Sunday, 10 October 2010

Review: B.Sensible Sheets

A couple of weeks ago we were asked if we would like to trial something from the B.Sensible range of bedding. I hadn't ever heard of B.Sensible before so I went to do some research and I found out that B.Sensible have come up with a new concept in bedding. They have invented the first fitted sheets & pillowcases that are breathable and waterproof.

I have to say, I liked the sound of it before the sheet had even arrived. You see Mister A has been known to have a 'accidents' in the night. He has one of those awful waterproof plastic protector sheets on his mattress - underneath his regular sheet. This makes for quite a noisy experience during the night. Every time he turns the plastic sheet crumples and I imagine its not very pleasant. That's where the B.Sensible sheet comes in to its own - it is waterproof so you don't need an extra plastic protector.

The sheet itself is made from Tencel, a 100% natural fabric - made from wood pulp apparently - very interesting! Another thing that attracted me to it, is that it's hypo-allergenic and is clinically proven to be suitable for people with sensitive skin - including eczema, something that Mister A suffers with.

With that in mind, I decided to select a single bed size to try on Mister A's bed. To be honest I was wary about removing the plastic protector sheet - the last thing I wanted was for any 'accidents' to seep through to the mattress but, being the trusting person that I am, I gave it a go.

The sheet itself feels like very soft cotton on the top side but on the back it feels quite strange, almost rubbery. My first thought was that because of this I wouldn't be able to put it in the tumble dryer, but on careful perusal of the washing instructions, that is not the case. You can wash and tumble dry at high temperatures, should you wish.

When I put the sheet on, Mister A said it must be magic, because it made his bed quiet! I liked it because it was so soft.

Mister A didn't have any accidents so we after a few days we changed the sheet, washed and tumbled it (Great British weather!) and then put it back on.

Unfortunately a couple of days later the inevitable did happen and we finally got to test the sheet against Mister A's late night 'accident'. I was impressed - it seems as well as being completely waterproof, the sheet actually absorbed a lot of the moisture meaning it didn't feel as wet as normal (when we just have a sheet and a plastic cover) and the mattress was completely dry.

Amazing! I will definitely be buying more of these for the cot and for our bed along with some B.Sensible pillowcases. A big thumbs up!

B.Sensible sheets are available in a variety of sizes and colours. For more information visit the official B.Sensible website.

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