Sunday, 3 October 2010

Review: The BabyMel Tote Changing Bag

After having my old changing bag destroyed by the toilet flood at LEGOland Discovery Centre, I was eagerly awaiting the postman delivering possibly the most fashionable changing bag I have ever come across.

My old changing bag came with my first pram (almost 4 years ago) and was a little boring to say the least, it was dark grey, had minimal pockets inside and no changing mat.

Two weeks ago my BabyMel Tote landed and as I unwrapped it, my first thought was that it looked too fashionable to be of use. In my opinion when something is fashionable it usually lacks practicality (you only have to look at London Fashion Week pictures to see that) so I wasn't expecting a lot from it - other than to look pretty.

How surprised was I? If it's possible to be in love with an object then I am in love with this bag! It makes days out with Little E so much easier because everything has it's own elasticated pocket.

No longer will I struggle to find boob pads, one handed, in the feeding area. No longer will I panic, unable to locate the baby wipes mid change - for everything has it's own magical pocket.

And whats more, it hangs in the proper place on the pram! High up by the handles - rather than hanging so far down by the wheels that it bashes on my shins like my old bag.

Little E's wheels - sporting the BabyMel Tote.

It also has a fab security feature which means your bag is securely fastened to your pram...

... and it comes with an insulated bottle holder and a padded changing mat. Basically, it has everything covered, even down to the wipe clean lining. I adore this bag and I would recommend you get one but I don't want you to - for I want to be the most Stylish Mummy around - not you!

The BabyMel Tote is available in 2 styles, Zebra and Leopard print, and costs £57.95. Check out the full range of BabyMel bags at

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  1. Wow looks a really cool bag, I'm becoming quite obsessed with shiny new changing bags these days!! Lucky stylish you x