Sunday, 17 January 2010

Daddy's Baby!

It's been a funny old week - the tiredness is starting to make me really grumpy now and the sickness just won't go away. It's weeks 8-9 so hopefully it won't last much longer - I should be headed for the 'blooming' stage at week 12! It seems a long way off at the moment - what with the greasy hair, spots and for some reason really dry hands - the darker side of pregnancy!

Mister A has taken to kissing the baby (mummy's tummy) before he goes to sleep at night although yesterday he said "Daddy, lift your top up - I want to kiss the baby" Chris was not impressed - I however, was rolling around on the floor in stitches - well his bump is bigger than mine!!

I've started looking at baby things already - I have got most things from when Mister A was born but we had borrowed a crib last time so I have been looking online. My favourite was the Mothercare Swinging Crib in Birch - at £75.00 it's not cheap but it is great quality.
Instead of impulse buying as usual, I decided to search for it on the net and I came across this fantastic site called Preloved. It's a great site where you can sell things for free. I came across the Mothercare crib that I had been looking for, locally, for only £20!! I sent a message to Caroline - the lovely lady that was selling the crib - she sent me pictures and explained that it had only been used for 4 months. Fantastic! I love a bargain, I braved the snow to go and collect it after work and I'm very impressed by the site. Check it out before you buy anywhere else x

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