Sunday, 31 January 2010

I've heard baby x

I've had the most amazing few days - starting with Friday night when I managed to hear baby's heartbeat for the first time. I bought an Angelsounds Doppler from Amazon over a week ago and although I had a little listen almost every night - this is the first time I picked the little bean up. I was relieved to hear the racing heart because you do get paranoid that something is wrong and it's horrible that you have no way of knowing what's going on until you have your 12 week scan. I can't take the smile of my face. (If you want to get yourself an Angelsounds doppler you can scroll down and use the link below in 'My Favourites' x)

We've been out for lunch today as part of Mister A's birthday celebrations - he finally got to eat the 'monkey cake' we bought him - he's been trying to get his hands on it all week. The lady in the restaurant brought it over and he blew his candles out - he then preceded to pull the cake towards him and take a massive bite out of the side of it!! Like he hadn't eaten for months...

He's been such a good boy today. I'm very proud of him. Bless him x

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Amazing new bra!

Firstly,  I have to say a big Happy Birthday to my little boy Mister A who was 3 yesterday - we had a fab day out and even manged to do a bit of 10 pin bowling. I'm ashamed to say that Chris and I lost to our dear son by 10 points!! We weren't even letting him win we are just completely rubbish!!

Mister A has been hilarious this past week- he's started asking for extra food for the baby in his tummy - even at nursery! He never fails to make me smile.

I also wanted to say, sorry for neglecting the blog this week. I haven't been able to stop shopping! Don't worry though - I'm back now and I can't wait to tell you about my amazing new bra - all pregnant mums must get one of these in every colour!!

I told you I was struggling with with my boobs - I was wearing my normal bras even though I know your not supposed to wear wired bras. Anyway I got this new bra by Emma Jane - it is sooooooooo soft and amazingly comfy. I have to be honest, I wasn't expecting much support from a non-wired bra but this one has 2 layers of fabric in the moulded cups to give extra support. I got the nude coloured version but it's also available in black and white. It's my maternity must have and I'll definetely be buying more!

(Check out the full range of maternity and 
nursing wear at

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Booking In...

We had to wait almost an hour before we were seen by the midwife but I'm happy to say we are all 'booked in'!

My wee pot was fine, they took about a litre of blood and we talked about my medical history. I said I was concerned that last time my placenta was retained after I gave birth and I lost 6 pints of blood but the midwife explained that they wouldn't allow that to happen again and that when I do go into labour I will be put on a drip and given Oxytocin. I feel a lot better about everything now.

We also talked about the my back - the past few days I've been in agony with sciatica. I can't put my right foot on the ground and I end up stuck in the strangest positions unable to move for the pain. Hopefully I'll be referred to the physiotherapist and they'll be able to help me - I'm only 9 weeks and the moaning is constant! Imagine what I'll be like by week 39!!

Friday, 22 January 2010

Booking In Appointment

I'm really excited this morning because I'm off to the hospital for my booking-in appointment. I've wee'd in a pot and I'm ready to go! It's all starting to feel real now. Full report on my return x

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Daddy's Baby!

It's been a funny old week - the tiredness is starting to make me really grumpy now and the sickness just won't go away. It's weeks 8-9 so hopefully it won't last much longer - I should be headed for the 'blooming' stage at week 12! It seems a long way off at the moment - what with the greasy hair, spots and for some reason really dry hands - the darker side of pregnancy!

Mister A has taken to kissing the baby (mummy's tummy) before he goes to sleep at night although yesterday he said "Daddy, lift your top up - I want to kiss the baby" Chris was not impressed - I however, was rolling around on the floor in stitches - well his bump is bigger than mine!!

I've started looking at baby things already - I have got most things from when Mister A was born but we had borrowed a crib last time so I have been looking online. My favourite was the Mothercare Swinging Crib in Birch - at £75.00 it's not cheap but it is great quality.
Instead of impulse buying as usual, I decided to search for it on the net and I came across this fantastic site called Preloved. It's a great site where you can sell things for free. I came across the Mothercare crib that I had been looking for, locally, for only £20!! I sent a message to Caroline - the lovely lady that was selling the crib - she sent me pictures and explained that it had only been used for 4 months. Fantastic! I love a bargain, I braved the snow to go and collect it after work and I'm very impressed by the site. Check it out before you buy anywhere else x

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Baby Brain

I've been to the doctors this afternoon as I keep getting migranes. I would usually take Migraleve but I can't now that I'm pregnant. He's prescribed a different type of pain killer that is safe for the baby.

Literally 10 minutes after I got back I got the usual string of lights in my left eye and had to go and lie down for 2 hours in the dark.

When I finally got up, I was (as usual) really hungry but baby brain has kicked in - I put oil in the griddle, turned up the hob to high and left it for 10 minutes. When I went back to the kitchen it was full of thick grey smoke - I had to open all the windows and doors to let it escape but not before inhaling a huge breath of it.

Feeling really sick and sorry for myself now - gonna head up to bed with my carbonated lung - I'll stop off for a sick break too on the way up.

Night all!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Manic Monday!

Today was the longest day in work ever! I was praying for more snow overnight so that we could have another snow day!!

Chris made me a lovely lunch - he'd even cut heart shapes in to the slices of cheese - how romantic is that. It was divine so thank you Christophe, I can't wait to see what's on tomorrows menu!

I'm constantly thinking that everyone knows my baby secret! My friend from work, Emma, was quizzing me about when I plan to have my next baby. I felt awful lying to her and covering up my baby news - I told her I wasn't sure because I want to further my career but I don't want a massive age gap between my children. I swear she's on to me - my boobs are so big and my tummy is expanding daily - I'm convincing people I over did it at Christmas but I'm not sure how long that will last!

I didn't feel too nauseous today but i'm not sure if that was because I managed to nibble all day long?! Surely this intense hunger can't last too much longer? Help! x

Saturday, 9 January 2010

So Excited!

It's all becoming real now and not just because I feel constantly sick and hungry! Today I have received my booking in appointment to see the midwife on the 22nd January. I've also got my dating scan too on 15th February - it seems so far away til we get to see the baby bean but we can't wait. All I need to do now is think of a lie to tell work about where I am going!! Any ideas? I don't want anyone at work to know until we've had the scan.

I'm still taking my folic acid tablets but I can't help thinking that I need something more - I'm just so tired and maybe some extra vitamins might help. Shame no one can get about for all the snow! I actually think that Chris likes the fact that I can't get out the house as it's restricting my spending!

I promised snow pics on my last post so here's one of Mister A in our garden - only joking we're not that rich! It's at the park round the corner! x

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hard work!

First day back at work yesterday and it completely wiped me out. I felt sick all day but again the hunger continued. It's weird! Should have gone to bet at about 8 but couldn't help watching Celebrity Big Brother - clearly I have issues!

Today I'm on a snow day - the weather is awful, my heating is broken and Mister A and I are shivering by the fire. And it's still snowing now!

I'll upload snow pics later x

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy 2010 everybody!!

Didn't manage to post yesterday - I was far too busy eating to take a blog break! I cooked a roast chicken. Mmmmm with roasties in goose fat and lots of healthy veg to counteract them. About an hour after dinner me and Chris were hungry again so we decided to eat what was left of the chicken. An hour after that we were both ravenous again - we even attempted to call a takeaway at quarter to midnight We are obviously both eating for 6!!

We didn't do a lot today, we did some painting with Mister A and got some fab hand prints for our Christmas thank you cards. Other than that the only thing I did was popped to Tesco for provisions - snacks to be precise. I can't help myself - this has to stop or my tummy will explode!!