Monday, 31 October 2011

Review: Hamster Buggy Bags

We were recently sent some Hamster Buggy Bags to review – well, when I say we were sent – what I mean is I actually begged for them to be sent to me! These bags are the best thing for buggy’s since, well, anything really.

Any parent knows that when you venture out with a baby, it takes 2 hours to pack everything you might need – but where are you supposed to put everything?! A changing bag is only so big and by the time you’ve packed spare clothes, baby wipes, nappy bags, a bottle, a changing mat all of your own personal belongings, your bag is fit to burst. Then there’s the added frustration of some and buggies and pushchairs not being able to take the addition of shopping bags. Take our recent trip to the baby show in Manchester – we had to get the train there and we had to pack for the day – so all of the above plus the additional of various drinks for Little E. We just didn’t have the room to store regular things like, an umbrella, the raincover for the pram, the numerous bags of shopping that ended up being purchased and the free goodies being given out. The Hamster Bags would have been ideal there but instead we didn’t have any and my back is still paying for it!

Last weekend when we headed to London the postman appeared just as we were loading up the car – it was the Hamster Bags. I pushed them in to Chris’ rucksack and we went on our way. We opened them on the train and as soon as we hopped off at Euston we popped the bags on and they've stayed there ever since!

Hamster Buggy Bags on the Britax B-AGILE

So what's the verdict?

I love them! I love that there's no messing about with them - they're there and they do their job... brilliantly!

My favourite things about Hamster Bags are:
  •  they can stop your pram from tipping!
  • you leave them permantly attached to your pram/buggy - even when you fold it down - so theres no messing about like you have with your changing bag.
  • they have a fab shoulder strap so you can use them if you're not out with the pram.
  • lots of designs to choose from.
  • the EXTRA storage space!!
My only moan is a silly one because I couldn't think of anything proper - the bag hangs over the button I have to press to close the pram and I have to lift up the bag to close the pram. Lol - how lazy am I?!

Ok, so there you have it - these are on my 'must have' list. Go get yourselves a pair...

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