Sunday, 1 August 2010

MamaTens Family Thermometer Competition

You may remember my post last week praising the MamaTens Talking Family Thermometer - well I am very pleased to tell you that MamaTens have kindly agreed to give one away to one lucky follower of the blog.

To win just comment below and tell me something funny about your family - it can be a quote from the kids or funny anicdote - anything really. I can't wait to read the entries on this one!

Just make sure you're following Second Time Mummy (you can do this through Twitter if you don't have a blog) and comment below. If you aren't able to follow then you can still enter - just comment anonymously but provide a contact method or email me at with the subject line "MamaTens Thermometer Prizedraw". 1 entry per person. The closing date is Friday 13th August - midnight GMT.  

Good luck everyone! x

Find more prizes at ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions.


  1. Hmm this is a very hard one! I can only think of one of Toddler boys greatest scams: It all happened when he was very tired one day, so we put him to sleep for the afternoon. There was a lot of crying, thrashing and wailing. The hubby was dispatched to the front line. Toddler boy was sitting on his bed smirking and making crying 'noises'. His pillow was soaking wet. He was asked why his pillow was wet. ", tip water on it so you think me cry". You can't argue with that really.
    Its something we look back on and laugh about!

  2. God this is shameful to admit but everyone laughs at it now. When my son was younger, we're talking around 18 months, he had recently found his feet. I was on the downstairs toilet and he was in the lounge. Somehow he managed to open the front door without me hearing. I got off the loo saw the door open and needless to say my heart stopped! I dashed out and found him halfway down my parents road wearing my mums shoes and carrying her handbag! Thankfully they live down a quiet side road so all was fine! after I bawled my eyes out for days over it but every person that I told just couldnt help but laugh at the fact he was prepared with my mums shoes and bag! I still dont find it that funny but everyone else does lol!

  3. when getting readt for a recent night out at a frinds house, i asked my 2.5 yr old girl do i look pretty? she just looked at me and said this make you look much better and pointed to my make up bag! she is obvious not a fan of au natural look ,not a confidence boost to say the least!

    alexis law

  4. My son had just got over chicken pox and we were on our way to town on the bus. We were unfortunate enough to sit opposite a teenage boy with bad acne. My young lad innocently asked him "have you got chicken pox too". He also called all old ladies Mrs Goggins from Postman Pat. We no longer use the bus!!!!!

  5. When my daughter was about 6 months old I decided to take her out to the seaside for the day. We had a lovely day and after a few hours it was time to go home. Once home she was ready for a nap and it was only when I went to put her to bed, that I noticed a seagull had pooed all over her. The worst thing was that it was all over her hands so chances were she probably ate some.

    Oh well, she lived to tell the tale, but I feltlike a terrible mum at the time.

  6. My little boy was chattering away the other day,when he said, Mummy, before I was growing in your tummy, the big bang happened! :-o lol

    @jenniwren12 on twitter

  7. The funniest thing I have seen in a long time was Piran trying to crawl with a balloon trapped between his arms and legs. His arms and legs were going faster and faster and faster and he couldn't work out why he wasn't going anywhere. I really wish I had caught it on camera!

  8. Now I can enter. I read you always but just had to add you to my "following" list.
    Funny story, funny story....mmmm.
    My son, 2.5 years old and very interested in the potty, went to a public rest room with me. When I squatted to pee he said, "hehehe, mommy toot." My response, "No, I did NOT toot."
    That was clearly not the funniest but I am just so mortified by it right now.

  9. Mini just after my double mastectomy in Tesco "Mummy can we buy you new breasts here, which aile will they be on" I was mortified!

  10. I think a funny story looking back, not at the time I wanted the ground to swallow me. We were in the doctors surgery with my 3yo and he was looking around the waiting room, there was a man who was just under 5 foot not tiny but smaller than me. He got up to go into the doctors and my 3yo said in a loud voice "mummy where is that teeny tiny man going?" Then a man with a walking stick got up. "Oh mummy look a wobbly man." Thankfully we were called not long after that.

  11. my family love to embarrass me - I have a cat the follows me everywhere and was trying to keep a doctors appointment i went gave my name and the cat struts into the waiting area behind me meowing loudly.
    I'm whispering to my 2 year old ignore her ignore her whilst the reception staff are trying to chase her out and my daughters stood on the seats laughing wildly shouting "look Tazzy Mummy" children just dont know when to be quiet lol @lillyfer85

  12. My Daughter said to me,(just this evening)''I'm just going to have plain pasta in future Mummy.' 'cause, your sauce is just getting old'. Time for a new recipe methinks!! Haha!

  13. My 4 year old son was busy telling me that he ws going to be an astronaut, a fireman and spiderman when he grows up and that he would be very rich.

    I told him it was more important to be happy but asked if he was richj what he would buy mummy, his answer?

    "wine, because mummy needs wine" :o