Thursday, 14 October 2010

Review: My Friend Emily (Little E's First Dolly)

Anyone that follows me on Twitter will know that I have searched everywhere to find a dolly for Little E that was suitable from birth. Everywhere I looked, they were all 6 months+.

Luckily the lovely people over at Lamaze heard my plea and have sent a gorgeous 'My Friend Emily' doll for Little E...

... and she loves it - because it's colourful and noisy! My Friend Emily has a crinkly skirt, internal bells (ooh eer) and a flower rattle around her neck. Little E is just starting to grasp and can even grab her Emily doll by the 2 teething rings that dolly holds in her hand.

Mummy likes it because it has a clip so the doll can be attached to the crib or the pram so she doesn't ever get lost. (When Mummy lost her doll there was tears for months - in fact I'm still upset about it now!)

Little E is already enjoying playing with My Friend Emily and I think that she'll be a friend for life.

Lamaze say: Not just a doll, Emily has many features to amuse and to stimulate baby’s development.  Bright contrasting colours and patterns stimulate baby’s vision while her rattle necklace, clinky rings and crinkles develop auditory senses.  Different textures encourage baby to grip and grab, refining motor skills.  Added to this, Emily’s charming character inspires pretend play helping to enhance baby’s social skills.  A perfect Christmas gift for little girls to love.  Age : From birth.  The guide retail price is £9.99.

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