Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Revisting Old Places... Feeling Old!

On Saturday night I went out with some friends from work. It was my first proper night out since before I got pregnant with Little E so I had been getting really excited about it as the week progressed. We went out for a delicious meal at a posh restaurant and then after a bit of badgering from me (and some horrified looks at the very thought from them) we went to one of my old haunts - Maloney's cocktail bar. Back in the day there were rumours that the bar men had been trained by the same guy that had trained Tom Cruise for his famous appearance in the film Cocktail. At 17, 18 years old that was cool.

So my friends agreed to go - begrudgingly. I haven't been in to this place for 10 years, which in itself made me feel rather old. It's soooo strange visiting places you used to go when you were younger because you expect them to be just how they were. To be fair Maloney's was just how I remembered it - rubbish, full of under age drinkers and at the other end of the scale - mutton dressed as lamb middle aged women that are old enough to know better. Even the decor was the same - now that IS bad! The place hadn't  really changed at all, it was just that I was looking at it from a different perspective. 

We had a fab night and laughed at the women dancing - no longer round their handbags - just holding their drinks above their heads precariously and pulsing their arms in time to the music. There was a guy of around 70 wearing a mac (which I always find suspicious) and he had clearly been to the glow stick shop. I'm serious.. they were in his pockets, tied in to his shoe laces he even had a glowstick necklace like the one I had begged my mum for 20 years ago when we went to see Blackpool Illuminations! It all made for lots of laughs and after indulging in 5 different types of cocktail - including a J├Ągerbomb (for those of you 'old' people who, like me, didn't have a clue what one of these was, it's a cocktail that is mixed by dropping a shot of J├Ągermeister into a glass of Red Bull) which I had to down in one. Dreading the hangover that was sure to hit me when I awoke, I headed home and in true 'old school' style I had my Dad come pick me up!

It was great to get out to see my friends especially to relive my youth, even better that the dreaded hangover didn't make an appearance! 

Have you ever revisted a teenage drinking haunt?

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