Thursday, 14 October 2010

Baby Brain - It's Hit Me (- and it looks like it's here to stay!)

Yesterday was just one of those days... you know where you rush so much it slows you down and everything seems to go wrong.

I knew I had to get up early to take Mister A to nursery. The nursery is great, but they do prefer that you drop your children off no later than half past 9 - something which I'm still struggling with. Getting 2 children fed and dressed can be quite time consuming!

I hadn't had much sleep and when I woke up and saw that the alarm clock hadn't gone off and it was 9 o'clock already I knew that this was the start of things to come.

I rushed around trying to get myself dressed, get the kids clothes together and make breakfast. All was going relatively well and we were almost ready to leave when I heard the dreaded sound. The sound that all new mums will know well - although you may not have heard it at this volume before! I knew it was a bad one - Little E had decided to do THE biggest and wettest poo. It came out so fast that it hit the nappy and shot right up her back. Great!

After a complete outfit change we were back on track but it was nearing 10.30 (yes, I know, my house is like a time warp!) The nursery is a 15 minute drive away and I had to be at the doctors for 11.15 for my (very late) 6 week check.

Naturally all of the lights were on red and I managed to get stuck behind a tractor and then a bin lorry. By the time we arrived at the nursery I was in a panic, I didn't want to fight with the receptionist at the doctors because I was late again, so I grabbed Little E and escorted Mister A in to the nursery. They could see I was flustered and I explained that today, everything was going wrong. I said sorry we were late but I had to dash. I literally dumped A and ran out!

Eventually we made it in to town (in record speed) and I even had change ready for the car park - things were looking up! I bundled E in to the pram and sped across to the doctors, nearly tripping as I went. I arrived 7 minutes late, the receptionist looked disgusted, E started to cry - she never cries!

It was at this point, there in the waiting room, that I discovered that I was wearing my top inside out. This is something I have struggled with since I found out I was pregnant. People in work would tell me on a regular basis that my cardi was on inside out, my t-shirt; back to front. One memorable day, I even wore my maternity dress inside out! It isn't so bad, the strange thing about this phenomenon is that whenver this inside-out-edness occurs, I always win something. Yes - I have been quite lucky of late, but just not today! Note to self: expect Lotto win.

I decided to leave my top the wrong way (as I'd probably only rip the thing trying to change it) and waited to be called in. After being violated by the doctor (that's another story) and a quick discussion about contraception, I headed home. It was there that I realised what I had done...

I hadn't been home long when I saw it, the day, it was there, written in the corner of my computer screen... Wednesday 13th October.

Sh*t!!!! Mister A doesn't even go to nursery on a Wednesday - he only goes on a Monday and a Thursday. I had taken him to nursery on a day that he doesn't attend!!

I called the nursery, who were in hysterics. The nursery nurse had realised it was Wednesday and that Mister A shouldn't be there but had presumed I had booked an extra day. Because I was so rushed they didn't question me and I headed off! The ladies in the office must think I'm mental! I apologised profusely, "Oh well, we know you've got a lot on your plate."

As you can imagine I was extremely red faced when I went to pick him up. "I'm so sorry" I said. We laughed and she said she'd see us next week. "See you next Tuesday" I said as we were leaving.

When I got home I explained the whole thing to Chris - who already knows I'm a bit of a mental - and he pointed out that I wouldn't be seeing them next Tuesday because Mister A goes to nursery on a Monday! What is wrong with me?!?

I think the men in white coats will be here to collect me soon so I had better go. My brain cell (yes I must only have one) is clearly overworked and has gone on strike. Please wish me luck for a better day today!


  1. If this is your only issues you are doing well. I struggled to actually get out of the house when I had two babys!!

  2. Just posted on BMB but not sure it went through. I actually wrote an article on this for the Independent earlier this year. Here's the link: ..

    I feel your pain!