Saturday, 23 January 2010

Booking In...

We had to wait almost an hour before we were seen by the midwife but I'm happy to say we are all 'booked in'!

My wee pot was fine, they took about a litre of blood and we talked about my medical history. I said I was concerned that last time my placenta was retained after I gave birth and I lost 6 pints of blood but the midwife explained that they wouldn't allow that to happen again and that when I do go into labour I will be put on a drip and given Oxytocin. I feel a lot better about everything now.

We also talked about the my back - the past few days I've been in agony with sciatica. I can't put my right foot on the ground and I end up stuck in the strangest positions unable to move for the pain. Hopefully I'll be referred to the physiotherapist and they'll be able to help me - I'm only 9 weeks and the moaning is constant! Imagine what I'll be like by week 39!!

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