Saturday, 3 July 2010

Tonight's the Night - The Gurgles

Well, we made it to London for tonight's Gurgle Awards and we're staying at the fab Marylebone Hotel. Arriving early this afternoon, we decided to go for a walk down to Oxford Street in the search of some fashion inspiration but we ended up getting caught in the middle of a gay pride march and had to walk for ages to find somewhere we could cross the road! There was definitely inspiration to be had there, but possibly not the right kind for tonight!

Anyway, I was hoping to find 'another' outfit for me to wear tonight, but no such luck - it seems the only place in the centre of  London that wanted to sell me maternity clothes was Topshop and thier collection was minimal. Why would I want to wear long sleeves Mr Topshop? In the height of Summer? Don't you know that us pregnoids get hot even on the coldest of days?! Grrrrr.

Anyway I never found anything, partly because my pregnant body decided to start to swell in protest of the long walk, so we went back to the hotel - safe in the knowledge that I had the 'back up' dress. My trusty black maternity dress that accompanies me to all of my finest occasions.

So here I am, I've just awoken from yet another 'pregnancy nap' and I'm all ready to go except for one thing - the dress, the trusty 'back up' dress, the one I've known that I would end up wearing all week, is not here - I didn't pack it. It's at home on my bed...crying. So what am I going to do now? What will I wear? I still don't know, I'm limited as a bump rocker anyway but this is awful! I'm stranded in London, far away from home with nothing to wear and not much time to rectify the situation. So if you see someone in Soho tonight, heavily pregnant and struggling to walk whilst wearing a hideous outfit then you'll know it's me.

Clearly my luck has ran out!


  1. You looked beautiful in your dress last night! It was great to meet you and your lovely other half... ;)

  2. Aw I'm sure you looked gorgeous. And congrats are in order too, I hear!! xx