have hung on your living room wall - but what you don't know won't hurt you!

Anyway, I digress. The reason I write is that whilst I was peering from afar through the windows of unbeknown people I saw something that I wasn't expecting to see as early as the 22nd November - a Christmas tree!

I shocked me so much that I missed 'nosing' at at least the next 10 houses through shock! I know people like to get in the spirit of things early but mid November!? We usually put our Christmas tree up around the 10th December, after a week of discussion followed by various bribes to get my other half to get up in the loft. I'm sure I'm not the only one that thinks it's daft to have the tree up that early - unless of course the reason it was up was because they were so lazy they never put it away last year - in which case - I feel your pain!

So I decided to ask around and see what the wise old Blogger Ed forum dwellers thought on the topic...

The earliest trees are put up on December 1st, the first by Nickie at Typecast's hubby - much to her annoyance and the second is put up voluntarily by Livi at PrincessL.

Pippa from A Mothers Ramblings will be putting hers up on 3rd December - the first day of Advent. Being the wise (not so) old owl that she is, she pointed out that some people do put there decorations up early for various reasons like family members not being at home for Christmas or even that people may not be in this world at Christmas - I guess I never thought of it like that.

Adele at Monkeying Around also saw an early tree but she'll be waiting 'til the first weekend of December to puts hers up.

Mummy Musings usually puts hers up a week in to December, although that might be delayed this year due to decorations of the none Christmas variety.

Kath, Park Lover, leaves it 'til a couple of weeks before Christmas, but it varies because they get a real tree so have to go and get it on a weekend.

Melaina, Transatlantic Blonde, puts hers up after Chanukah but she won't put up a tree before the 11th because they cut down their own. Very posh! ; )

Emma at Me The Man and the Baby puts hers up 'sometime at the beginning of December' but she might leave it a little later this year. (If Olly's anything like Mister A was at that age then I'd leave it until Christmas Eve!)
Lindy at Squidgy Boo waits until the second week of December.

Mediocre Mum leavins hers until 19th December!

And the last minute Chrimble Queen is Sally at Who's the Mummy? who only puts her tree up on Christmas Eve!! Big respect!

Thanks for that ladies! So now you know when we do ours, tell us when will you be putting yours up?


  1. Ours is going up the evening of the 16th. It's usually a week earlier but I have no husband to do the whole getting up in the loft thing till then. It's probably just as well since the 8 month old will no doubt eat the bottom half of the tree before the fat man delivers the presents. Itll come down New Years day, or Boxing day if it's destroyed! I know way too many people with their tree's up already, pretty though.

  2. We're back in England for xmas on 22nd but I will put ours up sometime over the weekend. I love fairy lights and now my boy is 4 is so magical to have him help dress the tree (to be redressed later when he's in bed).

  3. I've started my week of persuasion to get Chris in to the loft - it turns out though that Mister A has half of last years Christmas decorations in his toy box he's been bringing me baubles all afternoon!