Thursday, 3 March 2011

This Is Me Meme

Last week I was tagged by the lovely BabyGenie in the 'This Is Me Meme.' It basically involves bribing your kids to draw pictures of you for blog fodder. So after a couple of hours of badgering Mister A and with the promise of a custard cream in return, here we have it, this is me...

I think it's rather good - well maybe the hands are a little on the large side and a couple of arms wouln't have gone amiss but all in all I'm quite impressed!

And, not one to break tradition, I will be tagging...

Emma: Me The Man and the Baby
Kelly: Domestic Goddesque
Vic: Glowstars
Becca: Beckicklesie
Emma: Adventures of an English Mum's all good fun - I promise! The rules of Me Meme club::
  1. There’s no place to hide. You are tagged and that means you have to join in or forever feel guilty.
  2. Ask your child to draw a picture of you. It doesn’t matter how old they are…age is not an excuse.
  3. Post the picture on your blog.
  4. Call it the ‘This is Me Meme’.
  5. Come back here and post your meme url into the comments so that we can identify the future Picasso’s and plan how to make some dosh.
  6. Then pop over to Tara’s post to add it to her linky too.
  7. Tag some further artists.
  8. That’s it really.
  9. Good luck!

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