Saturday, 12 March 2011

Mister A's Very Naughty Day

I'm always very proud to tell everyone how blessed I am to have 2 wonderful children, in fact I love to boast about how good they are. Today though my patience has been tested to extreme levels as Mister A decided to embark on a household terrorism campaign which resulted in the destruction of the living room carpet and the loss of half a bottle of Cool Water perfume.

This piece of 'artwork' took an impressive 1 and a half minutes to complete which included a dash from his table to the floor. When I returned from the kitchen and saw this... 

... I let out an unimaginable scream and sent Mister A straight to the naughty step.  He had done it on purpose, that I know for sure, but why? Protests of  "It wasn't me mummy" were heard soon after, followed by the "I was just making it nice for you Mummy" line. An hours worth of scrubbing only made it worse and nothing seems to be getting this bad boy stain out so any tips would be gratefully received. This was just the beginning though, Mister A has spent the whole day being incredibly naughty and cheeky with it.

Later on, more silliness resulted in a further trip to the naughty step. This time Mister A managed to locate my handbag and proceeded to pump half a bottle of Davidoff Cool Water in to the hallway. Alerted by the smell I headed for the next confrontation but before I could speak Mister A got in there first, "Mummy can you smell something funny?" "It smells weird round here doesn't it?" I had to take him up to his room this time - I so wanted to laugh but I knew that that would mean I had lost in the parenting stakes.

This evening my Mum rang and I explained what had been going on. She sheepishly asked if it could be down to the Jammy Dodger she gave Mister A yesterday. This made me laugh hysterically but also ask the question if you thought that a biscuit could potentially result in such behaviour, then why on Earth would you give him the Jammy Dodger in the first place!? Clearly the biscuit wasn't at fault, unless Grandma had laced it with mood altering drugs that activate 24 hours down the line.

So now I'm now sat here, wine in hand, staring at my new blue spotted carpet and going over the events of today in my head. What could have caused this unusual outburst? Is this a one off or the start of things to come? And how on Earth am I going to get this bloody stain out!?!

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