Saturday, 16 October 2010

Wrap Up Warm and Head Outdoors

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Summer may have well and truly gone but that's no reason to stay indoors. In our house, we love nothing better than wrapping up warm in our hats and scarves and heading outside. It's great for tiring your little ones out and setting them up for a good nights sleep.

It's so easy to just end up stuck in the house through the Autumn and Winter months but it's great to embrace the cold! Whether you want to head to the park or stay in the garden, there are some fab outdoor toys to be had to keep your little ones entertained. 

One of our favourite things to do is head to the park on our bikes. We always take some bubble mixture too so Mister A can have a good run around chasing the bubbles. It's such an inexpensive thing, a pot of bubbles, but it's a good way to have a giggle just running around trying to pop them. Last weekend we even went out collecting conkers. Daddy is all set to make Mister A the conker champion of the UK!

If you little one isn't old enough for a bike then what about getting one of those Little Tikes cars? You might remember them from when you were younger, they were red with a yellow roof. Well it seems they've had a bit of a makeover since those days! There's one at Mister A's nursery and along with 'the red bike' it's one of his favourite outside toys. When I go and pick him up and he's in it, it just makes me laugh! I think he's a little bit old for it now and he looks a bit like Mr Bean when he's 'driving' it!

Little Tikes Grande Coupe Car

Chris actually made his own boomerang many, many, years ago and sometimes we take that to the park too - it never comes back to us which makes for even more laughing than the bubbles!

If there aren't any nice parks near you or if, like us, you love spending time with the kids in the garden then why not invest in one of these bad boys. I love the look of this Little Tikes climber - with it's tunnel, slide, ramp steps and platforms - it looks like hours of fun. I just wish there was an adult version!
If you've got a couple of children it might make a great joint gift for them. I'm secretly hoping 'Grandma' will read this and add it to her never ending list of gifts that she's already planning for to buy. We'll just have to wait and see what Father Christmas brings!

If that's a little out of your budget then get the kids to build a den or just have a good old kick-about with a football. Even when it's raining we still go out, there's nothing better than a game of puddle jumping - Mister A loves splashing about in his wellies.

So why not challenge yourself to get out of the house - wrap up, head out and have some fun!

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