Thursday, 31 May 2012

What a Mug!

Really can't believe that the school (yes, that's right, the school!) gave these out to the children today to celebrate the Jubilee - anyone spot the error?! Very embarrassing!!

Are we really to trust the local 'coucil' with tomorrow's Olympic Torch event if they can't even spell their own name?

Monday, 28 May 2012

Maternity Wardrobe on A Budget: Summer 2012

I've recieved a distress message from Melissa and her bump. She's struggling not to feel frumpy now her bumps expanding so I've scoured the stores and come up with some fab pieces!

A maxi-dress is a key piece in any woman's wardrobe and New Look has the answer for any bump rocker...
Maternity Jersey Maxi Dress - New Look £19.99


I've fallen in love with bow detail top from Mamas and Papas - just a shame I haven't got a bump to put in it! Just work it with skinny jeans and you're on to a winner.

Bubble Hem Vest - Mamas & Papas WAS £30.00 NOW £10.00
This stripey cap sleeved tee would be perfect with cropped chinos or black trousers

Effortless Black & White Stripe Top - Debenhams WAS £16 NOW £12.50

or if your budget's tight and you can't stretch to £12.50 for one top then try this 3 pack from New Look for just 49p extra...

3 Pack of Scoop Neck Tees - New Look £12.99

This season floral pants are huge and just because your pregnant doesn't mean you should get left behind in the fashion stakes. Check out these capri's from Asos - the print is fab!

Floral Cropped Trouser - ASOS WAS £40.00 NOW £28.00

If prints not really your thing and your after something plain then check out these linen trousers at Matalan...

Linen Trousers (also available in blue) - Matalan £14.00
The Summer weather has arrived so shorts are a must. These chino shorts are part of the buy one get one half price offer at Dorothy Perkins

Chino Shorts - Dorothy Perkins £22.00

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Review: LEGO Duplo Creative Cakes & Creative Sorter

Earlier this year we were sent some more fabulous Duplo products to review as part of the Duplo Blogger Programme, here's how we got on...

DUPLO 6785: Creative Cakes

Wow, what can I say about this set - we absolutely LOVE it!

Little E (20mths) was immediately drawn to the colours, she loves Duplo and she loves anything pink.

I produced the set as a distraction in the middle of a toddler rampage. The screeches immediately subsided and Little E sat down to play. She was soon joined by a very intrigued Mister A (5yrs) - he was concerned that Duplo was now in girly colours!

Together they 'baked' their cakes  and pretended to eat. It was great to see them playing together and helping each other and soon the hostess trolley was out with Little E encouraging us all to pretend to eat cakes with them. *Pic to follow when I find the right SD card!*

I was really impressed with this set and thought it was great to incorporate the lid as a tray to help with role play - I love a dual use me!

DUPLO 6784: Creative Sorter

We actually had the privilege to see this in action before it hit the shops. As part of our Duplo Blogger role we got to see some of the prototypes for the new range back in the Autumn. This was one of my favourites then and it hasn't let me down now that we have it at home.

The great thing about this is that it can be played with on so many different ways.

We love that this set has been created as a unique shape sorter. There are 4 individual sorting sheets that when placed in the tub can be used like a traditional shape sorter.

If that's too advanced then remove the sorter from the tub, lay  on a flat surface and use them as a basic jigsaw fitting the pieces in to the sorter....

And then of course once it's completed you can build the Duplo in to your animal shapes...

This set is great and has proved challenging (in a good way!) for both Mister A and Little E. They have always worked together with Mister A helping his sister with the shape sorter and teaching her about the colours.

My absolute favourite thing about Duplo is the way that it brings the children together despite their 4 year age difference and the fact that eldest loves Ben 10 and littlest loves Peppa Pig.

Mister A also knows that he can ad his own 'big boys' lego to the Duplo too - "so it's not just for babies!"

My kids love both sets and I'll feel that they're learning as they play - what more can I ask?

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Back to Blogging

Sometimes life can be tough, sometimes everything just seems to go wrong - you feel like everything's against you and there's no way out. The past few months have been really tough and the death of my wonderful Grandad has hit me hard.

Usually in times of sadness I turn here, to my blog, just to get it all out but for some reason I just wanted block everything out, I didn't want to come here anymore, my priorities changed.

I guess I just lost touch with everything on this side of my life. I haven't really blogged through the bad times like I usually would and I think that it's been a mistake - usually Id know that my bloggy friends were out there with kind words and moral support but instead I was left wallowing without the support of like minded ladies. I miss that.

I feel like I'm almost back in the blogging zone (even though I haven't got a clue what all this no follow link business is all about!) and I can't wait to start again.

So there we go, I made the move, I'm back Mr Bloggy - I hope you're happy to have me ;)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

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