Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Review: Bravissimo Bra Fitting

Sunday afternoons are usually meant for lazing around watching family films with the kids. This Sunday however, was possibly THE greatest day since Little E was born. Now this may seem unusual to you when I tell you where I was but really – it could not have been a better day. Where was I? I was at my local Bravissimo store in Liverpool. Let me explain...

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by the PR for Bravissimo and booked in for a fitting (it's free you know and there's no pressure to buy). I headed in to town wearing my old faithful Emma Jane nursing bra – size 36D. I hate that I have such a large back and since I haven’t really lost any of the baby weight yet, I had anticipated that I may have actually increased to a 38.

When I arrived I was greeted by a lovely girl called Emma (I was going to call her a lady but I thought that would make her sound old and she wasn’t). Anyway… We headed in to the fitting rooms and Emma explained that at Bravissimo they don’t actually use tape measures, they judge everything by sight. I looked at her stunned, like she was some kind of magical boob fairy (which actually she did turn out to be!)

I took off my top so that she could have a look at the bra that I was wearing (it was black by the way – just in case you have a vision of me in greying antique number). Emma explained that a bra should fit snugly to your back, leaving only room for one or two fingers to slide underneath. Mine actually stretched out rather far meaning that my 36 size bra was too big. Hooray! I tried on a couple of bras so that we could work out which size was fitting me best. At this point I would have settled for a 34” back but the wonderful Emma explained that in actual fact I should be wearing a 32”!!! *Faints*

I know – I’m actually skinny and I didn’t know – I hide it well! Lol Once we’d established my back size it was time to try some different cup sizes, if you remember I said I was wearing a D…. well I tried a few different kinds of bra on and the one I eventually settled on (the nice purple number in the picture above) was a size 32F *gasp* I’m actually laughing just saying this bra size because it makes me sound like some kind of page 3 model when, those of you who have met we will realise that that is certainly not the case. HAPPY? I could have wet myself there and then – I didn’t though! The briefs were quite a generous fit and so I bought a size smaller than I usually would have so I was feeling great.

Just to let you know, Bravissimo have a robe in each fitting room so that you can cover up between bra fittings so if you’re shy and don’t like your boobs to be seen then your fitter will step outside whilst you try on the bras by yourself. Obviously having had 2 children all modesty has gone out the window with me and poor Emma had full view of my mahoosive bangers!

I’d also been looking at some of the new clothing range that Bravissimo now sell and decided to try on one of their dresses. I really liked the fit but my mummy tummy didn’t really look that great in it. I was all set for home when Emma and I got on to the subject of Spanx – I admitted that I’d never been ‘sucked in’ to the World of Spanx (excuse the pun) and I explained this was due to an unfortunate incident in a department store whereby I got a pair of ‘suck-you-in’ knickers stuck around my thighs. The lovely Emma encouraged me to try a pair and even gave me a lesson on how to put (or rather pull) them on properly! We giggled through the experience and eventually I got them on. What can I say? A-MAZING! Why have I never bought a pair of these before?!

So I left with the dress (above) that I had had my eye on for a couple of weeks in a size 12 curvy!!! (I know, mental, but extremely flattering!) I bought with my own money and as a thank you for reviewing I did get to keep the amazing purple set too!

I had such a great time at Bravissimo, Emma was really down to Earth and that made for a fun experience. I left feeling pampered and very very happy, so next time you see me I’ll be jiggling my page 3 boobies with pride!

Visit the Bravissimo site or click here to find your local store.

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