Thursday, 19 August 2010

Check out this lovely gift...

Baby has still not arrived peeps, although I do feel like I've been in early labour now for about 2 weeks!  You may have seen my 4am tweet announcing that I thought little one was on her way but alas, NO!

Anyway, I have been receiving a few gifts in anticipation of our new arrival but I was really excited to receive one very posh present sent by my friend a few days ago from Babes with Babies, it was so beautiful that I had to share...

I almost didn't want to open it up it was so pretty!

Luckily I did and now these lovely pyjamas are in my hospital bag all ready for the big day.

along with the cutest ever matching baby grow...
As if baby and I will be sporting matching outfits in hospital, I can't wait! Me and my little fashionista! I've since checked out the Babes with Babies website for myself and I am completely in love! I think I'll be treating my pregnant friends to some things from here.

What a perfect gift from my friend Claire, a big huge thank you! My favourite gift so far and one that I would never have thought of myself. Mmmwwaaaa x

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