Saturday, 28 August 2010

Little Miss E - The Birth Story

A lot of you have been asking how everything went so I thought I'd put it all in a blog for you to read all about my pain and our emotional rollercoaster of a day...

The last you all heard I had been summoned for induction due to my DVT... so on Saturday evening just before 6pm, Chris and I headed to Grandma's house and said goodbye to Mister A before making our way to the hospital.

We arrived on the antenatal ward (not for the first time in the past few months!) and we were allocated a lovely bed by the window and then we waited...and waited... and 2 hours later, at 8 o'clock, the doctor finally arrived to 'deliver the prostaglandin gel'. After an uncomfortable 5 minutes the deed was done and I had to lay flat for an hour to allow the gel to work and I was hooked up to the fetal monitor.

I had to have this done twice last time around and the gel worked on the second application so I was told that that was good news because it meant my cervix was favourable(!?) and should 'know what to do'.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Please welcome Little Miss E.... (first pics)

Born at 2.06pm on 22nd August 2010 weighing 7lb 14.5oz

Mister A has a cuddle with his baby sister

Daddy's meets Little Miss E

Officially a 'Second Time Mummy'!!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Big Day Tomorrow

Well it's almost time...

Despite me wanting to have a 'natural labour' and experience all the excitement of waking Chris in the middle of the night and telling him "It's time!" followed by a mad rush to mum's with Mister A - the doctor has advised that I will have to be induced after all.

I went for my term appointment today and was expecting the dreaded 'sweep' but because of all this DVT business she decided not to do it.

As you all know I have been self-injecting my lovely blood thinning medication, Clexane, on a daily basis since they found 'the clot'.Well, I say self-injecting but in truth Chris has been my wonderful nurse and has been doing it for me.

Anyway, it turns out that I need to really have 12 hours between having my medication and actually giving birth or there's a slight possibility that I may bleed to death! Not only that but I need to make sure that I don't miss a dose of my medication or there is another slight possibility that I could end up with a pulmonary embolism! Sounds great!

So, here's the plan...

I am off to the hospital tomorrow to be induced at 6pm ( i take my injection at lunch time) the hope is that baby will be born between midnight and 9am on Sunday so that I can take my medication on time after baby arrives. Simples!?

I don't know what exactly will happen if this little plan doesn't work but, hey-ho, there isn't really much I can do about it!

So there you have it... by the end of the weekend 3 will become 4 and our lives will never be the same again - I'll really be a second time mummy and poor Chris will have 2 girls to deal with!

Wish us luck -  next post will be my birth story!! Bye bye bump xx

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Check out this lovely gift...

Baby has still not arrived peeps, although I do feel like I've been in early labour now for about 2 weeks!  You may have seen my 4am tweet announcing that I thought little one was on her way but alas, NO!

Anyway, I have been receiving a few gifts in anticipation of our new arrival but I was really excited to receive one very posh present sent by my friend a few days ago from Babes with Babies, it was so beautiful that I had to share...

I almost didn't want to open it up it was so pretty!

Luckily I did and now these lovely pyjamas are in my hospital bag all ready for the big day.

along with the cutest ever matching baby grow...
As if baby and I will be sporting matching outfits in hospital, I can't wait! Me and my little fashionista! I've since checked out the Babes with Babies website for myself and I am completely in love! I think I'll be treating my pregnant friends to some things from here.

What a perfect gift from my friend Claire, a big huge thank you! My favourite gift so far and one that I would never have thought of myself. Mmmwwaaaa x

Sunday, 15 August 2010

And the winner of the MamaTens Family Thermometer...

...with the winning comment 'tell me something funny about your family' as chosen by the independent adjudicator - (my mum) - is....

Congratulations!! DM you details to @second_time_mum or email me at and i'll have your fab prize sent out to you straight away!


Friday, 6 August 2010

37 weeks pregnant and now I have DVT

Yesterday, like any ordinary pregnancy day, my feet began to swell mid afternoon. I hadn't done anything out of the ordinary- no long walks or standing up for long periods - but swell they did, only this time it didn't seem to stop.

By 6pm my right leg was pulsing and was swelling by the minute - not only that - it was aching so much that I called Chris in tears. I called the midwife as I had suffered from pre-eclampsia when I was having Mister A and I knew that this could be a sign of that. The midwife told me not to worry too much, I could either go up to the hospital or wait and see my midwife in the morning.

