Friday, 29 October 2010

A Spooky Prediction!

This time last year I was in work and all dressed up as a witch - I even had a stick-on nose and everything!

I'd booked myself in to see one of the visiting psychics that come in to work as part of the frivolity.

I'm always a bit dubious about things like that but it was all in the name of fun!

I sat down and shuffled the cards and then one by one they were turned over and the predictions began. Soon I was giggling away until...

"Are you trying to get pregnant at the moment?"
"Erm.. not really!"
"Well you'll be pregnant by Christmas and you'll have a baby girl in the Summer."

Cue hysterical laughing... "I'd better tell my boss then that she needs to get some maternity cover sorted then!"

At the end of the reading, I went back to work laughing it off with all of my friends. Another friend had been told that she would leave work, open up a fancy dress shop and then emigrate with a Dolph Lundgren look-a-like! Needless to say none of us imagined that any of this stuff would come true. But then after feeling a little 'under the weather' I decided to do a pregnancy test on 17th December and it was positive!

And the rest, as they say, is history - my beautiful little girl was born this Summer.
Now all I need to worry about is the prediction that I'd have 3 children by 2011 - wish me luck!!

Have you ever visited a psychic? Did any of the predictions come true?

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