Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy 2010 everybody!!

Didn't manage to post yesterday - I was far too busy eating to take a blog break! I cooked a roast chicken. Mmmmm with roasties in goose fat and lots of healthy veg to counteract them. About an hour after dinner me and Chris were hungry again so we decided to eat what was left of the chicken. An hour after that we were both ravenous again - we even attempted to call a takeaway at quarter to midnight We are obviously both eating for 6!!

We didn't do a lot today, we did some painting with Mister A and got some fab hand prints for our Christmas thank you cards. Other than that the only thing I did was popped to Tesco for provisions - snacks to be precise. I can't help myself - this has to stop or my tummy will explode!!

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