Monday, 11 October 2010

Why I Think That Having 2 Children Is Better Than Just 1...

I really can't believe that 7 weeks have passed already. In some ways it feels like only yesterday that I was heading off to the hospital to be induced but in others I feel like Little E has been in our lives forever.

Back when Little E was just a bump, I used to worry about how Mister A would react to her. He seemed to love the 'idea' of having a baby in the house and would constantly ask "Is it August yet? Is she ready to come out?" but no one knows just what will happen when 2 become 1. Would he be jealous? Would he start acting up in a bid to gain our attention?

When I packed my hospital bag I made sure that I had a card and a present packed for Little E to give to Mister A to try and broker a friendship between them. Mister A loved that his sister had been so kind and happily played with his new Ben 10 Omnitrix whilst our guests cooed over our new arrival! Don't get me wrong, he wasn't feeling left out, in fact he probably ended up with more attention from people over compensating and he certainly got a lot of gifts!

We also bought a gift for him to give to Little E - a cute little My First Eeyore. Note to other mums - if buying a gift from sibling to baby, ensure that it is small! Mister A is constantly giving said Eeyore to Little E to play with despite it being almost the same size as her! "Don't squash her A, that toy is still a bit big for her." "She's just playing with it mummy!"

Mister A just can't get enough of her and wants to constantly hug and kiss her  - even when she's asleep, much to my annoyance! "Don't wake her up A," "I'm not mummy, I'm just telling her that I love her." What do you say to that? It just makes me melt!

Now that we are a good few weeks down the line, it is so nice watching them together, Mister A is always finding new ways to make his little sister giggle. Little E loves nothing more than a good old-fashioned game of peek-a-boo with her big brother.

Yesterday I asked A what the best thing about having a sister was, "I love her because I don't get lonely in the back of the car any more, she sits next to me."

Ok, so not quite the answer I was looking for but he is right - he does seem that little bit more happier now that he's no longer 'alone'.

I know people say it's harder having 2 children and inevitably it is sometimes hard work, but it is so enriching seeing my children bond, it just fills me with love inside. So to any mums out there that are considering having another - I can definitely tell you that 2 is better than 1.

I guess the only question now is, 'Is three a crowd'?!


  1. Aww that so sweet! I remember the feeling of bringing a new baby in our little boys world. I felt petrified and guilty for not taking longer with him alone (he was only 16 mths). There was no reason to worry at all, he accepted his brother from the word go and we never had any problem. Now two years later, they are best friends and we love watching them play together :)

  2. Aww, such a lovely post! And for the record, three isn't a crowd.. in fact, I have four and am starting to think just one more wouldn't make a huge difference.... ;-)

  3. I think that two is wonderful too. My boys love with such ferocity, but also fight with it too!

  4. I'm pregnant with my 2nd and also worried about the same things you used to worry about. I really enjoy your blog as it gives me 'hope' that my little one will be fine with the arrival of his new sibling. We're still a long way to go (March 2011), but he's already struggling with the fact that he can no longer sit on my lap and lie back on my belly (it hurts!) Hopefully having a little brother or a sister to play with will make up for it. Good luck with your gorgeous 2!! xoxox

  5. Aw your little ones are SO cute! I had my second, a baby boy, in June and he and his sister are fabulous together- she has shown not one ounce of negativity towards him and I definately agree, 2 is better than 1! :D

    (p.s. found you via British Mummy Bloggers!)