Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Review: Waterbabies DVD

I've been trying to remember at what age we first took Mister A to the pool. We never went to any lessons or classes and instead just took him swimming ourselves on the odd occasion.

When we headed off to Singapore last year for our month long trip, we were lucky that Mister A took to the water and, because we had 4 weeks of water, we were able to get him swimming by the end of the trip.

This time round and after watching the Water Babies DVD I've been inspired to get started with Little E straight away.

You don't head to the pool straight off, there are simple exercises to start with at home in the bath to help your baby gain confidence in the water.

When the DVD first arrived I sat down and watched it all the way through. But now I just watch one chapter  per week depending on the stage we have reached. Then we know exactly what exercises we should be doing for the week.

Because Little E is so young we are just concentrating on the first couple of chapters in the bath but I'm so excited about getting nher to the local swimming baths.

The programme is really simple and easy to understand and Little E is already giggling away every time she's in the water. I would definitely recommend this to other mums - it's really good and it will leave you excited about the end result. Little E is very much enjoying her first steps to becoming a water baby.

Further information...

Waterbabies DVD - Teaching Your Baby to Love the Water
So many parents believe that they are unable to introduce their baby to the water until they are at least six months old. Yet it is never too early to start! Every year, too many babies and young children drown in water related incidents - in the bath, at home or in the garden. Through teaching your baby basic water safety skills, you can give your child a fighting chance to survive in the event of an accident.

All babies have a natural affinity to water and can play and exercise in water safely and with confidence from birth. In fact, babies have no inherent fear of water, which is shown in the inspirational Waterbabies DVD. Based on the world-renowned Little Dippers program, developed by Lauren Heston, this DVD aims to build upon your baby’s natural ability by helping you to teach your baby not to panic should they fall into water.

This beautifully filmed DVD gives you a step-by-step guide showing you how to introduce your baby to the water and gives you everything you need to turn your baby into a confident and happy water baby. It will equip baby with vital life saving skills and give them the foundation for becoming a confident swimmer later in life.

Devised and presented by Little Dippers founder, Lauren Heston shows parents how swimming can be a wonderful shared experience will not only give parent and child a unique bonding opportunity but will also help introduce an active lifestyle and can help improve your baby’s eating and sleeping patterns.

Lauren Heston has been running the highly successful program across Britain for 20 years. However with so many parents unable to allocate specific time to classes, the Waterbabies DVD has been produced to give parents the benefit of Lauren’s knowledge and experience in the comfort of your own home, and so enable you to follow the program in your own time.

Once clearly understanding the full and detailed safety advice*** given both on the DVD, in the optional Workbook and on the website, the DVD will take you through a series of innovative yet easy-to-follow exercises enabling both you and your baby to develop skills and gain a confidence that will make bath and swim time fun for everyone.

The programme starts with simple bathtime exercises and progresses steadily through baby’s first visit to the pool and eventually towards the first underwater swim. Safety techniques such as holding onto the side, back floating and turning in the water are also covered.

On speaking about the Waterbabies DVD; Lauren said “ The DVD has been designed to give parents the confidence to take control, to provide them with the enthusiasm and safety techniques to take their baby to the swimming pool.” Lauren continued; “This is a very gradual series of exercises with a focus on safety*** and revision at every stage.”
The Waterbabies DVD is available online at and costs £18.99.

***Important Information to be read by all.

1. Never allow your baby to be alone or unsupervised near water. Although this program is designed to teach remarkable water skills, you baby is still far too young to appreciate the dangers of water. It is essential that babies are never left unattended and that you are familiar with basic resuscitation techniques.
2) It is important that the program of instruction must be followed as set out on the site both in terms of the order in which the exercises and as to the length of time babies are in the water.
3) Babies become cold very quickly and the pool temperature for practice must be at least 32 degrees C at all times. Babies should not be in the water for more than 30 minutes a day.
4) If attending a public swimming pool please make sure a lifeguard is in attendance and that they are aware of your activities.

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