I made the decision to go up to the hospital - something was clearly wrong and given my past history I didn't want to put baby at risk. I was told there was no rush head up in about an hour.

I arrived at the labour ward at 7pm and my blood pressure was taken - it was high compared to previous readings so they set me up on a machine to be monitored every 15 minutes then I was hooked up the the fetal heart rate monitor after giving a water sample (-why do I never remember to take one with me?!).

20 minutes later the midwife came in to check the machines but she had forgotten to turn the printer on! I continued to be monitored and my urine sample was showing to have a trace of protein - another symptom of pre-eclampsia but more importantly baby was fine.

Gradually as the hours passed my blood pressure came down as did the swelling in my leg. I was all set for going home, I just needed the doctor to release me - after all it was 10pm and a pregnant lady needs her rest!

The doctor was lovely, newly qualified with pink hair, she had a good look at my legs and decided to measure the difference in size. After quizzing me on my family health history said she said there was the possibility of a clot but I could probably just go home and come back tomorrow for more observations. The registrar disagreed and said he wanted me kept in overnight and to have a scan first thing. I was gutted - I hadn't seen Chris or Alex all day - and as usual - I was starving!

I managed to persuade the hospital to let me go home and get a bag together and see my boys - as well grabbing some food - after all there was only a small chance of a clot and it was probably only a precaution that they were keeping me in.

I got back to the hospital at about 11.30 and was taken to the antenatal ward - the ward where I had been when I was induced with Mister A. There were 2 other ladies there - curtains pulled - one of them was clearly just starting in early labour so I knew it would be an eventful night.

I did manage to get some sleep despite the endless (yet very much justified) groans of the lady opposite but I was awoken at 6am to the announcement that through the night "You've done so well - you're 1cm" to which she replied "F%^£ off, is that all!" I did struggle to contain a giggle at her response!

I thought I had been forgotten when I looked at the clock and saw it was 10am - eventually the midwife came in and asked me to do a sample. Again, I was starving - no one offered me so much as a cup of tea never mind a piece of toast. After secretly eating my smuggled in Kellogg's bar I was told that I could get dressed and walk down to the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit for my Doppler scan at 11.20 so I hobbled down with my foot squashed in to my shoe.

In the scan room I had to take my pants off so that the ultra sound could be done on my leg. After being told that my knickers were too tight(?!) the exam began. It's just the same as a baby scan but highly uninteresting. The sonographer confirmed that there was a clot and sent me back off to the ward without explanation.

After buzzing the door and getting back on to the ward the midwife asked how I'd gotten on "I do have one" I said. "Really, we had all said it was just normal swelling" she said as I walked back to my bed. "Hey, guess what?" I head her shout "Leanne has got a clot, can you believe that?!" I was fuming but too exhausted to say anything.

Soon after, Chris arrived and the doctor came to explain that this wouldn't affect baby in any way, just me. I'd need to inject a blood thinner every day until 6 weeks after baby is born and wear sexy white DVT stockings for a recommended 2 years. Two years - WTF? - I hope I can dye these bad boys, I'm supposed to be a fashionista!

I was eventually allowed home after having my first injection - which stung like hell by the way! I have to go back tomorrow and do it myself whilst they watch, after that I'm on my own!

And, if wearing white DVT socks under my jeans with red pumps on to leave the hospital wasn't bad enough -I have to return to the hospital on Monday with a 24 hour urine sample in this...

...could prove to be quite an interesting task! Funnel anyone?

Sunday, 1 August 2010

MamaTens Family Thermometer Competition

You may remember my post last week praising the MamaTens Talking Family Thermometer - well I am very pleased to tell you that MamaTens have kindly agreed to give one away to one lucky follower of the blog.

To win just comment below and tell me something funny about your family - it can be a quote from the kids or funny anicdote - anything really. I can't wait to read the entries on this one!

Just make sure you're following Second Time Mummy (you can do this through Twitter if you don't have a blog) and comment below. If you aren't able to follow then you can still enter - just comment anonymously but provide a contact method or email me at with the subject line "MamaTens Thermometer Prizedraw". 1 entry per person. The closing date is Friday 13th August - midnight GMT.  

Good luck everyone! x

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And the winner is...

 Last night saw the end of my first ever blog giveaway. Here's a full list of the entries...

I used to select the winning number...

Congratulations Utterly Scrummy!! I'll be in touch for your contact details x