Thursday, 7 October 2010

BABY FASHION: BumGenius launches ‘The Tiny Socialite Collection'

This week sees bumGenius announce the launch of its first ever, hotly anticipated, print designs.

They're not available until mid November but I've been able to get my hands on some. When I originally heard whispers that bumGenius were releasing an 'artist series' my eyes lit up. After all, its not often that fashion extends as far as nappies!

I eagerly awaited the arrival of them through my door. I hadn't seen any pictures of them beforehand and I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the parcel.

The nappies are all bold abstract graphic print and have been designed by renowned artist Chelsea Perry. They are a far cry from the usual cutesy baby designs - they are extremely fashionable!

The nappies are available in five limited edition prints named ‘The Tiny Socialite Collection’ – the first designs in the ‘Artist Series’ to be launched throughout this year and next...

Red and light green: Concrete Jungle, Teal and lavender: Retail Therapy, Yellow and white: Free Spirit, Blue and twilight: Jet Setter and Black and white: Eiffel Tower

Now I know what you're all thinking... "but you don't use re-usable nappies". And you would be right, but since these nappies have arrived and I have seen for myself how easy they are to use, I have decided to give them a weeks trial. I'm sure it will be fun trying them out for the first time - another hilarious adventure no-doubt!

The limited edition prints are available in bumGenius’ best selling One Size v4.0 design, One Size and Organic One Size nappy.

Nappies from the Mini Socialite Collection will be available from and will retail at £15.99 price for a bumGenius One Size nappy and £18.99 for a bumGenius Organic One Size nappy.

But hurry! This is a limited edition collection that is sure to be both highly coveted and collectable. And make sure you check back next week to find out all about Little E's reusable nappy trial!

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