Friday, 25 March 2011

The Day Mister A Made Me Cry

On the way home from nursery Mister A and I often play a game of 'Put Your Hand Up If...' I'm not really sure where the game originated from but the idea is Mister A says something along the lines of "Put your hand up if you drive a black car" "Put your hand up if you go to nursery" and if you do, you put your hand up - you get the picture. It's a pretty pointless game really but we always end up giggling away.

Today the theme was love. "Put your hand up if you love your Mummy" said Mister A. We both put our hands up. "Put your hand up if you love your Daddy." Again, we both put our hands up. 

"Put your hand up if you love your Grandma." I put my hand up, but explained (as I have done before) that my Grandma is in Heaven. "Did she die?" asked Mister A. "Yes" I replied, "and now she's a star up in the sky."

He paused for a minute before responding, "Aaaaah, that's sad but Mummy but I've been thinking and I've got a plan. We can go to the ladder shop and buy a magic ladder, then we'll wait until the night and then, when it's dark, we put it in the road. You can hold the bottom and then I'll climb up and get all the people down and they can go home to their families."

I was overwhelmed. A tear rolled down my cheek, what a lovely thing to suggest.

I'm not sure how long he's been thinking of this plan but I just thought it was such a lovely thing to say and I want to cry every time I think of his innocent little face regaling the idea. If only that was how it worked. Bless him. 

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