Saturday, 9 January 2010

So Excited!

It's all becoming real now and not just because I feel constantly sick and hungry! Today I have received my booking in appointment to see the midwife on the 22nd January. I've also got my dating scan too on 15th February - it seems so far away til we get to see the baby bean but we can't wait. All I need to do now is think of a lie to tell work about where I am going!! Any ideas? I don't want anyone at work to know until we've had the scan.

I'm still taking my folic acid tablets but I can't help thinking that I need something more - I'm just so tired and maybe some extra vitamins might help. Shame no one can get about for all the snow! I actually think that Chris likes the fact that I can't get out the house as it's restricting my spending!

I promised snow pics on my last post so here's one of Mister A in our garden - only joking we're not that rich! It's at the park round the corner! x


  1. Apart from the morning sickness, isn't it a wonderful feeling ..???

  2. It really is - I just can't wait til I can feel the baby move - there is nothing like it x