Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Review: Samsung 3.5" Digital Video Baby Monitor

When the postman arrived with this parcel containing a baby monitor, I unwrapped it and put it to one side. To be honest I expected the Samsung to be like any other baby monitor on the market and so I didn't really rush to open the box. 

It was only later on that day when I was tidying up that I actually took a look at the image of the monitor on the side of the box and then I became intrigued. As soon as I opened the box I started to get really excited and I knew that this piece of 'equipment' was special. In fact, even though I haven't even told you anything about this monitor yet you should know that this is THE BEST baby monitor I have ever come across...EVER!

The thing that enticed me at first was the sleekness of it. It's not at all 'clunky' like a regular monitor, in fact I'd go so far as to say that it is stylish. I know - I haven't gone mad though - read on! The parent unit actually looks like a mobile phone and is fitted with a 3.5" colour LCD screen...

The baby unit is equally as brilliant in it's nature. As well as the camera it also has a built in thermometer allowing the temperature of the room where the camera is situated to be displayed on the parent monitor. 

It has a two-way audio system so when Little E cries I can just sit on the couch and talk to her or even sing her a lullaby without even heading upstairs. (Can I blame Samsung for my lack of weightloss - probably not!) I love that I can see her when she's all tucked up in her cot - it's so great for piece of mind. And if you can't sing- there's a sound activated lullaby player which works a treat if Little E gets unsettled.

Although the monitor looked great I was worried that it might not perform to the same level. I needn't have worried though because I was really, really impressed with the performance. The images are so clear and the camera picks up even the slightest movement.  That might all seem very well but what about when the lights are off? Well yet again I can't fault this fabulous piece of kit - the infrared night vision is just as clear.

I've tried the monitor all over the house and even took it to the bottom of the garden with no interference or loss of signal, which reminds me -
both units can work off battery or mains which is always a good thing.

That's not all either - the monitor also has a unique integration with web-based video chat applications such as Skype, MSN and Yahoo. Using Skype (and the enclosed disc) it is possible to set Samsung’s baby monitoring system to automatically answer your call - allowing you to remotely view from anywhere in the world. This does not mean that you can go on holiday without your children by the way but I suppose you could use it to check up on the Nanny whilst you're at work or make sure no one's burgling your house whilst your on holiday. Or maybe if you're missing the kids if they're staying at Grandma's house then you can just dial in and make sure they're coping without you. Pure brilliance!

And if all that wasn't enough, you can even connect it to your TV  - when Mister A was naughty last week we plugged the monitor in to our TV  in the lounge and used it to make sure that he was being good. The Samsung Baby Monitor also allows for up to 4 cameras to be viewed via one single parent unit making this video baby monitor ideal for use with all of your children!

So what's the verdict?

I can not recommend this monitor highly enough - it's fabulous - it really is. Not only that, it's so easy to use and works straight from the box without any faffing around. If you make one investment for your baby then definitely buy this - it's baby CCTV at it's best. Well done Samsung - you've certainly nailed this one!

The science bit...

Features of the Samsung Baby Video Monitor Include:
  • 3.5" Colour LCD video screen
  • 100m Range
  • 2 x Digital Zoom
  • Two Way Talk Back
  • Lullabies
  • Eco Power Save Mode
  • Night Light
  • Ability to be viewed using Skype,MSN,Yahoo Video chat systems. (PC Connection Required)
  • A/V Output
  • Connect up to 4 Cameras
  • Room Temperature
  • Portable Parent Unit

    Baby Monitor: Samsung 3030WPUK
    Processor: 2.4Ghz
    Screen Size: 3.5"
    Range: 100m
    Talk Back: Yes
    Additional Cameras: Add 3 Extra
    Lullabies: Yes
    Mains Operated:Yes
    Battery Power:Yes
    Tv Output: Yes
    Room Temperature: Yes
    Nightlight: Yes
    Zoom: 2xDigital
    Interference Free: Yes
    Auto Mute: Yes
    Skype Compatible:Yes

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