Tuesday, 2 November 2010

10 Year Old Girl Gives Birth

I have just read with astonishment, the story of a 10 year old Romanian girl living in Spain, who has given birth to a healthy 6lb 6oz baby. Obviously this story was from the Daily Mail - we all know they just love stuff like this.

10 years old.. I can not begin to imagine what will happen to this girl, or her baby for that matter. I thought I was young giving birth at 24!

This poor girl, a child herself, has had to go through such a traumatic experience before she has even fully developed in to a woman herself. A child giving birth to a child is wrong on so many levels.

Her mother is apparently delighted by the birth of her Grandchild, even claiming that her daughter was living with her boyfriend back in their home country.

I'd never even kissed a boy when I was 10, never mind been shacked up and impregnanted. I find the whole story disgusting and I can not believe that a parent could allow this to happen. The girls 'boyfriend' is reported to be a minor himself so clearly they were living together with parental permission.

I can not find any other words at this time. I just wish the poor girl well and hope that her life can be as normal as possible given the circumstances.

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