Sunday, 21 November 2010

New Mums 'Must Haves': Edenesque Nursing Top

It can be quite difficult feeding in public without having to unhook your nursing top and then unhook your bra, especially if you have a baby crying for food and ultimately drawing attention to you. Things can get quite stressful! So I was really excited to try this Edenesque 'Bare Minimum' Nursing Top.

Instead of having its own straps and fiddly hook and eye like normal nursong tops, it simply has a hook meaning it cleverly hooks straight on to your nursing bra... you unhook everything at once! A stroke of genius I'm sure you'll agree!

The reason I love it is it means that I can get back to wearing my pre-pregnancy tops. I was starting to feel a bit of a frump wearing nursing tops all the time but now I just wear the Edenesque top under my normal clothes. It's nice and long so it covers my tummy when I left up my normal top to feed. Not only that, the material is quite thick and I almost feel as though it's pulling my tummy in too.

It's a great new product, made from quality material, it's easy to use and definitely a 'new mum's must have.'

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