Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Summer Linen - Maternity Style

Over the past couple of weeks I've been sporting the contents of my latest Pretty Pregnant parcel - some fabulous linen trousers by Queen Mum.

I have to say I've never been confident enough to wear linen trousers before - in fact I don't think I'd even tried a pair on until these arrived!

I really wasn't sure what to expect because sometimes linen pants can cling to all the wrong places even when you haven't got a bump - so how would my ever expanding lower half look it these?

Well I have to tell you these over the bump linens are sooo comfy and they look fabulous. The fit is great and because of the stretchy over bump panel they don't cut in anywhere like other trousers. I am only 5ft 3 so I did have to turn up the bottoms but that actually added to the look. I even took them to London with me for the Gurgles and they kept me cool in the blazing heat!

I've been wearing them with my favourite gladiators and dress them up or down with different coloured tops depending on the occasion. They are a fabulous addition to my maternity wardrobe and they even wash well - something my mum tells me can be quite an issue!

And the great news is they're available in 4 colours and they are currently 30% off at Pretty Pregnant!


  1. They look great for the summer :)


  2. Now all I need to do is become pregnant. And lose weight...

    I tagged you over at my place today!