Monday, 26 July 2010

Thank You MamaTens x

This week I want to say a big thank you to MamaTens.

A couple of weeks ago we received a Talking Family Thermometer from them which we had ordered to use in case Mister A or baby got sick. This week though it was me that felt ill and I have to say I was feeling rather sorry for myself. In all honesty I thought I just had a cold but I was probably feeling it more than usual because my energy levels are getting low as my bump grows.

On Wednesday night I felt really bad so Chris went and got the thermometer and took my temperature - it was 39.4 degrees - not a great sign so I took myself off to bed. By Thursday morning my temperature had reached a dangerous 40.1 degrees so we took a trip to the Health Centre where I was diagnosed with a serious chest infection and given antibiotics.

Without this fabulous thermometer I never would have had the energy to drag myself to the doctor and get seen to - it was only that I was alerted to how high my temperature was that got me moving.

It can be damaging to both mum and baby if a high temperature, especially at this level, is left untreated so that is why I am writing this post - I want you all to know what a great little gadget it is and encourage you to get one for your family - without it I might be telling a different story.

MamaTens Talking Family Thermometer

So why should you buy one of these over the hundreds of other thermometers out there? Well - you can take temperatures in only 1 second - either via the ear or on the forehead - great for newborns who might wake up if you start poking around in the ear!

It has it's own docking station and when it's not in use it displays the time, the date and even the room temperature so we'll be keeping ours in the nursery.

The temperature is read back to you after each reading so it's good for those that are visually impaired and for your little ones it plays a tune to entertain them whilst it's being used.

It's so much more than jut a thermometer - so what are you waiting for - order yours now!

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